Black Bun Run – Results

Here are the results of tonight’s DRC Black Bun Run.  The winner, and proud recipient of the not Black Bun (it was a panettone), was Fraser Kelly.  Rhona Anderson was first lady.  Thanks to Jim Herring for taking the results.  Happy New Year everyone!


Name Time
1st Fraser Kelly 8:26
2nd Nick Williamson 8:37
3rd Cameron Bullen 8:44
4th Stuart Hay 8:47
5th Jamie Thomas 9:01
6th Jonathan Herring 9:25
7th Robbie Anderson 9:52
8th Sam [?] 9:57
9th Rhona Anderson 10:16
10th Andy Anderson 10:29
11th Ian Rowland 11:21
12th Tom Booth 11:42
13th Neil Jones (not that one!) 11:45
14th Marjorie Kelly 11:51
15th Marissa Kelly 12:00
16th Anne Hay 12:38
17th Frank Weissgerber 12:46
18th Clarissa Berry 13:00
19th Lucy Jones 14:50
20th Val Herring 15:04
21st Ian Jones 15:04
22nd Rebecca Weissgerber 15:10