What are the different types of categories in the running?

There are five types of races:

  • Short Races (the sprint)
  • Half – long Races (the half-bottom)
  • Long Races (bottom, marathon, semi-marathon)
  • Obstacle Courses
  • The Athletic walk

Running includes many different disciplines. These different ways of running each have its characteristics and specificities.

The choice is vast. It is up to you to choose whether you prefer natural races or endurance races, for example. There is also the relay race or the mountain race such as the trail.

The sprint and the middle distance

The sprint brings together all the races on foot where the sprinter has to run as fast as possible over a short distance. Unlike a normal runner, a sprinter’s heel never touches the ground.

This is due to speed. Sprint is a discipline that requires less endurance but requires a certain amount of muscle power.

After a certain age, it is not recommended to practice it, the reason being that the muscles and the heart must make a violent effort. This can, therefore, become risky after a certain age.

It is the half-distance between distance running and sprinting. This discipline takes place either outside or in a sports arena. The distance is between 800 m and 3000 m.

A half-bottom runner must be capable of rapid acceleration, increased vigilance and reactivity.

The marathon and the half marathon

In athletics, the marathon is the longest running event. For marathon runners, the distance to be covered is 42.195 km. This requires very good physical preparation.

After the race, the runners need a lot of recoveries. The Half-marathon is half a marathon. It took place on a course of 21.1 km.

These are two disciplines that require a lot of serious training. The Iron web site offers training plans ranging from beginner to veteran. To participate in long distance races, you have to have stamina. These are practiced over distances of more than 3000 m.

When the distances are greater than 3000 m, then one speaks of a large bottom or an Ultra-bottom. Ironman is a triathlon discipline. It is a multi-disciplinary event that includes running 42km, swimming, and cycling. You can visit the website Iron web to learn more about this triathlon.

The trail and the obstacle course

A trail takes place in nature. This running can be done on a mountain path or a forest path for example. More and more riders are taking part in this discipline.

It allows them to practice a sport while enjoying nature and the landscape. A trail can take several days and sometimes reaches 160 km.

The trail is ideal for athletes who want to combine nature and adrenaline. For the toughest, there’s the Ultra trail. The obstacle course is increasingly popular.

It can push the runners to their limits. This type of racing is varied. It can be done in rough terrain or by avoiding barbed wire. Other variants are wall climbing combined with diving in ice water for example.