The Dunbar Running Club

The Dunbar running club is very famous and has a long history of great successes. In fact, they host some of the most important marathons like the 5K and Dunbar 10K marathon. However, in 2019, the Dunbar 10K marathon was canceled due to various reasons. Regardless of the cancellation of the Dunbar 10K, we still have other news that might be interesting to you on our running blog. For instance, the Dunbar club features a lot of adult members with different skill sets, abilities and within different range groups. They all compete in different local, regional and even international marathons.

Moreover, the Dunbar’s club just like other running clubs Edinburgh based are great for anyone who is just starting to run, and for juniors too. This is why Dunbar’s club has a special track for junior runners. They have an option to do cross country running during the winter, and are given the chance to participate in track and field sports events during the summer. Most of these events take action in the Forth Valley League Competition as well as other competitions. Also, they are major events in sports betting too. Get here the latest casino trends and promotions, and be involved in the world of online gambling for free. Regardless of your choice is casino games or sports betting, the bonus promotions are lucrative for both.

Also, our running blog found out that the Dunbar running club hosts informal runs of about 5K for anyone who wants to do recreational running with other people of the same interests.

Events and Races

If you are following a running blog or two, you’d notice that there are many different events and races that the athletes take part in, and you can easily join them if this is amongst your interests. Here, we listed the most important events that you should consider following or even participating in some of them:

Buchlyvie 10k
Traprain Law Race
Portobello Beach Race
Crieff 10k
Sri Chinmoy Meadows (1 or 2 miles)
Musselburgh 10k
North Berwick Law Race
Oldhamstocks Flower Show Race
Dunbar Parkrun
Linlthgow 10k
Jedburgh Half
Jedburgh 10k
Borders XC
Portobello Prom Race
Foxlake 10 Mile Multi Terrain

Make sure to take part in some of these, or at least follow them, as you’ll give support to the athletes and will be more engaged in living a healthier lifestyle. And we all know that running is a crucial part of living healthy, right? Stay posted on our running blog to check for updates on them as well!

Most Famous Runners

The world is full of famous runners, and there is no doubt that it is quite inspiring to see a person pursuing their dreams in marathon running or racing. After all, we’ve all heard of Usain Bolt right? He is like a lightning when he steps on the track. Or the groundbreaking people like Allyson Felix who gave us a lot of impressions at the London Olympics. Also, we have some rising stars nowadays like the 1993-born young runner Jemima Jelagat who broke the record for no less than 14 seconds! Imagine how bright Jemima’s future is!

Running Competitions and Races

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