Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Islay Single Malt Marathon

The second running of the Islay Single Malt Marathon will be held on September 20, 2015. It’s rated the most scenic marathon in the UK. Registration is now open:



The marathon will be limited to the first 100 to register. Once that number is reached, a wait list will be created for 20 more runners. Don’t delay; register now. The marathon (and a new bookwill raise funds for the Islay high school students on their biannual mission trip to a third world country.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Black Bun Run

Twenty eight runners took part this year, with Mr Addie being the recipient of the black bun for the second year in a row. Thanks everyone for taking part and to Jim Herring for doing the timing.

James Addie                 8:17

Stuart Hay                     8:21

Nick Williamson           8:29  

Brian Davidson             8:59

Jamie Thomas               9:00

Jonathan Herring           9:02
Richard Taylor              9:04

Fraser Kelly                   9:05

Steve Pattison                9:57

Andy Anderson           10:04

Neil Jones                    10:12

Mark                            10:19

Neil                              10:26

Karen Page                  10:33

Jennifer Goldie            10:43

Marissa Kelly              11:28

Anne Hay                    11:33

Marjorie Kelly             11:37

Rhona Anderson         11:43

Robbie Anderson        11:43

Ian Rowland                11:51*

Frank Weissgerber      11:57

Theresa Davidson       13:00

Margaret Maxwell      13:32

Val Herring                 13:55

Sheila Morrison          13:55

Rebecca Valentine      14:49

Keith Mills                  17:47

*Late arrival.