Wednesday, October 18, 2017

East District Cross Country League - Stirling - Sat 21 October 2017


The East District Cross Country league starts up again this Saturday at Stirling University. Dunbar has not participated in this (at least in its own right) for some time. I have been in touch with Alex Jackson however, and we have been added back on to the club list, with our very own club number - no.48.
If you'd like to take part (and why not - it is effectively free, and a great warm up for the even more prestigious Borders League?!), you simply need to make yourself a number and turn up. No prior registration or declaration is required.
The women's race is at 1:10pm, and is around 6k in length. The men's race is 9k, and starts at 2:15pm.
I'm likely to go through, so give me a shout if you'd like a lift (probably three spaces available in the car, four at a push). It would nice if we could get a team out.
Best wishes
More info (lifted from the SA website) below:
"Each club or school that competes in the league has its own club number. In all races athletes wear that club number. Somebody from the club, usually the team manager [Nick: I will fulfil this role] hands in a slip of paper after each race with the names of runners in order of finishing. The clubs provides the numbers. [Nick: please make your own!]
Senior and U17 Women should have an "L" and U20 Women a "J". Masters women should have a "LV" after their club number.
In the Senior Mens Race Masters mark a large "V" after their club number while U20 Men mark a large "J".
There is no need to enter or declare on the day. At the end of the season each club or school pays subscriptions based on the number of finishers in all races through the season."

Saturday, October 07, 2017

EDF Energy Doon Hill 10 Mile Race 2017 - Results

Thanks to all runners for taking part in today's race.  Thanks also to our sponsors, EDF Energy, and to the marshals who helped make the event a success.

We will try not to get a windy day next year.

Here are the results. Please let us know of any errors or omissions and we will try to sort them out as soon as possible.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Club Championships 2017 - update

A revised version of the club championship table is available HERE.

The final races are as follows:-

14 October – Vogrie ParkRun (this will be scored as an actual head-to-head race, for those in attendance on the day)
5 November – Borders XC – Lauder
5 November – Strathaven “Run with the Wind” 10k
10 December – Borders XC – Spittal
31 December – Black Bun Run

There are plenty of points on offer, and with the various lists (Marathon times, ParkRun times, etc, etc) still to be settled, it is still all to play for.  You can even boost your totals by marshaling at the 10 mile race, and the Dunbar leg of the Borders XC!

If I have missed any performances then do please let me know.  And if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the Norham Two Banks results (or can confirm that they ran it) then, again, let me know.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

The scores for the 2017 Club Championships have been updated and are available HERE.

There are plenty of opportunities left to score, with the following races coming up in the next month or so:-

  • Edinburgh to North Berwick (6 May)
  • Balerno Rigg Race (22 May)
  • Traprain Law (10 June)
  • Portobello Beach Race (11 June)
  • Mabie Forest Trail Race (11 June)
  • Seven Hills of Edinburgh (18 June)
  • Black Rock 5 (23 June)

I've been trying to keep track of everyone's marathon and ParkRun times, but let me know if I have missed any.  Also, if you've done an officially timed 800m or mile, let me know about those too.  In that regard, the TEL open track meet on Friday 5 May has a mile race for anyone interested.


Sunday, April 02, 2017

Dunbar 10k 2017 - Provisional Results

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to run, marshal, cheer, help or set out the course.

Here are the all important "scores on the doors".

As ever, these are the provisional results so apologies in advance for any typos or spelling mistakes (unless you entered online ..... in which case - its your fault :-) )

Results HERE

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 Club Championship - FINAL Results

Following the final race of the 2016 Club Championship (the Black Bun Run), I have produced a revised version of the points table.  Please see the link below.  The spreadsheet works best in MS Excel, and may not load properly on mobile devices.  I have done my best to track everyone's marathon times, parkrun times, and ultras.  However, would you please check your own results and let me know of any errors or omissions.

Can I ask that you come back to me before Sunday 29 January please, after which I will declare the results "FINAL FINAL" (and we can get on with celebrating the achievements of Anne and Rhona as joint female champions, David as male champion, and all 3 as joint overall champions).



Thursday, December 08, 2016

Dunbar RC Club Championship 2017 - Race List

Below is the list of races which have been approved for next year's club championship.  Please note that there are a couple of tweaks for next year - as well as being able to score points for your best marathon and ParkRun, you'll also be able to score for 800m and the mile.

Race Name (2017)

Sun 1 Jan 2017
Portobello Promathon
Already open on Entry Central
Sat 28 Jan 2017
Buchlyvie 10k
Already open on Entry Central
Sat 4 Feb 2017
Sat 25 Feb 2017
National XC Championships
Club submits (and pays for) entries
Sat 4 Mar 2017
Kings Buildings 5
Entries on the day
Sun 12 Mar 2017
Glenkiln 12 mile road race
Open on Entry Central
Sun 19 Mar 2017
Loch Katrine Marathon, Half or 10k
Entries open between Christmas and New Year
Sun 9 Apr 2017
Grangemouth 10k

Sat 22 Apr 2017
Hunters Bog Trot
Entry on the day
Sat 6 May 2017
Edinburgh to North Berwick
Entries via East Lothian Council website
[Mon 22 May 2017]
Balerno Rigg Race
Entry on day at Currie Rugby Club
[Fri 3 Jun 2016]
Black Rock 5
Sells out very quickly – reminder will be posted on facebook page
[Sun 5 Jun 2016]
Portobello 4 mile beach race
Entries on the day at Dalriada
[Sat 10 Jun 2017]
Traprain Law
Entries on the day
Sun 11 Jun 2017
Mabie Forest Trail Race
Already open on Entry Central.
Possible bus trip - TBC
Sun 18 Jun 2017
Seven Hills of Edinburgh
Sells out quite quickly – will open on Entry Central on 3 April
[Last Thurs June - TBC]
Norham Two Banks Challenge

[early July - TBC]
Meadows 2 mile race
Entries on the day
[Sat 15 Jul 2017]
Musselburgh 10k

Sun 23 Jul 2017
Northumberland Coastal Run
Sells out quickly
[Wed 2 Aug 2017]
North Berwick Law
Entries on the day (RNLI station)
[Sat 12 Aug 2017]
Oldhamstocks Flower Show Race
Entries on the day
[Sat 26 Aug 2017]
Scottish Mid Trail Champs

[Sun 10 Sep 2017]
Stirling 10k

[Sun 17 Sep 2017]
Pitlochry 10k
Possible bus trip - TBC
Sun 24 Sep 2017
Scottish Half Marathon
Already open on event website
[Sat 14 Oct 2017]
Vogrie 5k
Free – sign up on the day
[Sun 5 Nov 2017]
Strathaven Run with the Wind 10k
Sells out quickly.  Downhill!
[November 2017]
2nd (non-Dunbar) Borders XC

[November 2017]
3rd (non-Dunbar) Borders XC

31 December 2017
Black Bun Run

·         Best 8 races to count.
·         Points awarded on the basis of your ranking for your best marathon time can count as one of your “8 best races”.
·         Similarly, points awarded for your ranking for your best two ParkRun times (best and second best times run as separate lists) can count as up to two of your “8 best races”.
·         New for this year (2017), points will also be awarded for your best 800m (track) and best mile (track or e.g. Meadows), and these can count as up to two of your “8 best races”.
·         3 points awarded per monthly 5k handicap win.  Your aggregate points for all 5k handicap wins can count as one of your “8 best races”.
·         3 points awarded for any ultra race completed.  Your aggregate points for all ultras can count as one of your “8 best races”.
·         2 points awarded per club event (Dunbar 10k, Doon Hill Race, and Borders XC) marshalled.  Your aggregate points for all events marshalled can count as one of your “8 best races”.

([ ] = specifically requested by a club member)

(date in brackets means predicted date based upon 2016 – subject to change)

Saturday, October 01, 2016

EDF Dunbar 10 Mile Race - Results

Well done to all runners on today's EDF Dunbar 10 mile race. Hope you enjoyed it.

Here are the provisional results:

We hope there aren't any, but please let us know of any errors.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Updated Club Championship scores

After a recent flurry of races, the Club Championship scores have been updated.

Follow the link HERE

The next race on the list is the North Berwick Law Race on 3 August 2016.  There are entries on the evening (at the lifeboat station) and it is a 7.30pm start.

A reminder that the championship is scored based on your best 8 races of the year - it really helps if you run 8 races ;-)