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Just In Case Anyone Was Thinking of This One….

Due to the weather and specifically the poor underfoot conditions theNigel Barge 10k Memorial Road Race (and associated 3k Junior Race)will not go ahead as advertised this coming Saturday 9th January. Bothevents have been postponed, and will instead take place on Saturday27th March 2010 with the venue still Garscube Sports Complex. Thosewho have pre-entered can retain their place for the new date, secure aplace in the 2011 race, or alternatively…

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The last race of 2009 (in Dunbar anyway) saw 15 runners brave thebitterly cold conditions.On a night when those with less "get up an go" but, arguably, perhapsa bit more "common sense" were warm indoors getting ready for thefestivities these runners set off on the quick mile and a half course. The recent snow had left the conditions "good to firm" but nothing wasable to assist the challengers from stopping…

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Marshals – Cross-Country

Just a reminder to those unsure about the details for Sunday – marshals will be meeting up at 9:30 in the car park for John Muir Country Park.  There will be five groups marking out and marshaling their own sections of the course and then clearing up the same markers at the end – Anne and Stuart will take everything back to Hallhill. Thanks in advance for you help.  

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The morning may have started off cold and wet, but by the time runners returned to Hallhill at the end of this years Festive Half/Festive 10k the sun was out to meet them.This years times are:HALFJulie Oswald 1:45:23Anne Hay 1:53:27Rhona Anderson 1:45:23Ian Rowland 1:25:19Frank McPartland 1:53:27Finlay Smith 1:45:23Callum Reid 1:21:2910KRhona Starr 1:18:54Val Herring 1:02:25Sheila M 1:02:25Sheila K 1:02:25Ailsa 1:02:25Andy Anderson 42:44Ray Harris 57:08Harvey 57:07There are some pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/stu.hay/DunbarFestiveRun2009?feat=directlink

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Torness Christmas Handicap Race – 18th December 2009

Invitations to the Torness Christmas handicap, as detailed below, are open to all Dunbar runners. If you are interested please email your name and expected result time to [email protected] by Fri 11th December. It’s a handicap race so authentication of any estimated times submitted may be requested. If it’s any help, Ian Rowland ran the same course last year in 23:31 (in driving rain and a strong headwind). I’m afraid…

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Hi there, I work in the Buchanan Clinic, Orthotics clinic, on Home StreetEdinburgh. We assess for & fit all different types of insoles & bracesto people with foot, ankle, knee, hip & back problems. I wondered ifthis would be something some of the club members would be interestedin & if so I could post out further information if you could send mean postal address. ThankyouRachel Harper, Orthotist Buchanan Clinic54 Home…

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