Please see the message below, from HELP, and get back to Stuart, ASAP, if you are interested.

This is an ideal opportunity for a weekend trip and a chance to get to run along this route.


Happy New Year to you and the rest of the Dunbar crew.

Regarding the proposed relay challenge over the West Highland Way I am looking at the weekend of 10 -11 July. It means an early 4am start for the initial leg runners but this is the only way we can comfortably fit in the whole route so that we are able to get to the evening accommodation and have a meal and a few drinks (and brag about the day’s activities). Last year we started at 4am and finished just about 8pm.

There would probably be about 12 stages and I propose that we have one principle runner for each leg – we would try to match runners of comparable ability (eg lady with lady etc). As many people as want to can run each leg but from the point of view of having "a race" let us keep the time of the principle runners as the race time. Details can be discussed later.

We would probably need a support bus for each team. I need to know how many "volunteers" you are likely to have from Dunbar and how many rooms to book. Last year we stayed at the Inchcree holiday village – this has communal rooms housing upto 8 (for those who have friends) and chalet style rooms housing couples.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Paddy McDonald

(Chairman HELP)