OK Folks it’s summer time (apparently) and some of you will be thinking of heading off for warmer and, dare I say it, more interesting climes.

Now. For some people a holiday means just that – a chance to get away from everything (including the running). For others it’s simply an opportunity to run somewhere different.

So here’s the thing… We want photos. Lets see what interesting locations we can snap a Dunbar vest in. You can be running … or not. You can be holidaying in “Foreign” … or not. Anything goes – as long as that Dunbar vest is clearly in view (well when we say “anything” obviously the usual guidelines on decency apply).

This competition will end when the leaves start to turn brown and fall from the trees. A suitable prize will be awarded to what we think is the best photo (we will have a vote at the end).

Please email your summer pics to [email protected] and we will try to publish them as and when they come in.