Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well done to the 15 brave souls who turned up on a cold night for the Black Bun Run.

Grant Noble once again stamped his authority on this race and walked away with the much coveted "bun".

Times were:

Grant 08:28
Stuart 08:29
Richard 09:00
Alex 09:02
Finlay 09:36
Brian 10:20
John 10:33
Frank 10:42
Anne 11:32
Jamie 12:17
Finn 12:21
Clarissa 12:24
Val 12:29
Theresa 12:29
Shirley 12:40

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cross Country - Galashiels and Peebles

The second race in the Borders Cross-Country Series took place at Galashiels on Sunday 30th November, with a large number of runners braving the icy cold conditions to get some good results on the day.

In the junior race, Alex Noble came in 3rd in a time of 14:15, with Bruce Lindsay taking 10th place in 15:11 and Adam Redpath in 14th place in a time of 15:10.  Cameron and Hamish Law finished in 15:33 and 16:37 respectively, with Campbell Patterson finishing in 16:46, Katie Proudfoot 17:53, Joseph Kowbel 18:04, Emma Yule 18:27, Joanne Lindsay 18:34, Greg Noble 20:18, Nicole Turner 21:18, Katrina Maguire 21:35, Megan McLaren 23:11, Isabelle Taylor 23:28, Rebecca Turner 23:40 and Ruth Kowbel 23:50 added towards an impressive field.

In the senior race, Andrew Crichton once again took first place finishing in an impressive 24:38, well ahead of team mate George Gilhooley 27:22, with Stuart Hay and Grant Noble not far behind in 27:34 and 27:42.  Ross Combe finished in 28:18, Rhona Anderson 30:42, Richard Taylor 32:01, Anne Hay 34:33, Andy Anderson 35:01, Emma Taylor 36:44 and Mary Pattison 37:48.
Last Sunday was the third race in the Borders Cross-Country Series, commencing at Hay Lodge Park, Peebles and taking in some very muddy stretches by the river.

The numbers in the junior race were a little lower as several were competing in events at Kelvinhall, but Dunbar was again well represented by Hamish and Cameron Law finishing in 12th and 13th place with times of 10:29 and 10:32 Cory Smith finished in 12:07 with Katie Proudfoot finishing in 12:07.  Also completing the race were Megan McLaren 14:14, Katrina Maguire 14:28, Isabelle Taylor 14:39 and Ruth Kowbel 17:12.

In the senior race, Andrew Crichton took second place overall finishing in an excellent time of 23:07 with Stuart Hay in 22nd place with 26:48. Richard Taylor finished in 30:13. Rhona Anderson was first East Lothian woman home in 30:44.  Neil Teather 33:27, Steve Pattison 33:42, Anne Hay 33:48, Andy Anderson 35:13, Jamie Cherrie 35:40, Emma Taylor 36:51 and Mary Pattison 37:24 all enjoyed the race on the day.

Festive Half - Times


                                    Estimated Time     Actual Time

Suzanne McCulloch                  1:10                  59:20

Neil Jones                                 0:57                 55:29

JJ Wallace                                                        56:00

Vicky Hannan                           1:05                 1:05:05

Sandra Curran                          1:00                 1:00:40

Rona Starr                                                        1:11:04

Morag Haddow                                                1:13:13

Sarah Madden                          1:10                 1:13:13

Steve Pattison                           0:57                 1:01:26

Mary Pattison                           0:57                 1:01:26

Jamie Cherrie                            0:57                 1:01:26

Val Herring                               0:55                 1:01:26

Clarissa Berry                           0:55                 1:01:26

Brian Davidson                         0:47                 53:36


Half Marathon


Finlay Smith                              1:45                 1:39:30

Neil Scott                                 1:55                 1:49:42

John Hughes                             1:55                 1:49:56

Clare Simpson                          2:05                 2:00:38

Fiona Brewster                         2:07                 2:04:12

Judith Donaldson                      2:05                 2:05:43

Stuart Hay                                1:24                 1:24:14

Pete McIvor                             1:45                 1:45:29

Neil Teather                             1:45                 1:50:58

Anne Hay                                 1:50                 1:56:49

Paddy McDonald                                             1:39:14

Theresa Leslie                          2:07                  2:19:57

Sheila Morrison                        2:07                 2:19:57

Monday, December 15, 2008

If You've Ever Fancied More Than a Marathon.......

You could try Rowbotham's Round Rotherham International 50 miles! 
Ian Rowland took part in the event on Saturday finishing in 8:57:58, which placed him 16th out of 172 finishers.  A big "Well Done" Ian.
Have a look here at the results and photos
You may notice that there is a team prize........

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Be Seen, Be Safe

In response to articles in the local papers recently requesting that runners and cyclists in Dunbar make sure that they can be seen when out in the dark, we have acquired
 some reflective bibs for offer to club members at £8 each.  If anyone wants one, speak to Anne.
Also a reminder that there are extra items of kit available for purchase if anyone is looking for that extra vest or a long-sleeved top for winter races (or if you just like wearing club kit for a training run!).  Vests and t-shirt in club colours are £15 each and white long-sleeved tops for £20.  Again see Anne if you want anything.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Good Start To The Festivities

Well done to everyone who ran today in the Festive Half Marathon and 10K - it was a good event.  Think a few people in Dunbar enjoyed the spectacle of seeing Santa (Steve), Mrs Claus (Mary), Frosty the Snowman (Neil J) and a Christmas tree (Jamie) running along - well done on the costumes.  It was difficult picking a winner really.
Thanks to Ian Rowland for organising the event this year, to Jim Herring for the time keeping (sorry Jim for forgetting to thank you earlier) and John Hannan out on the bike marshaling and encouraging us along.
The refreshments afterwards were well appreciated, especially the mince pies!
The times will be on the club news later in the week.  Thanks again to everyone for taking part and making it an enjoyable event.


Couple of pictures from the Festive Half (report to follow).
Click on picture for ??? A BIGGER picture !

Friday, December 05, 2008

Black Bun Run

As ever, the Black Bun Run will take place on Hogmanay at 7:00, with everyone meeting up at (or outside) the Masons Arms.
If anyone has any guests that might fancy blowing away the cobwebs with a mile and a half dash (not a measured distance, just an estimate) then feel free to bring them along to give it a bash.
See you there.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

As from January, there will be a little change to Tuesday nights for the seniors. The idea is to group people up with others in the club of a similar pace, thereby encouraging each other along and maybe improving some members pace a little. So rather than the men and women setting off separately, we will all congregate in the bar and set off together from there.

This was a suggestion that was put to the committee - it sounds a good one, so give it a try.