Quite a crowd gathered this year just outside the Masons Arms for the start of the 2010 "Black Bun Run".

For the first time in a few years, the weather was kind and there was no sign of snow or ice. Welcome news indeed for those that insist on "vest and shorts only" for this race.

23 runners, from young to not-so-young, ran along Edinburgh Road to West Barns before doing a quick loop and retracing their steps in this 1.5 mile dash.

Provisional results are:

Andrew Crichton 07:20

Ian Sills 08:26

Stuart Hay 08:30

Ian Rowland 08:53

Mark James 09:17

Finlay Smith 09:27

Julie Oswald 10:59

Greig Noble 11:27

Anne Hay 11:29

Cameron McPheat 12:33

Graham McPheat 13:03

Catriona McPheat 13:07

Jane Timms 13:08

Val Herring 13:08

Geoff 13:13

Ben 13:39

Sheila Morrison 13:45

Thersea Leslie 13:45

Andrew Bennett 14:24

Richard Bennett 14:33

Robbie Bennett 14:33

Rebecca Weissgerber 14:52

Frank Weissgerber 14:52