Tuesday, November 03, 2015

2015 Torness Christmas Handicap Race - Advance notice

Once again it is time to start organising a lunchtime Christmas race - 4 miles around the station taking in the two beaches, seawall etc.

The aim is principally to raise money for a charity to be selected by whoever raises or donates the most cash. As an added bonus you get the opportunity to assess fitness levels, settle old scores and burn off a few calories before the Christmas gluttony kicks in!  Participation subject to operational commitments, supervisor agreement etc. and competitors enter at their own risk.
Date to be confirmed, but most likely Thursday 17th Dec (Subject to Station Christmas lunch etc.). 

Fiona will contact us further early in December confirming the date and details. If you are considering running please let Anne know and I'll pass on your details so you're added to the distribution list for future notifications. Friends and family are welcome.
If anyone is available to help timekeep etc. your assistance will be much appreciated :o)