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Our adult members cover a broad range of ages and abilities. We compete in races ranging from 5k to marathons and over. The junior runners do cross country running in the winter but also compete in track and field events in the summer months e.g. in the Forth Valley League competition. Junior Section Website HERE

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We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre. You can get a map of where it is here.

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The Gala 10k - 11/04/10
Black Rock 5 - 11/6/10
Peebles 10k - 20/6/10 (trail race this year??)
Musselburgh 10k - 24/07/10 (Club Championship 10k)
Haddington Half - First Saturday in August? (Club Championship half)
Hawick Half - September
Norham 10k - September
Jedburgh Half - October
Tinto Hill Race - 13 Nov (Club champinship hill race)
Cross Country (One in November, December and January 2011 - dates and venues not yet known)
Plus: Any marathon.

Results to follow soon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mighty Deerstalker - Race Report

So somehow, Jane manage to talk me into running The Mighty Deerstalker at the last minute.  Just the 5km we were running, with only 3 bits of water to run through - couldn't be that bad could it? Well given that neither myself, Jane or Ian could walk for about a week after the run itself and I was using the tried and tested method of going downstairs backwards - obviously there was something challenging about the run itself!

The 5km started in the daylight at 2pm, with a large gathering of country gentry at the start line and a smattering of fancy dress.  I stuck to old running clothes as my preferred option for running - but seemed that some of the runners had hatched a cunning plan as things such as masks and snorkels came in handy for them later on in the race.  We started by a 200m run up a field to a hay bale wall which we had to climb over - at the same time as the rest of the country gentry.....which made it more challenging than it should have been! 
On a bit to the ponds, all nicely stagnant and full of frogs and toads.  Lovely.  Janie got stuck and was pulled out by what I thought was a helpful marshal, although don't think Jane enjoyed flying through the pond on her stomach!  Up to the top of the hill following mountain bike tracks, going up some balance beams and under a net before then being able to come back down the hill again.   Phew!  Or so I thought..... Going down was at least as hard as going up.  Some nice obstacles to climb over and under on the way... with a net to climb under at the end before hitting some road to run along.  Road? Whats that all about.  Far too normal for a race like this.  The along grassy path, through a river, then a tunnel full of freezing cold not so fresh water to the waste, with a funny gate to help us climb out.  Then I can't truly remember - there was more stagnant water, more fresh water, a hill, a tunnel we had to crawl through, a net to crawl
under and finally the finish line.  Approx 1hr40mins after the start.  And there were another 170 behind us!!!  Thats some 5km if you ask me - crawling a whole 5km would be quiker!  Interestingly the GPS measured it just shy of 6 miles....which sounds a bit closer to the truth!
Mad man Ian ran the 10km - goodness knows what length that race really is!  He did all the same as us plus a big scree slope to run up and down.  Oh yeah - and most of it he ran in the dark with a head torch on.  Mental.  And somehow, despite all that, he came 10th!  an achievement - helped only by the fact he cheated by avoiding some of the early ponds, running round them rather than through - a bit girly if you ask me!
I expect to see all club runners there next year!  Just watch the stairs for the week after......