Friday, December 31, 2010


Quite a crowd gathered this year just outside the Masons Arms for the start of the 2010 "Black Bun Run".
For the first time in a few years, the weather was kind and there was no sign of snow or ice. Welcome news indeed for those that insist on "vest and shorts only" for this race.
23 runners, from young to not-so-young, ran along Edinburgh Road to West Barns before doing a quick loop and retracing their steps in this 1.5 mile dash.

Provisional results are:

Andrew Crichton 07:20
Ian Sills 08:26
Stuart Hay 08:30
Ian Rowland 08:53
Mark James 09:17
Finlay Smith 09:27
Julie Oswald 10:59
Greig Noble 11:27
Anne Hay 11:29
Cameron McPheat 12:33
Graham McPheat 13:03
Catriona McPheat 13:07
Jane Timms 13:08
Val Herring 13:08
Geoff 13:13
Ben 13:39
Sheila Morrison 13:45
Thersea Leslie 13:45
Andrew Bennett 14:24
Richard Bennett 14:33
Robbie Bennett 14:33
Rebecca Weissgerber 14:52
Frank Weissgerber 14:52

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


"Boffins", "scientists", "researchers" ... what a bunch.
This may be of interest to those intending a marathon next year.
Probably best though just to file this report in the drawer marked "No Shit, Sherlock"

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Title says it all folks.
Bloody snow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas/New Year

The last session for the senior members before the festive season will be Thursday 23rd December (though if we're under several feet of snow, that might change...).  We will resume on Thursday 6th January 2011, as Hallhill is closed on the 4th.
The Black Bun Run will, as ever, take place on Hogmanay at 7:00 pm.  Anyone who wishes to take part/spectate/help with time-keeping should meet up at the Mason's Arms just before 7:00.  Remember, this is just a dash of around a mile and a half, so if anyone has any friends or family (that includes juniors) who would like to run off a little bit of the Christmas pudding, just get them to come along - the more the merrier!
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone.

25 Years of Dunbar Running Club

Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of the club - the present club was founded in 1986, though there was a running club in Dunbar in 1930's (Dunbar has always had a number of keen runners) - so we should mark the occasion in some way, whether by way of an anniversary race event or a dinner/dance. 
If anyone has any idea of how we should celebrate this anniversary,  please e-mail Anne with suggestions.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New year Run - 2 January 2011

From Graeme Sutherland :
The very popular new year run is back with our friends and rivals from Gala.
date 2nd january
Start time -10.00 am at Tweedbank Track
finish time 11.30-12.00 at Lauderdale Hotel where there will be changing/heat/toilets/parking.
Cost £5.50 for tea/coffee and bacon rolls/egg rolls.
The full route is via the Southern Upland Way and is around 9 miles but if you feel you are not up to it you can start at Mosshouses 6 miles or Blue Cairn 4 miles.
Or you can do any run you like and meet us for breakfast at the times above.
This is a great way to blow of the cobwebs and set yourself up for the new year. It is not a race-the idea is to run with friends or even people you do not know and enjoy the crack,scenery,wildlife and breakfast. Take a camera/dog etc. all welcome. But do be prepared to cope with any weather the borders does throw at us. Take a drink and some enegy bars/mars bars etc
It is up to all runners to find their way to their prefered start and to arrange a journey home. There is no entry fee or marshals or first aid. It is at your own risk-saying that we have had years with over 50 runners from both clubs turning up as it is a truely great event.
Please by return give me the following simple information for Lauder Runners only..
1) Reply Yes I am definately coming and the number of family members/guests who will be having breakfast (The hotel trade is having a rough time and we need to give them as much notice as we can)
2) Reply no I will definately not be there
3) I might be coming and the date I will let you know by.
Gala are co-ordinating their own numbers but if any other club would like to co-ordinate your members then you will be most welcome. You will have to pay £5.50 to the hotel for numbers confirmed by Friday 31st December.
Look forward to a great morning running/eating and chatting.
Keep on running

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Marathon Talk

Dear runner/triathlete,
We thought you might like to know that Marathon Talk (the UK's number 1 running podcast) has recently interviewed legendary global leader in running research and author of the 'The Lore of Running' Professor Tim Noakes.  The podcast is available to listen to for free via itunes or directly from the web and is a great resource for runners & triathletes.
Website is HERE
iTunes page is HERE
Facebook page is HERE
Marathon Talk is a weekly online magazine style radio show by Martin Yelling & Tom Williams. Each week they interview a wide range of guests, including the fastest female marathoner of all time, Paula Radcliffe, the current men's Olympic Champion, Sammy Wanjiru, the fastest American born runner of all time, Ryan Hall, the British Paralympian and gold medalist at five Paralympic games, Noel Thatcher, and some of the Worlds greatest ultra runners including Bruce Fordyce and Scott Jurek.
It would be great if you could share the latest interview and links within your running club and wider running network.
Martin & Tom

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Couple of more photos from Jim of Val out for a run in sunnier climes
You remember the "sun" don't you?

Monday, December 06, 2010



Stuart writes:

Bad news folks. The second leg of the XC due to be held at Lauder this Sunday (12th December) has also been postponed/cancelled.

Please keep an eye on the borders XC website ( for any news of reorganised events or future cancellations.

And remember: just because a race is cancelled it’s not an excuse to sit about eating sweeties and watching crap on the telly. Get your grippy soled shoes on and get out there!! It’s lovely.


Jim writes..
"An entry for the comp from Val - at Wagga Wagga Road Runners with Geoff

Just what we need in these cold snowy days - reminders that some places
still have warmth and sun.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Well, the surrounding countryside certainly looked "festive", but there was little chance of any of the runners who took part in this years Festive Half or Festive 10k ever getting a PB.
The snow looks lovely on a Christmas card - not on a race route!
Still, 19 runners took to the quiet paths of John Muir Country Park and the almost as quiet roads around Tyningham to complete the course with as much grit and determination as the council had lavished on their roads.
In the half, the honours went to Ian Sills in 1:34:22 and Megan Wright in 1:36:34.
The 10k was an altogether more social event with the entire field not only starting together but sticking together all the way round. In the end the honours went to Claire Simpson and Ray Harris.
Thanks go to Jim, George and Ian for keeping times, and special thanks to all the marshals and route markers for keeping an incredibly low profile!

Friday, December 03, 2010


Please note that it is our intention to still go ahead with Sunday's "Festive Half" and 10k runs.
However, it may be prudent, given the weather conditions, to either slightly amened the route or the format (possibly switch to a group start rather than individual handicaps).
Either way, if Hallhill's open we plan to do some sort of run - so see you there!