The last race of 2009 (in Dunbar anyway) saw 15 runners brave the

bitterly cold conditions.

On a night when those with less "get up an go" but, arguably, perhaps

a bit more "common sense" were warm indoors getting ready for the

festivities these runners set off on the quick mile and a half course.

The recent snow had left the conditions "good to firm" but nothing was

able to assist the challengers from stopping Grant once again claiming

the coveted "Bun".

Grant Noble 0:08:34

Mark James 0:08:45

Stuart Hay 0:08:48

Ian Rowland 0:08:56

Brian Davidson 0:10:26

Graham McPheat 0:10:32

Findlay Smith 0:10:37

Julie Oswald 0:11:05

Steven Weir 0:11:16

Anne Hay 0:12:12

Greg Noble 0:12:43

Cameron McPheat 0:12:53

Val Herring 0:13:31

Sheila Kerr 0:16:04

Theresa Leslie 0:16:04