Torness Christmas Handicap Race – 18th December 2009

Invitations to the Torness Christmas handicap, as detailed below, are open to all Dunbar runners. If you are interested please email your name and expected result time to [email protected] by Fri 11th December. It’s a handicap race so authentication of any estimated times submitted may be requested. If it’s any help, Ian Rowland ran the same course last year in 23:31 (in driving rain and a strong headwind). I’m afraid we can’t offer access to the plant so post race showers etc will not be available. The North Sea may be used as a suitable alternative, if you’re hardy and mildly unhinged!

Kind Regards


The  Torness Xmas Race (aka The Bob Wilson Handicap) will be held during lunchtime on 18th  December, 1st runner usually sets off at about 12pm. The route is the customary circuit of Thorntonloch Beach, seawall, Skateraw Beach, Chapel Point and return via the old A1 and flask access road. Total distance is about 4 mls. Start/Finish from the Gatehouse.

Runners should raise money for charity by sponsorship or by contributing a nominal entry sub; the choice of charity being given to the runner raising the most cash.

Names of runners please to Trevor Collins (e-mail as above) by 11th December. Competitors enter at their own risk.


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