Dunbar Running Club

Club Championships 2017 – update

A revised version of the club championship table is available HERE.

The final races are as follows:-

14 October – Vogrie ParkRun (this will be scored as an actual head-to-head race, for those in attendance on the day)5 November – Borders XC – Lauder5 November – Strathaven “Run with the Wind” 10k10 December – Borders XC – Spittal31 December – Black Bun Run

There are plenty of points on offer, and with the various lists (Marathon times, ParkRun times, etc, etc) still to be settled, it is still all to play for.  You can even boost your totals by marshaling at the 10 mile race, and the Dunbar leg of the Borders XC!

If I have missed any performances then do please let me know.  And if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the Norham Two Banks results (or can confirm that they ran it) then, again, let me know.