The Dunbar 10k takes place each year, usually on the first Saturday in April (although Saturday 14 April 2018), and runners will enjoy a largely rural course, which is formed mainly of farm roads to the south of the A1.  There is one principal climb up to the farm at Wester Broomhouse, but this comes early on, and it is then downhill all the way.

You can sign up for it via Entry Central, although a limited number of places will be available for registration on the day.

Further details (course, elevation, etc) can be found HERE.


Previous Results


Field 1st Male Time 1st Female Time
2011 269 Bryan Mackie (EAC) 34:25 Susan Lyle (Dunbar) 42:42
2012 228 Andrew Crichton (Dunbar) 32:20 Ruth Johnstone (Portobello) 42:44
2013 250 Robert Turner (EAC) 34:05 Janet Dunbar (EAC) 38:32
2014 212 Peter Avent (u/a) 32:59 Carol Moss (Moorfoot) 41:20
2015 250 Callum Reid (EAC) 33:53 Karla Borland (EAC) 38:40
2016 191 Bryan Mackie (EAC) 32:54 Madeleine Bell (EAC) 41:18
2017 168 David Limmer (Portobello) 34:29 Megan Wright (HBT) 39:25


Course Records (since 2011)

Male – 32:20 (Andrew Crichton, 2012)

Female – 38:32 (Janet Dunbar, 2013)