Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well done to the 15 brave souls who turned up on a cold night for the Black Bun Run.

Grant Noble once again stamped his authority on this race and walked away with the much coveted "bun".

Times were:

Grant 08:28
Stuart 08:29
Richard 09:00
Alex 09:02
Finlay 09:36
Brian 10:20
John 10:33
Frank 10:42
Anne 11:32
Jamie 12:17
Finn 12:21
Clarissa 12:24
Val 12:29
Theresa 12:29
Shirley 12:40

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cross Country - Galashiels and Peebles

The second race in the Borders Cross-Country Series took place at Galashiels on Sunday 30th November, with a large number of runners braving the icy cold conditions to get some good results on the day.

In the junior race, Alex Noble came in 3rd in a time of 14:15, with Bruce Lindsay taking 10th place in 15:11 and Adam Redpath in 14th place in a time of 15:10.  Cameron and Hamish Law finished in 15:33 and 16:37 respectively, with Campbell Patterson finishing in 16:46, Katie Proudfoot 17:53, Joseph Kowbel 18:04, Emma Yule 18:27, Joanne Lindsay 18:34, Greg Noble 20:18, Nicole Turner 21:18, Katrina Maguire 21:35, Megan McLaren 23:11, Isabelle Taylor 23:28, Rebecca Turner 23:40 and Ruth Kowbel 23:50 added towards an impressive field.

In the senior race, Andrew Crichton once again took first place finishing in an impressive 24:38, well ahead of team mate George Gilhooley 27:22, with Stuart Hay and Grant Noble not far behind in 27:34 and 27:42.  Ross Combe finished in 28:18, Rhona Anderson 30:42, Richard Taylor 32:01, Anne Hay 34:33, Andy Anderson 35:01, Emma Taylor 36:44 and Mary Pattison 37:48.
Last Sunday was the third race in the Borders Cross-Country Series, commencing at Hay Lodge Park, Peebles and taking in some very muddy stretches by the river.

The numbers in the junior race were a little lower as several were competing in events at Kelvinhall, but Dunbar was again well represented by Hamish and Cameron Law finishing in 12th and 13th place with times of 10:29 and 10:32 Cory Smith finished in 12:07 with Katie Proudfoot finishing in 12:07.  Also completing the race were Megan McLaren 14:14, Katrina Maguire 14:28, Isabelle Taylor 14:39 and Ruth Kowbel 17:12.

In the senior race, Andrew Crichton took second place overall finishing in an excellent time of 23:07 with Stuart Hay in 22nd place with 26:48. Richard Taylor finished in 30:13. Rhona Anderson was first East Lothian woman home in 30:44.  Neil Teather 33:27, Steve Pattison 33:42, Anne Hay 33:48, Andy Anderson 35:13, Jamie Cherrie 35:40, Emma Taylor 36:51 and Mary Pattison 37:24 all enjoyed the race on the day.

Festive Half - Times


                                    Estimated Time     Actual Time

Suzanne McCulloch                  1:10                  59:20

Neil Jones                                 0:57                 55:29

JJ Wallace                                                        56:00

Vicky Hannan                           1:05                 1:05:05

Sandra Curran                          1:00                 1:00:40

Rona Starr                                                        1:11:04

Morag Haddow                                                1:13:13

Sarah Madden                          1:10                 1:13:13

Steve Pattison                           0:57                 1:01:26

Mary Pattison                           0:57                 1:01:26

Jamie Cherrie                            0:57                 1:01:26

Val Herring                               0:55                 1:01:26

Clarissa Berry                           0:55                 1:01:26

Brian Davidson                         0:47                 53:36


Half Marathon


Finlay Smith                              1:45                 1:39:30

Neil Scott                                 1:55                 1:49:42

John Hughes                             1:55                 1:49:56

Clare Simpson                          2:05                 2:00:38

Fiona Brewster                         2:07                 2:04:12

Judith Donaldson                      2:05                 2:05:43

Stuart Hay                                1:24                 1:24:14

Pete McIvor                             1:45                 1:45:29

Neil Teather                             1:45                 1:50:58

Anne Hay                                 1:50                 1:56:49

Paddy McDonald                                             1:39:14

Theresa Leslie                          2:07                  2:19:57

Sheila Morrison                        2:07                 2:19:57

Monday, December 15, 2008

If You've Ever Fancied More Than a Marathon.......

You could try Rowbotham's Round Rotherham International 50 miles! 
Ian Rowland took part in the event on Saturday finishing in 8:57:58, which placed him 16th out of 172 finishers.  A big "Well Done" Ian.
Have a look here at the results and photos
You may notice that there is a team prize........

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Be Seen, Be Safe

In response to articles in the local papers recently requesting that runners and cyclists in Dunbar make sure that they can be seen when out in the dark, we have acquired
 some reflective bibs for offer to club members at £8 each.  If anyone wants one, speak to Anne.
Also a reminder that there are extra items of kit available for purchase if anyone is looking for that extra vest or a long-sleeved top for winter races (or if you just like wearing club kit for a training run!).  Vests and t-shirt in club colours are £15 each and white long-sleeved tops for £20.  Again see Anne if you want anything.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Good Start To The Festivities

Well done to everyone who ran today in the Festive Half Marathon and 10K - it was a good event.  Think a few people in Dunbar enjoyed the spectacle of seeing Santa (Steve), Mrs Claus (Mary), Frosty the Snowman (Neil J) and a Christmas tree (Jamie) running along - well done on the costumes.  It was difficult picking a winner really.
Thanks to Ian Rowland for organising the event this year, to Jim Herring for the time keeping (sorry Jim for forgetting to thank you earlier) and John Hannan out on the bike marshaling and encouraging us along.
The refreshments afterwards were well appreciated, especially the mince pies!
The times will be on the club news later in the week.  Thanks again to everyone for taking part and making it an enjoyable event.


Couple of pictures from the Festive Half (report to follow).
Click on picture for ??? A BIGGER picture !

Friday, December 05, 2008

Black Bun Run

As ever, the Black Bun Run will take place on Hogmanay at 7:00, with everyone meeting up at (or outside) the Masons Arms.
If anyone has any guests that might fancy blowing away the cobwebs with a mile and a half dash (not a measured distance, just an estimate) then feel free to bring them along to give it a bash.
See you there.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

As from January, there will be a little change to Tuesday nights for the seniors. The idea is to group people up with others in the club of a similar pace, thereby encouraging each other along and maybe improving some members pace a little. So rather than the men and women setting off separately, we will all congregate in the bar and set off together from there.

This was a suggestion that was put to the committee - it sounds a good one, so give it a try.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nigel Barge 10k Memorial Road Race

Dear all,

I would be very grateful if you could advertise the Nigel Barge 10k Memorial Road Race to the members of your club.

This is one of the oldest annually run races in the UK, having been run every year since 1943. It was organised by Kenneth Barge, a former member of the Maryhill Harriers committee, in memory of his son, Nigel, who died at Dunkirk. Nigel was an outstanding officer who had trained as a Royal Engineer, before helping to prepare and map defenses at Dunkirk. He was also a trained pilot and a keen athlete. This race is run in association with Scottish Athletics.

The race will take place at 2pm on the 3rd January 2009 with registration, parking, changing and refreshments at Garscube Sports Complex, Maryhill Road, Glasgow.

Please note the NEW VENUE - in the past the race has started from the Garscube estate, but changing has been elsewhere - this year it will all be in the one place!

Entry information and any further details can be found online at 
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Thank you for your time and help,

Stephen Jones

Monday, November 24, 2008

It Was A Bit Muddy....

Last weekend saw the  twentieth season of the Borders Series of cross-country races get off to a great start on with 260 runners signing up for the first race at Lauder.  All the runners were tested with a muddy, undulating course which also incorporated several stream crossings. 


In the junior race, Dunbar were well represented with Adam Redpath finishing in 6th place overall in a time of 13:11 and club mate Cameron Law finishing with an impressive sprint to the line to take 10th place in 13:22.  Bruce Lindsay took 13th place in 13:57, with Campbell Patterson taking 16th place in 14:29.  A good race was also had by Emma Yule 15:42, Joanne Lindsay 16:40, Katie Proudfoot 16:53, Joseph Kowbel 16:56, Cory Smith 16:58, Nicole Turner 17:19, Freya Renwick 17:34, Isabelle Taylor 19:05, Katrina Maguire 19:44, Megan McLaren 20:07, Kirsty Wilson 23:46, Ruth Kowbel 23:53 and Rebecca Turner 25:12.


In the senior race, seventeen year old Andrew Crichton of Dunbar RC took the lead finishing 2 seconds ahead of Brian Marshall of HELP in an impressive 26:13, Ian Sills finished in 22nd place overall in 29:16, followed by club mates Ian Rowland 29:38, George Gilhooly 29:47 and Stuart Hay 30:08.  Other runners making a good start to the series were Ross Combe 31:42, Rhona Anderson 33:56, Anne Hay 37:35, Neil Teather 37:47, Andrew Anderson 37:53, Emma Taylor 41:03, Mary Pattison 41:06 and Jane Timms 47:19.


All runners are looking forward to the next race in the series in Galashiels at the end of the month.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Torness Xmas Handicap Race

Invitations for the below are open to any Dunbar runners. It's a handicap race so authentication of any estimated times submitted will be required! Afraid access can't be given to the plant so no post race showers etc will be available, but there's always the North Sea.......

From Trevor Collins at Torness :
Once again I shall be organising a lunchtime Xmas race - 4mls around the station taking in the two beaches, seawall etc. Aim of the exercise is to raise money for a charity to be selected by whoever raises the most cash through sponsorship or extortion. Participation subject to operational commitments, supervisor agreement etc.

Date to be finalised, but probably Friday 19thDec avoiding the station Xmas lunch day (23rd).

Detailed arrangements to follow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Goats Gallop

Please note that this year's race will take place on Sunday 23 November starting at 11am at Longyester.  The invitation to participate is open to all of your club members.
Paddy McDonald
Chairman HELP

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just A Few More Races Before Winter Sets In.....

The popular Jedburgh Half Marathon took place on 19th October, attracting a number of Dunbar runners. George Gilhooley was the first Dunbar RC man home in 48th place in 87m19s, with Rhona Anderson having an excellent run to finish in 76th place overall in 91m 27s. Steve Pattison finished in 1h 41m 14s; Pete McIvor 1h 43m 54s; Lee Curtis 1h 46m 38s; Neil White 1h 48m 49s; Jamie Cherrie 1hr 50m 04s; Neil Teather 1h 52m 04s; Mary Pattison 1h 53m 05s and Neil Jones 1h 56m.

On the same day, four runners took part in the Amsterdam Marathon - Ian Rowland finished in 2:57:52; Stuart Hay 3:15:41; Graeme Jones, in his first ever Marathon, gaining a creditable time of 3:18:51 and Anne Hay completing the course in 3:59:21.


Also on that day Brian Davidson and Theresa Leslie travelled to Scone Palace to take part in the 10K, the multi-terrain course following the banks of the Tay, looping through the estates grounds and palace gardens.
The recent Nether Abbey race in North Berwick saw several successes with Rhona Anderson being first lady(second overall in the race), Steve Pattison coming in 3rd overall and taking the prize for first male over 50.  Mary Pattison took the prize for first lady over 40 and Jamie Cherrie came in 6th overall. 
At the Tinto Hill race last Saturday Ian Rowland came in  56th in a time of 40m 41s. Stuart Hay received a spot prize for finishing 100th in 43m 55s and Anne Hay came in  213th in 53m 02s.
On Sunday Jamie Cherrie had travelled to Athens to compete in the historic original Marathon to Athens route which he completed in a creditable 4hrs 40m. 

Friday, November 07, 2008

Festive Half and 10K

The date for this will be Sunday 7th December.
An invitation has again been extended to members of Musselburgh AC and HELP, so we hope to see quite a few runners on the day (fancy dress optional!).
Please let Ian Rowland know if you are taking part and your anticipated time.  Remember this is a handicapped event - the intention is that everyone will finish at 12:00 noon, so the start times will by staggered, based on how long you think it will take to do your chosen distance.

Race Organiser

A big "Thank You" to Ian Rowland who has kindly volunteered to take over this role with Stuart dealing with the race entries.
Thanks again Ian.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Race Organiser

Just a reminder that we are still looking for someone to take over the role of race organiser. 
A few people have asked questions about it, but no one has volunteered as yet.  Could I remind everyone that the races are a main source of income for the club and have been taking place for a considerable number of years.  The permit will need to be applied for soon for the Boundary Race in April, with enquiries already coming in to the club e-mail regarding the race. 
It anyone is interested, please contact me or speak to Stuart.
Also - does anyone fancy being a sector marshal at next years Edinburgh Marathon?   If so, let me know.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ceilidh in aid of LEPRA on 21 November, Corn Exchange, Haddington

Please see the message below from Ray Harris:


Hello Dunbar Running Club
I have organised a ceilidh in aid of LEPRA. Details are:

21 NOVEMBER 2008  7.30 – 11.30




Jimmy Wilson Band with Bett Morrison - Caller


ADULTS £7      UNDER 16 £4    UNDER 12 FREE


Bring your own supper and drink


Contact Ray Harris:   01620 823198 
********  If you would like to find out about my cycle ride in India next January and about the work that LEPRA do look at my web page on
 If you would like to give a donation, that would be much appreciated.***********

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Anyone fancy a marathon next Spring??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Braid Hills Cross-Country

Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds

Braid Hills Cross-Country Race


Saturday 15th November 2008



Woman's Race (3 miles) 2.00 p.m.

Men's Race (6 miles) 2.30 p.m.

Registration begins at 12.00 p.m.


Dear Runner,

I would like to invite you to the annual Braid Hills Cross-Country Race. The Course will be the same as previous years with a separate men's and women's race. There are changing and toilet facilities in the nearby KB House. Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

 The presentation will take place in KB House as soon as possible after the men's race. The prize list includes individual, team and category prizes as well as furthest travelled and other spot prizes. As always we will be holding the infamous Braids Ceilidh after the race.

 Details of how to get to the course and a course map can be found on our web site at and follow the link for Braids. If you require any more information don't hesitate to contact us. You can enter on the day but if you would like to enter in advance please send your entries to:


Catriona McCleery

57 Morningside Drive


EH10 5NF


[email protected]

[email protected]




61 - That's a Good Total for the Week!

If you see Vicky Hannon out running this week, give her a big cheer as she's aiming for 61 miles in the week leading up to her Birthday.
Think she will deserve a big bit of Birthday cake after that (and a nice glass of wine or two!)

London Marathon


            Monday 13 October 2008 

Marathon places made available to Scots! 

Places in the London Marathon, which will take place on 26th April 2009, have been made available for any Scots, wishing to support Sense Scotland's valuable work with blind and deaf children.   

Bonded charity spots have been offered to Sense Scotland who are now looking for individuals to raise funds and help boost the profile of the charity. 

Andy Hughes the event organiser said, "Our runners will receive a Welcome Pack and full support as they progress and a comprehensive training guide. They will also get regular e-newsletters and on the day of the race, they'll be welcomed to Sense's Post-Race Reception with hot food and a massage!" 

Individuals or groups, wishing to take up one or more of the running places, must undertake to raise at least £1,000 per person, for the charity and make a small deposit to secure their place. 

The Flora London Marathon course is relatively flat and fast, starting in Blackheath and ending at the Mall right in front of Buckingham Palace. The route takes in some of London's finest sights and hasn't been changed since its debut in 1981 - other than in 1994, when the finish line was moved from Westminster Bridge to The Mall, and in 2005, when part of the course was changed to avoid the dreaded cobbles next to the Tower of London.  

For more information contact Andy at Sense Scotland on 0141 429 0294.  


Andy Hughes                                                                       

0141 429 0294 / [email protected]            

Sense Scotland                                                               


Friday, October 10, 2008


OK folks. Time to scrape that layer of last years mud off your studs and spikes. It's nearly cross country time again!!

Provisionally the dates and venues are:

1. Lauder 16 Nov
2. Gala 30 Nov
3. Moorfoot 14 Dec
4. Dunbar 11 Jan
5. Norham 25 Jan
6. Berwick 15 Feb

Prices remain at £10 (£5 for juniors). One payment covers all six races.

This year, to avoid the complication of trying to anticipate ties in the various categories, and having to order far more trophies than actually use, with problems of agreeing sale or return terms, we have instituted a new rule whereby in the event of a tie,the award goes to the best placed in the last or latest round.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wonder how many miles we run in a year.......?

The British Energy Race went well on Saturday with Ian Sills finishing 6th overall in 1:03:32, Rhona Anderson finishing in an impressive 1:11:04 and Vicky Hannan having another good run in 1:46:19.
Sunday saw a small Dunbar contingent away to Inverness to take part in the Festival of Running there.  George Gilhooley completed the Marathon in 3:10:15, Emma Taylor, in her first ever Marathon, finished in 3:56:38, Mary Pattison achieved a personal best in 3:57:40 and Jamie Cherrie finished in 4:41:00.  Steve Pattison took part in the 10K finishing in 42:15.  At the same time Lee Curtis and Lucy Martin were among the huge crowds taking place in the Bupa Great North Run finishing in 1:44:07 and 1:50:55 respectively. 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


See if you can spot the runner in the crappy weather..

Monday, October 06, 2008

Race Secretary

As those of you who attended the AGM in June will know, Stuart is stepping down as Race Secretary due to work commitments, so this position will need to be filled quite soon as the permit for the Boundary Race in April needs to be applied for quite soon. 
Please bear in mind that the races, particularly the Boundary Race, bring a lot of income into the club and it is important that we keep this going. It doesn't have to be one person - the role could be divided between two or more to lighten the load a bit.
If anyone is interested or has any questions in regard to this, please speak to Stuart or Anne

Club Championship

There will be a presentation night at Hallhill this Thursday starting at 6:30, so there will be no interval training.
This is starting with presentations for the juniors, then the presentation to the seniors, who will be going for a meal afterwards at 8:00.
The meal has not been booked yet - Umberto's was the original choice, but one or two people have suggested somewhere different in Dunbar.  Please e-mail Anne as soon as possible (by tomorrow at the latest) to say if you will be going to the meal and if you have any preference as to where. 

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Well done lads and lasses!!
This years Doon Hill race was almost flawless (despite the best efforts of the weather to thwart us)!
A large pat on the back all round.
But particular "meritorious mentions" have to go to the following:-

  • Graeme Jones for top quality strimming up by "the wall".
  • Johnny H for manageing to remain in position throughout, for what must have been the windiest marshaling point.
  • The blokes on bikes (they know who they are).
  • Frank for marshaling up the marshall's.
  • Neil T for registration, results and putting up with runners queries.
  • Ian and Ian for "marking out and bringing back".

Again, thanks to everyone!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Busy Couple of Weekends......

Sunday the 28th saw the last race in the Dunbar Running Club championship with 12 members taking part in the Norham 10K. 


The winner of the race was David Kirkland of Alnwick Harriers who, with a time of 32:36, finished over three and a half minutes ahead of the rest of the field.  Dunbar's Ian Sills took 7th place in 37:04, with club mate Stuart Hay taking 9th in 37:34 and Graeme Jones finishing 17th in 39:05, with Ross Combe 2 minutes behind in 41:06.  Rhona Anderson (42:48) was 2nd female overall and first female veteran, followed by Steve Pattison (43:35), Neil Teather (46:59), Mary Pattison (49:11), Clarissa Berry (53:13), Sheila Morrison (53:45), Jane Timms (54:25) and Theresa Leslie (56:04).


The 25th Two Breweries Hill Race took place the previous day – a race of 18 miles from Traquair House, Innerleithen taking in over 4,900 feet of climb over Birkscairn Hill, Hundleshope, Stob Law, Whitelaw Hill and the steep Trahenna before the finish in Broughton.  This year saw 176 runners completing the race, a marked increase on last years 88 finishers, with Ian Rowland of Dunbar finishing in 3:47:37, club mates Lee Curtis and Anne Hay finishing in 4:19:16 and 4:38:17 respectively, and George Armstrong of HELP completing the run in 4:45:14.


At the 10th Thirlestane Castle Run the previous Sunday, Stuart Hay of Dunbar finished the 5 mile multi-terrain course 13th overall in 31:17, HELP's Sandy Wallace finished 34th in 35:27, with Anne Hay (DRC), Claire Simpson (HELP) and Theresa Leslie (DRC) also completing the course.  In West Lothian on the same day, Alex Oliver of Musselburgh and District A C completed the Linlithgow 10K in 43:05, with Steve Pattison, Mary Pattison and Sheila Morrison of Dunbar also racing on the day.  Frank Weissgerber of Dunbar went a little further afield, running the Fiducia Baden Marathon in Karlsruhe, Germany in 3:47:18 in sunny, warm conditions.
Nearly cross-country season again........

Kelso Two Bridges 5K

The Kelso Two Bridges 5 K took place at Shedden Park on Sunday 14th September with Steve Pattison taking the prize for first male supervet after a close run race with a local runner, with Steve just pipping him at the post in a time of 20:26.  Mary Pattison completed a hat trick of wins at this event, taking the prize again for first female supervet, finishing in 23:49. 
Well done both.

NORHAM 10K 28/09/08

Sunday, September 21, 2008

East District Cross-Country - Sat 11th October

Help is needed for the East District XC Relays on Sat 11th October at Meadowmill. 
That includes setting out the course from about 8am. At least two marshals for the car park from 11am and as many course marshals as possible. Clearer uppers after 4pm. 
You don't have to be there for the day (it's a long stint), but let Anne know if there is anything you are willing to help out with.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Next week is the last race in this years club championship and nothing has been finalised for the presentation as yet.
It has been suggested that we might book somewhere like Umberto's for a meal after training one night soon and have the presentation then, but we are still open to suggestions from other members.
If you have any ideas, let Anne know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well Done Stuart

A local runner recently took part in the 8th Masters World Mountain Running Championship.  Stuart Symington of Dunbar Running Club joined 618 other runners from all over the world for the magnificently staged event in the small village of Dolni Morava in the north of the Czech Republic on 6th September.


Stuart finished in 1:04:55 coming in 116th overall and 22nd in his category – the over 50 men having the largest entry with 105 competitors in that age group taking part in the event.


The following day saw the staging of another popular event in the race calendar, though a little closer to home – the Fresh 'n' Low Great Scottish Run in Glasgow.  Jamie Cherrie of Dunbar finished in 1:44:37 with Theresa Leslie and Sheila Morrison completing the course together in 2:04:31.  Two weeks earlier Sheila had also taken part in the St Andrews Hospice 10K, finishing in 56:02.


Making the most of the tailing off of the road running season, several East Lothian runners competed in the City of Stirling 10K Road Race on Sunday 14th with Alex Oliver of Musselburgh and District Athletic Club finishing in an excellent 40:55.  Fred McCain of HELP finished in 42:46 with David Adam and Stewart McConnell of Musselburgh completing the course in 43:33 and 44:20 respectively.  Dunbar's Theresa Leslie finished in 54:16 with Sheila Morrison close behind in 54:45.



British Energy 10 mile - Marshals

Yes, it's that time again.  Frank and Anne will be looking for marshals for the event on Saturday 4th October and will be approaching people shortly in relation to this. 
One or two club members have already offered their services, but we will need more to help out on the day.  Help will also be required with registration and the refreshments afterwards - let Anne or Frank know if you are available.
Hopefully we will be lucky with the weather again.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coastal Run

COASTAL RUN - Inspired by the Northumberland Coastal Run we are proposing an East Lothian Coastal Run for our members, friends and the Tri club, DRC and MaDAC. The route is from the footbridge at Aberlady Nature Reserve to North Berwick Harbour ~ 10 miles. Start at 9.00am on Sunday 14 September 2008. Please make arrangements with others for transport for before or after the event. This can be a jog, run or race - it's up to you.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lammermuir Circuit

A wee reminder that this will be on Saturday 6th September.  Agreed last year, this event now has a permanent place on the first Saturday in September.
Everyone can decide what distance they want to do - 10K, Half Marathon, 20 miles (anyone for the 30+?).  The distances are approximate with no fixed start time, though the aim is to finish at Hallhill for about 12:00 noon.  As this is an informal event, it would be useful if everyone could negotiate lifts to their starting points. 
Please would you let Anne know if you are going to be at Hallhill afterwards so that sandwiches can be ordered - the crystal ball has been out of action for some time and guessing numbers can often be rather wide of the mark!  Thank you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

For those of you who like a little bit of a jig, there's a couple of ceilidhs coming up.
HELP are having a Ceilidh at Tyninghame Village Hall on Saturday 18th October with George Hood and his band.  The tickets are £7 each and food is provided (bring your own drink).
On 21 November there is a Ceilidh in aid of leprosy victims at The Corn Exchange, Haddington.  Contact Ray Harris on 01620 823198.  Ray is taking part in a cycle across India next year for LEPRA, so if you want to show your support, get in touch with Ray.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Utter tosh...

Friday, July 18, 2008

THE GREAT NORTH RUN 2008 - Special Offer

Dear Dunbar RC,

THE GREAT NORTH RUN 2008 – Special Offer

Sunday 5th October 2008


Be part of the biggest half Marathon in the UK and join our team as we raise much needed funds. There is a £30 registration fee with no minimum sponsorship amount but an undertaking to raise as much sponsorship as possible.


Funds raised from the event will enable The Big Issue Foundation to provide essential support to our vendors that help us tackle issues such as: accommodation, sales skills, overcoming addiction, health and money management. By taking part, we can change lives, our vendors are survivors and together, we will take our vendors Off the Streets and Into Life!


There is a strict closing registration date of Friday 25th July 2008 for guaranteed places, so you need to complete and return your entry forms as soon as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to register or have any questions.


Susan Anderson

Events Fundraiser

Big Issue Foundation

T: 020 7526 3452


Wednesday, July 16, 2008