Saturday, December 22, 2007

Interval Training video

Many thanks to Richard for this training video.
Though to be honest I can't remember interval training ever being that much fun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black Bun Run

This will take place at the usual time and place - 7:00 pm New Years
Eve, meeting at the Masons Arms.

See you there.

A Few More Runs Before Christmas...........

The third of the Borders Cross-Country Series took place on Sunday in
Galashiels, with the cold weather failing to deter the 95 junior
runners and 138 seniors who took part in the event.

Dunbar Running Club had a number of members in both events, with HELP
also fielding several runners.

In the junior event Innes Ogilvie finished in 17th place in 16:03,
with Cameron Law coming in with a time of 16:17, again closely
followed by Callum King who tied with Bruce Lindsay in 16:30. Elliot
Mullen, 17:07; Hamish Law, 17:11; Joanne Lindsay, 17:23; Katie Watson
(HELP), 18:29; Cory Smith, 18:55; Joe Kowbel, 20:28; Poppy Ives,
20:34; Rachel Lindsay, 21:22; Kirsty Wilson, 21:56; Jessica King,
22:05; Rachel Watson (HELP), 22:33; Megan McLaren, 23:23; Katrina
Maguire, 23:51; Gemma Bolton, 23:57; and Rebecca Turner, 25:48 all
finished well.

In the senior race Ian Sills of Dunbar came in 12th overall in a time
of 26:43; with Stuart Hay and Andrew Crichton having a close
competition, finishing in 27:26 and 27:31 respectively. Colin Menzies
was only twelve seconds behind, followed by George Gilhooley, Finlay
Smith (HELP), Ross Combe, Ian Rowland, Peter Probin (HELP), Steve
Pattison, Rona Anderson, Julie Oswald (HELP), Fred McCain (HELP), Anne
Hay, Ruth Watson (HELP), Jamie Cherrie, Lisa Menzies (HELP), Mary
Pattison, Judith Donaldson (HELP) and Scott Turner.

The previous Saturday had seen several of the athletes taking part in
the Scottish Athletics East District Cross-Country Championships at
Stirling. Anne Hay completed the senior ladies race in 31:00 with
George Gilhooley and Stuart Hay of Dunbar taking part in the senior
mens race. HELP were represented by James Baird, Fred McCain, Paddy
McDonald, and George Armstrong. Musselburgh Athletics Club were
represented by Gordon Eadie and Stewart McConnell.

Some of the athletes joined their club members the following day for
Dunbar's annual Festive Half Marathon and 10K. Several runners
dressed up for the fun event - Steve Pattison and George Armstrong
going for the full Santa regalia - run through parts of John Muir
Country Park, Lawhead and by Knowes Farm, enjoying refreshments
afterwards at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre.

Monday, December 17, 2007


"A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare!
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair" *

Well, hopefully not too many mice with clogs, going "clip-clippety-clop" but lots of Dunbar Runners with trainers on going "plod-ploddity-plod".
Yes folks, next year we want to see as many Dunbar Runners as possible at the ING Amsterdam Marathon.
The race itself is on 19th October 2008 and registration opens on 9th January 2008. So there is more than enough time for anyone to train, and there is lots of notice as well, so any excuse for non-attendance better be a good one.
Details and entry forms HERE.
* For the very young among us that's from Ronnie Hilton's "A Windmill In Old Amsterdam" from the days of steam powered radio  :-)

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Position Name Club Handicap Run Time
1 Lisa Menzies HELP 01:04:00 00:57:32
2 Val Herring DRC 01:04:00 00:59:54
3 Roy Menzies HELP 01:04:00 01:01:28
4 Gordon Eadie Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:49:40
5 Jane Timms ELT 01:04:00 01:01:43
6 Tony Segal Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:50:15
7 Jamie Cherrie DRC 00:52:00 00:52:02
8 Jan Oliver Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:52:40
9 Grant Noble DRC 00:38:00 00:41:44
10 Sandy Wallace HELP 00:46:00 00:53:32
11 Steve "Father Christmas" Pattison DRC 00:46:00 00:55:18
Position Name Club Handicap Run Time
1 Fiona Brewster DRC 02:15:00 02:11:52
2 Theresa Leslie DRC 02:15:00 02:11:52
3 Judith Donaldson HELP 02:10:00 02:08:08
4 Scott Wallace HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
5 Paddy McDonald HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
6 Neil Scott HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
7 Neil Jones DRC 02:03:00 02:01:10
8 George "Santa" Armstrong HELP 02:00:00 01:59:22
9 Julie Oswald HELP 01:45:00 01:44:32
10 Rona Anderson DRC 01:45:00 01:44:32
11 Claire Simpson HELP 02:10:00 02:09:56
12 Sheila Morrison DRC 02:03:00 02:03:19
13 Hannah Stevens DRC 01:50:00 01:51:58
14 Andy Anderson DRC 01:50:00 01:52:06
15 Stuart Hay DRC 01:23:00 01:25:12
16 John Hughes HELP 01:50:00 01:53:22
17 Richard Bolton HELP 01:45:00 01:48:25
18 Ian Sills DRC 01:19:00 01:22:44
19 Anne Hay DRC 01:45:00 01:49:33
20 Ian Murphy HELP 01:45:00 01:49:48
21 Frank McPartland HELP 01:37:00 01:43:23
22 Finlay Smith HELP 01:28:00 01:39:49
23 Alan Proudfoot HELP 01:28:00 01:52:09

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

The second of the Borders Cross-Country Series took place on Sunday,
with Dunbar Running Club hosting the event, which was held in John
Muir Country Park.

Dunbar juniors were again well represented with Alex Noble finishing
in 15:47, with Cameron Law coming in with a time of 16:48, closely
followed by Callum King in 16:50. Other excellent performances were
put in by Elliot Mullen, 17:42; Joanne Lindsay, 18:01; Nicole Turner,
18:51; Cory Smith, 19:01; Jessica Duncan, 19:08; Andrew Taylor, 19:31;
Katie Proudfoot and Joe Kowbel, 20:09; Poppy Ives, 21:16; Gemma
Bolton, 23:25; Megan McLaren, 23:44; Kirsty Wilson, 24:02; Isabelle
Taylor, 24:16; Katrina Maguire, 24:32; Claire Denholm, 25:27; Mark
Reilly, 26:48; Jessica King, 26:52 and Rebecca Turner, 26:58.

In the senior race Keith Hood of Corstorphine triumphed with a time of
26:19, with David Cavers of Teviotdale just 6 seconds behind. George Gilhooley of Dunbar came in 6th overall in a time of 28:19 and Grant
Noble of Dunbar not far behind to take 10th place in a time of 28:47; with Andrew
Crichton having another excellent run taking 21st place in 29:24. Club
mates Richard Taylor, Rona Anderson, Steve Pattison,
Douglas Denholm and Mary Pattison completed the representation for

On the same day Ian Rowland completed the Las Vegas Marathon and was
happy with his time of 3:01:17 taking 81st place overall.

Club mate Sheila Morrison recently took part in the challenging
Buchlyvie Half Marathon, finishing in a time of 2:03:15.