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Les Boucles de 1’Arnon

The club have received the following letter from the Président du club sportif – I was only notified about this last night, so I have sent a response that we will not have the information for 15th, but if interested parties could come back to me as soon as possible – ie the next couple of days, I can give Pascal some idea of numbers. Thanks Anne  Dear Anne,   Our association organizes…

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Quite a crowd gathered this year just outside the Masons Arms for the start of the 2010 "Black Bun Run".For the first time in a few years, the weather was kind and there was no sign of snow or ice. Welcome news indeed for those that insist on "vest and shorts only" for this race.23 runners, from young to not-so-young, ran along Edinburgh Road to West Barns before doing a…

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25 Years of Dunbar Running Club

Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of the club – the present club was founded in 1986, though there was a running club in Dunbar in 1930’s (Dunbar has always had a number of keen runners) – so we should mark the occasion in some way, whether by way of an anniversary race event or a dinner/dance.  If anyone has any idea of how we should celebrate this anniversary,  please e-mail Anne with…

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