Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dunbar 10K 2016

Please note that the entries for the 2016 Dunbar 10k Race (02 April 2016) are now open.
Details and online entry is available at
ENTRY CENTRAL (Click here). 

Please check the "races" tab for further details.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lasswade 10 mile Road Race

With the new year out of the way and the 2016 health regime picking up pace, I thought I would send a reminder round Club Secretarys reminding them of Lasswade AC's  10 Mile Road Race on 6 March 2016.

Numbers are filling quite well with more than half the places taken already.

With only a matter of weeks to go I would ask that you consider pushing this email out to adult members for what is sure to be a testing run over a hilly course.

They can still sign up via Entrycentral at

Your help in this matter is appreciated and I look forward to seeing many of your club vests on the day

Best regards


Brian Hood
Lasswade AC
Club Development Officer

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Club Championship Race List

The races on the list for this year's club championship are as follows:-

Race Name

1 Jan 2016
Portobello Promathon
21 February 2016
Devilla Forest 15k
27 February 2016
National XC Championships
6 March 2016
Lasswade 10
19 March 2016
Newtonmore 10 Mile Race
20 March 2016
Alloa Half Marathon
20 March 2016
Loch Katrine Half Marathon
10 April 2016
Grangemouth 10k
[16 April 2016]
Hunters Bog Trot
7 May 2016
Edinburgh to North Berwick
22 May 2016
Leiden Running Festival (10k, Half and/or Marathon)
3 June 2016
Black Rock 5
[4 June 2016]
Haddington 10k
11 June 2016
Traprain Law
[6 July 2016]
Berwick Curfew Run
10 July 2016
Crieff 10k (trail)
[13 July 2016]
Self Transcendence Meadows 2 Mile Race
[16 July 2016]
Musselburgh 10k
[3 August 2016]
North Berwick Law
[6 August 2016]
Haddington Half Marathon
[13 August 2016]
Oldhamstocks Flower Show Race
[18 September 2016]
Linlithgow 10k
8 October 2016
Manor Water Hill Race
[16 October 2016]
Antonine Wall Trail Half
[November 2016]
1st (non-Dunbar) Borders XC
[November 2016]
2nd (non-Dunbar) Borders XC
31 December 2016
Black Bun Run

·         Best 8 races to count.
·         Points awarded on the basis of your ranking for your best marathon time can count as one of your “8 best races”.
·         Similarly, points awarded for your ranking for your best two ParkRun times (best and second best times run as separate lists) can count as up to two of your “8 best races”.
·         3 points awarded per monthly 5k handicap win.  Your aggregate points for all 5k handicap wins can count as one of your “8 best races”.
·         3 points awarded for any ultra race completed.  Your aggregate points for all ultras can count as one of your “8 best races”.

·         2 points awarded per club event (Dunbar 10k, ELSS, Doon Hill Race, and Borders XC) marshalled.  Your aggregate points for all events marshalled can count as one of your “8 best races”.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Black Bun Run

Well done to everyone who took part last night and a big "well done" to James - first over the line and knocking three seconds off the previous Hogmanay run. Thank you to Jennifer Goldie and Jim Herring for doing the timing.  Happy New Year.

James Addie08:13  
David Woods08:19  
Jonathon herring08:26  
Fraser Kelly08:29 Junior
Stuart Hay08:39  
Nick Williamson08:43  
Craig Goldie08:49  
Richard Taylor08:57  
Jamie Thomas09:01  
Mark James09:05  
Brian Davidson 09:16  
Robbie Anderson10:18 Junior
Neil Jones10:19  
Andy Anderson10:21  
Amy Paul10:42 Junior
Marissa Kelly11:55 Junior
Anne Hay12:00  
Frank Weissgerber12:01  
Marjorie Kelly12:20  
Theresa Davidson13:20  
Val Herring14:00  
Rebecca Weissgerber14:34  
Keith Mills18:56  

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Festive Races

Thanks to everyone who came along to take part today and thanks to Frank for doing the timing.  Also thanks to Ian and Julie for the "spot" prizes given out at the end.

Half Marathon


Andrew Sheldrick


Sandy Wallace


Rhona Anderson


Richard Hadfield


Steve Crane


Lee Curtis


Paul Moseley


Colin Tucker


Stuart Hay


Peter Buchanan


Richard Laucht


James Addie


David Woods




Theresa Davidson


Julie Oswald


Dorothy Elliott


Billy Elliott


Andy Scott


Jack Scott


Neil Scott


Marjorie Kelly


Fiona Rae


Jeremy Roebuck


Ian Rowland


Brian Davidson


Richard Taylor


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Updated Club Championship Table

An updated club championship table is available HERE.

There are still opportunities to score points - at this Thursday's 5k handicap, and at the final race of the year, the Black Bun Run on 31 December.

There is also still time to do a ParkRun, or indeed a marathon or an ultra if you can find one!

Please do let Nick know if you spot any errors, etc.  And although he has tried to keep track of everyone's marathons, ultra and ParkRun times, if any are missing then stop being so blooming secretive again please do let him know...

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

2015 Torness Christmas Handicap Race - Advance notice

Once again it is time to start organising a lunchtime Christmas race - 4 miles around the station taking in the two beaches, seawall etc.

The aim is principally to raise money for a charity to be selected by whoever raises or donates the most cash. As an added bonus you get the opportunity to assess fitness levels, settle old scores and burn off a few calories before the Christmas gluttony kicks in!  Participation subject to operational commitments, supervisor agreement etc. and competitors enter at their own risk.
Date to be confirmed, but most likely Thursday 17th Dec (Subject to Station Christmas lunch etc.). 

Fiona will contact us further early in December confirming the date and details. If you are considering running please let Anne know and I'll pass on your details so you're added to the distribution list for future notifications. Friends and family are welcome.
If anyone is available to help timekeep etc. your assistance will be much appreciated :o)  

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Doon Hill Race - Results

2nd version results for the EDF Dunbar 10mile race ("Doon Hill") are HERE:

Please let us know of any errors, omissions, spelling mistakes etc.

Dunbar 10 Mile Multi-Terrain Race

Please note that the entries for this race are now open. This will take place on Saturday 3rd October 2015 at 11:00 am. The event is open to runners aged 17 or over on the day of the race.

Details and online entry is available at ENTRY CENTRAL (Click here).

Friday, September 18, 2015

Updated Club Championship Scores

I've updated the Club Championship scores - not least because I now understand how the scoring works!

I had been under the misapprehension that 5k handicap wins, marshalling, ultras, etc were on top of the scores for your best 8 races, but that is not the case.  Those only count (cumulatively per category) as a "race", if they would make it into your best 8.  So, for example, if you had 6 marshalling points, those would count towards your overall score if you'd done 7 or fewer actual races, or the 6 points were better than the score for one of your 8 best actual races.  The marathon ladder, and the two ParkRun ladders count as "actual races".  Clear?! Good!

Results here