Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting a PB........

Travelling a bit further afield, at the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday,
Brian Davidson finished in an excellent 3:18:48, Neil Jones in 3:59:26
and Theresa Leslie 4:23:30 - pb's for both Brian and Theresa (who
could still be celebrating as they haven't left Amsterdam just yet!).
Congratulations all for getting another 26.2 miles under the belt.

On Saturday, Sheila Morrison took part in the Antonine Trail Half
Marathon, following the Roman Antonine wall in the Kelvin Valley. A
tough, muddy, but enjoyable event - Sheila finished in 2:43, adding to
her tally of unusual events.

On the 7th October, Lee Curtis ran the popular Kielder Marathon,
finishing in 3:44:50 - well done Lee.

Katy Gardiner achieved a pb on the same day running in the Bupa Great
Edinburgh 10K with a time of 55:15. Another "Congratulations".

Sheila also ran the Linlithgow 10K the previous Sunday, finishing in 58:56.

Well done everyone.

Please let Anne know of any events you have taken part in for the club
news (or feel free to post your own reports/stories). Some results
pages aren't very search friendly, so apologies if anyone has been
missed out.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Running down the hill

Here are Pete Mcivor's excellent photo's from the race.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Monday, October 08, 2012

Doon Hill - More Pictures

More pictures - this time from near the bottom of the hill (who put
that big puddle there?)
Thanks to James for these.


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Photo's from the top of the hill (and near the end)

For those of you too focused on the path in front of you....there should be a picture of every runner here. This is the view you might have missed.

This selection of scenic shots comes courtesy of Richard......


While the following selection of runners coming to the end of the race is from HELP's Sandy Wallace.


Thanks to both guys for these.


Well done to all runners who took part in the 2012 EDF Dunbar 10 Mile race and a big thanks to all who helped out on the day (and before....and after).

PROVISIONAL results can be found HERE.
Please feel free to email any queries or changes - spelling mistakes ..."missing clubs" etc.."Why's my name in CAPITALS?"(because that's how you entered it online!).
Errors such as "I got 1:00:32 and you have 3:00:12"! will obviously be changed - differences of a second or so? Timekeepers decision is final.
We will try to sort out any queries ASAP.

Friday, October 05, 2012


Online entries for this race are now CLOSED. However, entries are still available on the day (£13 SAF members and £15 for non SAF) Registration is from 9:30 to 10:30 at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre (same location as race start).

This is a ten mile multi terrain race. The race starts and ends at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre in Dunbar where there are great changing and showering facilities. There will be soup and sandwiches at the end of the race.

A circular route from and back to Dunbar that goes under the A1

Height profile
For more details of the route go to http://connect.garmin.com/activity/181207744

Monday, October 01, 2012

August/September Races

Or perhaps the other way round with the most recent first!
At yesterdays Loch Ness Marathon, Ian Rowland, competing in his first race as a 50 year old, finished in 3:03:27 with George Gilhooley finishing in 3:17:09.  Fiona Hamilton, in her first marathon, finished in 4:07:10, Jane Timms in 4:12:21, a pb at the distance, and Clare Miles, also in her first marathon, finished in 5:10:35.
The previous week saw Ian Rowland (3:30:29), Ian Sills (3:54:15), Stuart Hay (4:15:51), Brian Davidson (4:36:54) and Anne Hay(5:02:55) completing the tough Two Breweries Hill Race (and surviving intact - just).
On 16th September Ian Sills, Stuart Hay, Ian Rowland, Brian Davidson, Karen Page, Anne Hay and Theresa Leslie opted for the City of Stirling 10K.
In the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow on 2nd September, Sheila Morrison finished in 57:26 in the 10K, with Rhona Anderson 1:28:01, Marjorie Kelly 2:04:06 and Mags Maxwell 2:06:10 competing in the half marathon.
Brian Davidson and Mary Wood took the challenge of an ultra at the end of August with the 36.5 mile Speyside Way, finishing together in 6:55:45.  The previous weekend was the Haddington Half Marathon with Ian Sills finishing 16th in 83m58s; Ian Rowland 22nd, 86m11s; James Addie 33rd, 89m24s; with Rhona Anderson taking the 1st female 45 prize and Andrew Sheldrick, Neil Jones and Jane Timms also having a good race.
Earlier in the month Brian Davidson and Theresa Leslie ran the Babcock Marine Helensburgh Half Marathon, finishing in 1:29:27 and 2:06:34 respectively. And of course, August kicked off with the popular North Berwick Law Racein which several senior members took part - Ian Rowland, James Addie, Brian Davidson, Stuart Hay, Lee Curtis, Neil Jones, Anne Hay, Susan Lyle and Fiona Hamilton.
Please feel free to post results on the news or e-mail Anne with details.