Saturday, December 22, 2007

Interval Training video

Many thanks to Richard for this training video.
Though to be honest I can't remember interval training ever being that much fun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black Bun Run

This will take place at the usual time and place - 7:00 pm New Years
Eve, meeting at the Masons Arms.

See you there.

A Few More Runs Before Christmas...........

The third of the Borders Cross-Country Series took place on Sunday in
Galashiels, with the cold weather failing to deter the 95 junior
runners and 138 seniors who took part in the event.

Dunbar Running Club had a number of members in both events, with HELP
also fielding several runners.

In the junior event Innes Ogilvie finished in 17th place in 16:03,
with Cameron Law coming in with a time of 16:17, again closely
followed by Callum King who tied with Bruce Lindsay in 16:30. Elliot
Mullen, 17:07; Hamish Law, 17:11; Joanne Lindsay, 17:23; Katie Watson
(HELP), 18:29; Cory Smith, 18:55; Joe Kowbel, 20:28; Poppy Ives,
20:34; Rachel Lindsay, 21:22; Kirsty Wilson, 21:56; Jessica King,
22:05; Rachel Watson (HELP), 22:33; Megan McLaren, 23:23; Katrina
Maguire, 23:51; Gemma Bolton, 23:57; and Rebecca Turner, 25:48 all
finished well.

In the senior race Ian Sills of Dunbar came in 12th overall in a time
of 26:43; with Stuart Hay and Andrew Crichton having a close
competition, finishing in 27:26 and 27:31 respectively. Colin Menzies
was only twelve seconds behind, followed by George Gilhooley, Finlay
Smith (HELP), Ross Combe, Ian Rowland, Peter Probin (HELP), Steve
Pattison, Rona Anderson, Julie Oswald (HELP), Fred McCain (HELP), Anne
Hay, Ruth Watson (HELP), Jamie Cherrie, Lisa Menzies (HELP), Mary
Pattison, Judith Donaldson (HELP) and Scott Turner.

The previous Saturday had seen several of the athletes taking part in
the Scottish Athletics East District Cross-Country Championships at
Stirling. Anne Hay completed the senior ladies race in 31:00 with
George Gilhooley and Stuart Hay of Dunbar taking part in the senior
mens race. HELP were represented by James Baird, Fred McCain, Paddy
McDonald, and George Armstrong. Musselburgh Athletics Club were
represented by Gordon Eadie and Stewart McConnell.

Some of the athletes joined their club members the following day for
Dunbar's annual Festive Half Marathon and 10K. Several runners
dressed up for the fun event - Steve Pattison and George Armstrong
going for the full Santa regalia - run through parts of John Muir
Country Park, Lawhead and by Knowes Farm, enjoying refreshments
afterwards at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre.

Monday, December 17, 2007


"A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare!
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair" *

Well, hopefully not too many mice with clogs, going "clip-clippety-clop" but lots of Dunbar Runners with trainers on going "plod-ploddity-plod".
Yes folks, next year we want to see as many Dunbar Runners as possible at the ING Amsterdam Marathon.
The race itself is on 19th October 2008 and registration opens on 9th January 2008. So there is more than enough time for anyone to train, and there is lots of notice as well, so any excuse for non-attendance better be a good one.
Details and entry forms HERE.
* For the very young among us that's from Ronnie Hilton's "A Windmill In Old Amsterdam" from the days of steam powered radio  :-)

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Position Name Club Handicap Run Time
1 Lisa Menzies HELP 01:04:00 00:57:32
2 Val Herring DRC 01:04:00 00:59:54
3 Roy Menzies HELP 01:04:00 01:01:28
4 Gordon Eadie Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:49:40
5 Jane Timms ELT 01:04:00 01:01:43
6 Tony Segal Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:50:15
7 Jamie Cherrie DRC 00:52:00 00:52:02
8 Jan Oliver Musselburgh 00:52:00 00:52:40
9 Grant Noble DRC 00:38:00 00:41:44
10 Sandy Wallace HELP 00:46:00 00:53:32
11 Steve "Father Christmas" Pattison DRC 00:46:00 00:55:18
Position Name Club Handicap Run Time
1 Fiona Brewster DRC 02:15:00 02:11:52
2 Theresa Leslie DRC 02:15:00 02:11:52
3 Judith Donaldson HELP 02:10:00 02:08:08
4 Scott Wallace HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
5 Paddy McDonald HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
6 Neil Scott HELP 02:00:00 01:58:10
7 Neil Jones DRC 02:03:00 02:01:10
8 George "Santa" Armstrong HELP 02:00:00 01:59:22
9 Julie Oswald HELP 01:45:00 01:44:32
10 Rona Anderson DRC 01:45:00 01:44:32
11 Claire Simpson HELP 02:10:00 02:09:56
12 Sheila Morrison DRC 02:03:00 02:03:19
13 Hannah Stevens DRC 01:50:00 01:51:58
14 Andy Anderson DRC 01:50:00 01:52:06
15 Stuart Hay DRC 01:23:00 01:25:12
16 John Hughes HELP 01:50:00 01:53:22
17 Richard Bolton HELP 01:45:00 01:48:25
18 Ian Sills DRC 01:19:00 01:22:44
19 Anne Hay DRC 01:45:00 01:49:33
20 Ian Murphy HELP 01:45:00 01:49:48
21 Frank McPartland HELP 01:37:00 01:43:23
22 Finlay Smith HELP 01:28:00 01:39:49
23 Alan Proudfoot HELP 01:28:00 01:52:09

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

The second of the Borders Cross-Country Series took place on Sunday,
with Dunbar Running Club hosting the event, which was held in John
Muir Country Park.

Dunbar juniors were again well represented with Alex Noble finishing
in 15:47, with Cameron Law coming in with a time of 16:48, closely
followed by Callum King in 16:50. Other excellent performances were
put in by Elliot Mullen, 17:42; Joanne Lindsay, 18:01; Nicole Turner,
18:51; Cory Smith, 19:01; Jessica Duncan, 19:08; Andrew Taylor, 19:31;
Katie Proudfoot and Joe Kowbel, 20:09; Poppy Ives, 21:16; Gemma
Bolton, 23:25; Megan McLaren, 23:44; Kirsty Wilson, 24:02; Isabelle
Taylor, 24:16; Katrina Maguire, 24:32; Claire Denholm, 25:27; Mark
Reilly, 26:48; Jessica King, 26:52 and Rebecca Turner, 26:58.

In the senior race Keith Hood of Corstorphine triumphed with a time of
26:19, with David Cavers of Teviotdale just 6 seconds behind. George Gilhooley of Dunbar came in 6th overall in a time of 28:19 and Grant
Noble of Dunbar not far behind to take 10th place in a time of 28:47; with Andrew
Crichton having another excellent run taking 21st place in 29:24. Club
mates Richard Taylor, Rona Anderson, Steve Pattison,
Douglas Denholm and Mary Pattison completed the representation for

On the same day Ian Rowland completed the Las Vegas Marathon and was
happy with his time of 3:01:17 taking 81st place overall.

Club mate Sheila Morrison recently took part in the challenging
Buchlyvie Half Marathon, finishing in a time of 2:03:15.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OK it's official.
After extensive research utilising the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and base-data supplied by Ordnance Survey we can reveal that the town run is  10447.15 metres in length (that's 6.49 miles in old money).
Measurement was carried out three times and an average taken of the three measurements. Route was measured from lights at Countess Road Side to the side door.
Let that be an end of it Mr Sills.
Though no doubt arguments will still persist about whether it's harder going via West Barns first or via the "new houses".....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sport Relief 2008

From Dave Haggart of Comic Relief :
We are currently planning Sport Relief 2008 and are recruiting
athletics and running clubs to organise Sainsbury's Sport Relief Miles
around the UK.

Sport Relief 2008: Warming up nicely

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th March 2008 will see three days of
entertainment, events and energy designed to challenge the entire

Sport Relief is back and one thing is already for certain: It's going
to be even bigger and better than before.

Your chance to be a part of the team

At the heart of the weekend will be the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile.
Last time round over 200 of our Mile events were organised in local
communities by people like you. This year we need your club to get
involved too.

Organising a Mile event can be an incredible experience - helping to
raise the profile of the club, whilst bringing the local community
together to be part of a huge, national campaign. And if that wasn't
enough you will also be helping raise money to transform lives here in
the UK and across the world's poorest countries.

Join forces with Sport Relief

And if it all sounds a lot to take on then don't worry we will be here
for you every step of the way. As well as providing you with loads of
event materials, posters and giving you your own section on our
website we also look after all of the event registration so that you
can concentrate on making your event as successful as possible.

To find out more about what is involved and to apply to be an
organiser go to or call me on the number below.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dave Haggart

Mile Events Co-ordinator
Comic Relief
Phone: 0207 820 6951
Email: [email protected]


Results for all the Borders Cross Country Series will be posted on the Norham website.

The Start of the Muddy Season

A number of Dunbar runners took part in the first of the Borders
Cross-Country Series on Sunday. Norham Running Club hosted the first
event in the calendar with a challenging course combining some steep
climbs, water crossings and muddy terrain.

Dunbar juniors were well represented with Alex Noble coming in 4th
overall in a time of 11:35 with Cameron Law building on his previous
good performance with a time of 12:52, followed by Lewis Ross in
13:15. Hamish Law (14:03), Nicole Turner (14:46), Joanne Lindsay
(15:18), Andrew Taylor (15:54), Joe Kowbel (16:25), Katie Proudfoot
(16:30), Gemma Bolton (16:49), Rachel Lindsay (17:27), Isabelle Taylor
(17:56), Kirsty Wilson (19:11), Megan Mclaren (19:17), Rebecca Turner
(19:53), Katrina Maguire (20:36), Claire Denholm (21:44) and Daniel
Sharp (22:00) all put in excellent performance.

In the senior race Ian Sills of Dunbar came in 5th overall in a time
of 24:21; with Stuart Hay taking 15th place in 25:33 and Grant Noble
close behind in 25:37. Club mates Stuart Symington, Richard Taylor
and Colin Menzies finished seconds behind, with new addition to the
club, Andrew Crichton finishing his first race 2 seconds behind Colin
in an impressive 26:30. Other Dunbar runners were Ross Combe, Steve
Pattison, Lauren Peffers, Neil Teather, Anne Hay, Mary Pattison,
Douglas Denholm and Scott Turner, who was also competing in his first

Well done everyone - hope you didn't take too much of the Norham
course back home with you!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Not a member of Dunbar Running Club, but its nice to see a local athlete get a mention in the national media.
There is great article HERE from the BBC about a talented HELP runner.

Oh. And Sandy Wallace gets a mention too.....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Sunday Gallop

Apologies for the short notice but if anyone fancies the Goats Gallop
this Sunday 11th at 10:30, HELP have extended an invitation to us and
Musselburgh. The run starts from Long Yester Farm and is followed by
lunch at the Goblin Ha' in Gifford. Just hope the weather stays

Monday, November 05, 2007

Club Championship 2008

If anyone has any particular races they would like to see as part of
next years' club championship, please e-mail your suggestions to
[email protected]

Friday, November 02, 2007


Races don't organise themselves.
Dunbar's leg of the cross country seasson will be on Sunday 2nd December.
We need as many people as possible to ensure that this event is organised and operated as efficently as possible. It is expected that we will have to mark out the route on the morning of the race.
Any one who can help please get in contact with Stuart, Anne or Ian Sills.
Do not plan to run this race (there are still five others for you to take part in).

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There is always debate about who is a "real" runner and who is a jogger.
This book was found on the ineternet and we thought you may like to read it..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Bus Load......

Twelve members of Dunbar Running Club took part in the Emtelle
Jedburgh Half Marathon on Sunday. The course, running mainly through
the surrounding countryside, is quite a popular one with the East
Lothian club and the weather on the day proved exceptionally warm.

Ian Sills finished in 9th place overall with a time of 1:18:50 and
took the prize for second veteran. Stuart Hay finished 21st in
1:21:25, with George Gilhooley just over a minute behind in 25th
place. Graeme Jones finished well in 1:35:33 and Steve Pattison had
another good run with 1:37:43. Anne Hay and Hannah Stevens finished
with only 35 seconds between them, with Jamie Cherrie coming in at
1:47:46, enjoying his 40th half-marathon to date. Neil Teather, Mary
Pattison and Theresa Leslie had good, steady runs. New member Neil
Jones, running his first ever half marathon and his first time in club
colours, finished in a creditable 2:00:21.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Orienteering Challenge

After the event at Binning Wood - if anyone fancies trying one
tomorrow - Saturday 27th at Barns Ness. A different sort of course -
in some ways much easier in the open land than in the trees - but it
can still be a challenge to pin down those flags!

Start times from 2 till 3 as usual, entry £2 or £1.

Barn's Ness car parking is just before the lighthouse behind the
cement works east of Dunbar. Note that because the Cement Works have
closed the coast road, to get to Barns Ness continue down the A1 past
the cement works almost as far as Torness, then turn left, following
the signs to the caravan park, and double back towards Dunbar.

When you reach the bit where the road ahead is closed, turn right
towards the coast and keep going, swinging right, till you reach the
car park.

Fast running over open land, with the additional attractions of old
lime kilns, a wreck, a lighthouse, and various other landmarks.

White, Yellow, Orange and Red courses.

Friday, October 19, 2007


The bus for the Jedburgh Half will leave Hallhill (Countess Road side) at 09am on Sunday 28th.
It will stay in Jedburgh during the race so we can leave kit etc.
It will then collect us at 2pm in Jedburgh to bring us back.

Contact Stuart if you have any queries.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What To Do On A Sunny Sunday......

Sheila Morrison and Theresa Leslie travelled north to take part in the
2nd Aviemore Half Marathon on Sunday. The weather stayed fine for
most of the day for the 830 runners who completed the course. Sheila
finished in 2:01:04 with Theresa coming in with a time of 2:11:08.

The previous Sunday, eight members of the club were in Inverness for
the Festival of Running. Stuart and Anne Hay, Pete McIvor and Jenny
MacFarlane took part in the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon, a challenging,
but scenic, course around the edge of Loch Ness, through the villages
of Foyers and Dores, finishing on the track at the Queens Park stadium
in Inverness. Stuart Hay achieved his best time to date, finishing in
3:02:13 and in 47th place overall, with Pete McIvor knocking 20
minutes off his London Marathon time to finish in an excellent
3:29:17. Anne Hay finished in 3:46:33 and Jenny MacFarlane also
achieved a personal best of 4:04:40, taking 10 minutes off her time
for the Edinburgh Marathon.

Ian Rowland completed the 10K in 35:44 to take 16th place overall,
with Steve Pattison on top form with a time of 39:48. Jamie Cherrie
had another good run in 44:33, with Mary Pattison finishing
comfortably in 48:34.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Festive Half Marathon & 10K

It is anticipated that the Festive Half Marathon and 10k will take
place on Sunday 9th December - please put that date in your diaries
and dust off the Santa hats and sparkly earrings!!!

Borders Cross Country Series

The dates for the series are:

Norham 18th November 2007
Dunbar 2nd December
Galashiels 16th December
Peebles 6th January 2008
Berwick 27th January
Lauder 17th February

Fees are the same as last year - £10 for the seniors £5 for the
juniors for the six races. Wooler, unfortunately, are unable to host
a race this year - a shame as it's quite a nice course. Hopefully
next year....

As usual, to qualify for a horse brass, individuals need to do 4 out
of the 6 races - the best five for the team prize. Teams are mixed.

Junior races start at 11:30 and seniors at 12:00. Please remember to
turn up in good time for the registration at Norham.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday 30th

Sunday saw thirteen members of Dunbar Running Club travelling to
Norham, Berwickshire, for the towns' annual 10K road race. The race
started at the east end of the village, crossing the Tweed at the
opposite end, climbing steeply to the top of Bank of Scotland, through
the Ladykirk Estate, with a nice descent back into Norham.

Ian Sills finished 5th overall, claiming the prize for first male
veteran. His club mate Ian Rowland took 7th place in 36:03, closely
followed by Stuart Hay with a personal best time of 36:14. Steve
Pattison followed, with Rhona Anderson taking the prize for 3rd female
overall. Jamie Cherrie was also delighted to achieve a personal best,
with Andrew Anderson, Anne Hay, Hannah Stevens, Mary Pattison, Val
Herring, Sheila Morrison and Theresa Leslie all completing the course.
Dunbar also took the male and female team prizes before heading back
to Dunbar for their own championship presentation.

The run at Norham was the last in a series of 23 races, commencing in
May, and forming the new club championship. Stuart Hay took the first
male prize, having gained just one extra point over Ian Rowland who
took second. Steve Pattison was awarded the third prize. In the
ladies section, Anne Hay took first, Mary Pattison second, and Val
Herring third, with Anne also receiving the championship trophy for
gaining the most points overall.

Thanks again to Amanda for hosting the presentation barbecue and to
Frank - king of the barbecue.

Prestonpans Half

Well done to Neal Doggett, in his first run for the club.

Neal came 28th in the Prestonpans Half Marathon with a time of 1:28:48.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fundraising Night

Thank you "Anonymous" - the tickets for the Dunbar Hockey Club "do"
are £3.00 - lost a decimal point somewhere................

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not a Bad Weekend Then......

Eight members of the club travelled to Lauder to take part in the 9th
Thirlestane Castle Run on Sunday. The multi-terrain 5-mile race was a
little testing for the runners, but was fortunately less muddy than
previous years. Ian Sills took the prize for first veteran, with
Stuart Hay taking the trophy for second veteran. Steve Pattison had
another good race, joined by Jamie Cherrie, Anne Hay, Mary Pattison,
Val Herring and Theresa Leslie.

On the same day Graeme Jones achieved a personal best for the 10K with
a time of 36:22, taking first place in the Clydebank Scottish
Challenge. Another personal best time was also achieved recently by
Jenny MacFarlane in the Glasgow Half Marathon, finishing the course in

On Saturday Ian Rowland took 20th place, with a time of 3:29, in the
24th Two Breweries Hill Race. The race starts at Traquair House,
Innerleithen, finishing at Broughton, with the tough 18-mile course
taking in 4,900 feet of climb. At the same time club mate Sheila
Morrison took part in the Race against Rabies in Holyrood Park. The
5.5 km run representing 1 metre for every 10 people who die each year
from rabies, with all sponsorship raised on the day aiding the
Alliance for Rabies Control.

Well done everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fundraising Race Night

Dunbar Hockey Club have invited us to join them for a fundraising race
night at Hallhill on Saturday 13th October 2007. Tickets are priced
at £300 which includes a buffet and disco.

Let Anne know if you are interested in coming along.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

International Coaching Conference 2007

If anyone is interested in attending the International Coaching
Conference 2007, please let Anne know so that places can be reserved
as soon as possible.

The event will be hosted at the Mariott Hotel, Glasgow on Saturday 17
November 2007. Presenters this year include Dr Frank Dick OBE, Steve
Backley OBE, Bruce Longden and Fayyaz Ahmed.

Workshops for the afternoon session will be led by Terry Lomax - UK
Athletics High Jump National Coach (jumps); Jozef Lisowski - Polish
National Coach; 400m and 4x400 World Indoor Champion men's relay
(speed); Shaun Pickering – GB Olympian and International Throws Coach

Recent Races

Dunbar runners Theresa Leslie and Jane Handley took part in the recent
Fresh n Lo Great Scottish Run in Glasgow. New club member Jane
Handley, running her first ever 10K, finished with a time of 58:48 -
thoroughly enjoying the whole experience and hoping the race will
become a firm favourite. The event is a particular favourite of
Theresa's, who finished ahead of Jane in 55:40.

Three club members also took part in the Self Transcendence 5K road
race in the Meadows the following Wednesday. Steve Pattison finished
in 19:36, taking the position of 3rd male vet over 50. Jamie Cherrie
finished in 21:55 with Mary Pattison not far behind in 23:58, giving
her the 2nd prize in her category.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tesco Vouchers

It's that time again!

Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs vouchers are currently available and
will be up until the 4th of November. We have managed to collect
quite a few in the last two years and have obtained extra equipment
for the junior section.

Anne will be collecting them on behalf of the club, so if you could
pass any on, it would be appreciated.

Lammermuir Circuit

The charity picked out by Isabelle Taylor on the day of the Lammermuir
Circuit was the chosen charity of Ian Porteous – the Chest Heart and
Stroke Scotland Association. A cheque for £100 is on its way to the

Dougie and Derek

The presentation for Dougie Jeffrey and Derek Buglass will take place
on Wednesday 26th September at the West Barns Bowling Club. Both
Derek and Dougie dedicated 10 years to coaching the junior section,
initially in a helping out capacity, eventually taking responsibility
as senior coaches for the ever expanding junior section of the club.

There is a collection if you wish to contribute and the presentation
and buffet will commence from 7:00 pm. Please contact Anne if you
will be attending and if you wish to make a contribution.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The clue is in the name.
This is a great 5 mile race that starts and ends at Thirlestane Castle in Lauder. It's on the 23rd September and its one of our club championship races.
Having done this run before I can state that it is a really nice scenic 5 mile route.
An entry form and details can be found at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Wee Trip to Mull?


 I trust you'll forgive this unsolicited approach, but I'm just going through the process of launching a running related business on Mull in the Western Isles of Scotland. You can see what I mean at

 It is also possible that in seeking to promote this website I might be of some help to yourselves. For example, you may be seeking additional sponsors for any races or events that you organise. If this is the case I'd be happy to consider any such possibilities.

 I'd also be happy to offer a 10% discount on any trips organised through your club for groups of 10 or more runners, provided that the booking is made before the end of 2007.

 Please take a few moments to look at the site, and if you feel that there is any way we can work together, just get in touch.

 Best wishes,

 John Hilton

Cumbernauld and Loch Lomond

We would like to draw your attention to two races that have recently
been added to the Q-buster race entry service.

Cumbernauld 10k Race - 9th September
Cumbernauld New Town is 50 years old this year. To celebrate the
anniversary, organisations and communities across Cumbernauld have
planned a variety of commemorative and celebratory activities. The
Cumbernauld 10k race and 1k fun run are core to these celebrations.

Where: Broadwood Stadium
When: Sunday 9th September 10.00am

Participants must be at least 17 years of age on race day to enter.

Entries close on 31st August, 2007.

Bring your family and friends along to cheer you on. As well as the
race and fun run, there will be face painting, tri golf, a climbing
wall and much more - fun and activities for all!

You can enter this race using the Q-buster online race entry service
from Interloq.

Cumbernauld 10k Race Entry
The event is being run by North Lanarkshire Council, in partnership
with North Lanarkshire Leisure and the North Lanarkshire Partnership.

The event is sponsored by the Antonine Shopping Centre and the
Campsies Centre Cumbernauld.

Additional support is provided by A G Barr, Asda (Cumbernauld) and
Tesco Extra (Cumbernauld).

LoveLochLomond 10k Race - 16th September
In association with St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

The race will start at Loch Lomond Shores then cross the River Leven
and enter Balloch Park affording beautiful views of Loch Lomond before
exiting the park at the highest point on the trail, it will then
follow the River Leven through Jamestown eventually crossing it via
Bonhill Bridge. You will then pass the only roundabout in Scotland
with a pub and a railway station before returning along Alexandria
Main Street to Balloch and then to a fast downhill finish at Loch
Lomond Shores.

Where: Loch Lomond Shores
When: Sunday 16th September 10.00am

The race is open to all runners aged 15 years and older on 16th September 2007.

Entries close on 12th September, 2007.

Entries must be received by 27th August, 2007 to guarantee t-shirt size.

You can enter this race using the Q-buster online race entry service
from Interloq.

LoveLochLomond 10k Race Entry

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Club Championship

The presentation of the prizes for the inaugural Club Championship
will be on Sunday 30th September - the date of the last event in the

This is going to be an informal event to which all members (and
partners) are invited. Please do come along - it will give everyone a
chance to relax and have a chat (without a starting gun going
somewhere in the background!).

Amanda Thornton has kindly agreed to host a barbecue at her home from
3:00 pm onwards. Food and some drink will be provided, but if people
want to bring any special food items and drink, they are welcome to do

Just to give a rough idea of numbers, let Amanda or Anne know if you
are likely to come.

Lammermuir Circuit

The date for the Lammermuir Circuit will be Saturday 1st September and
from now on will be held annually on the first Saturday in September.
Remember this is an informal event, so whatever distance anyone
decides to do - 10K, 13 miles, 20 miles or 30 miles - the intention is
that everyone should aim to finish at Hallhill around 12:00 - 12:30,
so have a chat with other people who are doing the same distance as
you, so you can set off in groups.

As always, there will be sandwiches at Hallhill afterwards.

PLEASE let Anne know if you are going to take part (and if you are
inviting any friends or family who might like to give it a go) so that
we have an idea of numbers for the day.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Scottish Gas Races (and a couple of others..)

Granton was the venue for the running of the Scottish Gas 5K and 10K
races, which took place on Sunday 5th August.

Amongst the 425 finishers of the 10K event was Stuart Hay from Dunbar
Running Club, who achieved 20th place overall with a personal best
time of 37:02. Club mates Anne Hay and Jamie Cherrie finished in
44:26 and 46:28 respectively, with Fay Stanton also achieving a
personal best time of 54:16. Graeme Jones did well in the 5K,
finishing 11th out of 103, with a time of 19:23, with Steve Pattison
finishing not far behind in 20:17 and Mary Pattison taking 34th place
with a time of 23:47.

Several of the runners had taken part in the North Berwick Law Race
the previous Wednesday along with Ian Rowland and Ian Sills who
finished the challenging run in 22:09 and 22:32 respectively. Graeme
Jones finished in 24:10, Stuart Hay in 24:41 and Richard Taylor in
25:07. Rona Anderson was first Dunbar lady home in 26:30 with junior
runners Cameron Law and Hamish Law finishing well in 29:31 and 30:33.
Other senior runners were Steve Pattison 27:08, Frank Weissgerber
27:25, Anne Hay 27:36 and Andrew Anderson in 28:32.

Eleven runners also enjoyed the popular Musselburgh 6 mile race.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Lammermuir Circuit

A date for the above will be set at the next committee meeting on 14th
August - we were waiting to see if HELP set a date for their 25 km for
25 years (as mentioned previously on the club news), but that seems to
have been postponed until later in the year. As an invitation had
been extended to Dunbar, we didn't want a clash of dates. Plus, this
is an informal event and does not need the sort of planning of an
official race.

If anyone has any dates they wish to suggest (or if they would like
changes to the event or even if they think this is an event too many)
please let Anne or any of the other committee members know before the

Thank You

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cancer Research UK 10K Series

The Cancer Research UK 10k series is Britain's biggest 10k run series
and this year we have three events at superb venues in Scotland -

Hopetoun House, South Queensferry, Sunday 7th Oct
Scone Palace, Perth, Sunday 21st Oct
Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell, Sunday 28th Oct

We warmly welcome all standards of runner, from complete novices at
the 10k distance to seasoned athletes. It is perfectly ok to 'run a
bit.... walk a bit' and many participants do this at our events. It
costs £17.50 to enter, which includes a t-shirt and medal. Entry is
via our web-site only -

To summarise very briefly, we are Britain's leading charity dedicated
to researching, treating and preventing cancer with an annual research
expenditure approaching £30 million in Scotland - almost entirely
funded by sponsorship, donations and bequests. The three Scottish
events are part of the wider series of thirty-four 10km runs across
Britain. This year and we are hoping that the 10k series as a whole
will raise in the region of £4 million towards research expenditure.

If you would like to receive some leaflets and perhaps also some
posters, could you please let me know - my contact details are shown
at the bottom of the page. I will need a postal address for you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request, all the best
for the continued success of your club.

Andy Wilson
National Events Executive - 10K
Cancer Research UK
Tel: 01423 864134
Mobile: 07918 662965

Challenge yourself or a friend to run 10 km at a Stately Home near
you. To register, or for more details, visit

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carfraemill to Gifford

HELP have extended an invitation to Dunbar to the annual Carfraemill
to Gifford run.

For those of you who haven't taken part before, this is a nice 11 mile
(fun) run with some stunning views, whatever the weather - well worth
doing! Yes, a chunk of the run is uphill, but then you wouldn't get
the brilliant views and the descent back down towards Gifford where a
nice meal will await you. This will take place on Wednesday 15th
August. Please let Anne know if you are going - will need an idea of
numbers for the bus from Gifford and for the meal at the Goblin Ha' to
pass on to Joe.

The Haddington Half Marathon is on Saturday 11th - if anyone is
available to help out, please let Anne know.

Well done everyone who ran the Curfew Race in Berwick-on-Tweed last
night - 1.3 miles round the walls - a real short sharp shock to the
system. Andrew Taylor demonstrated his sprinting technique - very
difficult to catch and his sister Isabelle managed to run and chat all
the way round while some could hardly draw breath. Ian Rowland,
Stuart, Richard, Steve, Anne, Jamie and Mary all put in a good fast
run and were glad it stayed dry!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Sun, The Sea, The Sand.......

The 28th Northumberland Coastal Run took place on Sunday 15th July,
with several Dunbar runners taking part in the scenic 14 mile route
from Beadnell to Alnmouth. The summery weather attracted the crowds
to the beaches who gave great support to everyone competing in the
race. There were 800 finishers in the event – a far cry from the 12
competitors who took part in the inaugural run in 1979.

Ian Rowland of was placed 18th overall, with a time of 1:27:09, with
Ian Sills completing the course in 1:28:11. Stuart Hay had another
good run in 1:43:03 with Graeme Jones finishing only seconds behind in
1:43:24, pleased with his first longer distance run. Frank
Weissgerber; 1:47:57, Anne Hay; 1:51:47, Hannah Stevens; 2:07:15, Mary
Pattison; 2:11:10, Steve Pattison; 2:11:11, Fiona Brewster; 2:15:48,
Val Herring; 2:18:22 and Sheila Morrison; 2:19:01 also had good runs
on the day. Dunbar was awarded third team prize.

Jedburgh Half Marathon

Jedburgh Half Marathon

As a registered runner in last years Half Marathon we are sending you
details about the 2007 event, this time under the sponsorship of
Emtelle. It is also this year a part of the "Navyblue Roadrace
Grandprix 07".

The Emtelle Jedburgh Half Marathon will be run on Sunday 28th October
2007 and it is now open for entries. You can choose to again register
and pay on-line by accessing the dedicated website and following the registration link,
or you can submit the registration form by post, a blank copy being
downloadable from the website.

This year we are also setting up an e-newsletter which all runners or
potential runners can opt into receiving, this newsletter keeping you
updated on news about the event and any pre-run instructions. To
register for this you simply need to go to the website home page and
click on the newsletter registration.

We hope that if you have not already register we can encourage you to do so now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feels Like Doing the Cross-Country Again....!

A number of Dunbar Running Club members made the trip to Norham to
take part in the multi terrain Stewart Black Memorial Castle Bank
Challenge on Thursday 28th June. The heavy rain that had continued
all day made parts of the course a little treacherous by the river
side, but most runners posted reasonable times over the 5.8 km course.

Ian Sills took 2nd place in the event, finishing in 21:06, with Ian
Rowland achieving sixth place with 22:04, followed by Graeme Jones in
22:15. This meant the threesome took away the team prize, the Stewart
Black Memorial trophy. Stuart Hay (22:29), Richard Taylor (22:49),
Neil Teather (25:30), Anne Hay (who was award the prize for first
female - 25:40), Frank Weissgerber (25:46) and Keith Mills (41:16) all
had a good, if rather soggy, race.

The following evening saw a considerably bigger field taking part in
the Black Rock 5 at Kinghorn, Fife. Steve and Mary Pattison
thoroughly enjoyed the event with Steve finishing with an excellent
time of 32:30 and Mary coming in well up the field in 40:10.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweat Shop

It's that time of year again and Edinburgh Sweatshop has just begun
it's Summer Sale 2007.

There are MASSIVE savings with up to 50% off all well known brands on
a wide range of goods from Running Shoes and Clothing to Swimwear and
Racquets. We also have some great bargains on Running Accessories,
Heart-Rate and Speed/Distance Monitors aswell as a variety of Running

Please don't forget all members of Running Clubs throughout Scotland
are entitled to a 10% discount off all Non-Sale items all year round
at Edinburgh Sweatshop.

Look forward to seeing you and your members very soon.

Kind Regards

Edinburgh Sweatshop Staff

Edinburgh Sweatshop,
Next Generation,
Newhaven Harbour,
Newhaven Place,

Tel. 0131 4678740
E-Mail. [email protected]

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The last two Sundays.....

Members of the club took part in the well established Peebles Beltane
10K on Sunday 17th June in warmer conditions than some of the races of

Ian Rowland finished in 7th place overall with a time of 35:49, with
Stuart Hay finishing 18th in 37:44 and his wife Anne finishing in
44:33, with Jamie Cherrie not far behind in 45:16. Karen Page
finished in 49:40, Val Herring in 53:56, Theresa Leslie in 54:25 with
Fay Stanton hot on her heels in 54:41.

The following Sunday saw the running of the Galashiels 10K in which
newlyweds Steve and Mary Pattison finished in 41:32 and 49:55
respectively to both take top points in the club championship. On the
same day, at the Diet Coke East Kilbride Half Marathon, Sheila
Morrison took the lead over her club mate Theresa Leslie to finish in
1:58:58, with Theresa completing the course in a time of 2:02:01.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


A bus has been booked for the Coastal Run on 15 July for both runners and spectators.
Bus picks us up at Hallhill at 8:30 at the Countess Road side.
The bus will take us to the start of the race then meet us at the end in Alnwick (so we can leave our gear and kit bags on the bus).
The bus will then leave Alnwick at 16:30 - allowing us time to get a meal and a few drinks.
The bus has provisionally been booked for 16 people. However, a bigger bus can be obtained if we need it.
Remember you have to pre-enter for this race details are at:
Please let Stuart know if you want to take the bus and how many people are coming along. email: [email protected] by 4th July.
Please pass this info on to others.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Keith, You're A Champion

Several members of the club took part in the Portobello 4 mile road
race on Thursday evening. The cold windy weather didn't deter the 133
runners who took part, making it a record number for the event. Ian
Rowland finished in 6th place with a time of 23:10, with Ian Sills
taking 9th place in 23:33, followed by Stuart Hay in 24:22. Anne Hay
finished in 28:48, not far ahead of Jamie Cherrie in 28:55. Frank
Weissgerber (29:32), Theresa Leslie (33:48), Sheila Morrison (34:10)
and Fiona Brewster (36:01) completed the club representation.

At the Dechmont Law race on Sunday 10th, Sheila Morrison pulled ahead
of her club mate Theresa Leslie, to finish well over a minute ahead in

The previous day had seen several members take part in the Traprain
Law Race, with Ian Sills gaining ground on Ian Rowland by finishing
two places ahead of his club mate in 43:16. Rona Anderson took the
prize for the first female veteran with an excellent run in 52:44.
Stuart Hay, Richard Taylor, Peter McIvor, Anne Hay, Andrew Anderson,
Jamie Cherrie, Val Herring and Keith Mills also had good runs on the
day, enjoying the support from the spectators on the earlier and
latter stages of the course.

There was a good report on the race from Keith Burns of Carnethy, the
last paragraph of which is copied here: -
"We must record a tribute to the persistent fortitude of Keith Mills
from Dunbar in carrying the all-important lanterne rouge at this event
year after year. Keith has a formidable record that reinforces the
importance of this unsung placing in races, where the real effort and
resolve far exceeds that of the front runners in so many ways."

Well done Keith!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Marathons and Wedding Bells.....

Six members of Dunbar Running Club took part in the recent Edinburgh
Marathon, the route of which took the competitors along some of the
East Lothian coastal roads, finishing at Musselburgh Race Course.

Stuart Hay achieved a personal best of 3:04:21, putting him in 113th
place over all. Steve Pattison and Frank Weissgerber both had good
runs, finishing with times of 3:34:28 and 3:38:16 respectively. Avril
Gilchrist (3:40:46), Mary Ennis (3:59:15) and Jenny MacFarlane
(4:14:20) were all competing in their first ever Marathon and were all
delighted with their times, with all runners enjoying the new route of
the race. Steve and Mary hung up their running shoes long enough to
get married on Wednesday - a big "Congratulations" to them from

The following evening, in the popular 6 mile Rigg Race in Balerno, Ian
Rowland achieved 16th place with his time of 35:36. Anne Hay came in
with a time of 42:56 and Jamie Cherrie with 43:40.

Theresa Leslie and Sheila Morrison of the club took part in the recent
Women's 10K in Glasgow, with Theresa pulling ahead to finish in 53:09,
with Sheila finishing in 55:32. The following Saturday saw both
ladies competing in the Loch Leven Half Marathon in very blustery
conditions, again Theresa pulled ahead of her club mate, finishing 21
seconds ahead in 2:04:03.

Friday, May 18, 2007


OK. The club's Championship is now under way.
Full results will be posted on the main website very soon.
However, in the meantime results so far can be found HERE.
Results are being maintained by Ian Sills. So any errors, omissions or whatever please direct them to him.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dunfermline and Penicuik

Members of Dunbar Running Club took part in two more 10k races this
week, with Steve Pattison and Jamie Cherrie taking their total to
three in the week after their performances at the Edinburgh 10K on
Sunday 6th.

Wednesday night saw the running of the Auld Town 10K in Dunfermline's
Pittencrieff Park in which 334 runners completed the course. Stuart
Hay finished in 32nd place overall with a time of 38:47, with Steve
Pattison finishing in 42:02, to become the first male in the over 50
category. Anne Hay finished in 45:25, Jamie Cherrie in 46:19 and Mary
Ennis in 51:32.

The Penicuik 10K took place on Saturday in cool, damp conditions but
it didn't discourage the 190 runners who completed the somewhat
challenging course, taking in Pomathorn Hill and Howgate. Stuart Hay
topped his PB of Wednesday night by coming in 14th overall with a time
of 38:32. Steve Pattison finished in 42:37 and there was a bit of
friendly competition between Anne Hay and Jamie Cherrie in the last
mile with Anne finishing one second ahead of her club mate in 46:49.
Fay Stanton finished in 55:27, having recovered from her Paris

Well done everyone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So What Do You Do At The Weekend......?

With the road-racing season well under way, several members took part
in the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday 6th May. Steve Pattison was
the first club member to cross the line in 42:53, with Jamie Cherrie
coming in with a time of 47:44, followed by club mates Hannah Stevens,
Mary Ennis, Lucy Martin and new member Kirsty Walsh taking part in her
first ever race, finishing in an admirable 1:06:19.

The previous day, another new member to Dunbar, Andy Anderson,
completed the tough 22-mile Edinburgh to North Berwick in 3:12:05, the
cooler temperatures in the earlier part of the course making the
running a little more comfortable.

The previous Sunday, Sheila Morrison took part in one of her favourite
races, the Loch Katrine 12K, having also taken part in the Coniston 14
on the 24th March and the Balfron 10K on the 22nd April. The course
for the Balfron race is over quiet country roads and paths, the
undulating course offering a challenging run to all competitors, which
Sheila finished in a creditable time of 54:54. All funds raised are
donated to the Balfron Primary School.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a Bit of Fun (allegedly....)

Haddington and East Lothian Pacemakers (HELP) are twenty five years
young this year, so, as part of the celebrations, there is an
invitation to take part in a 25K fun run in September (date to be

No comments please about the Carfrae Mill to Gifford and the Goat's
Gallop being described as "fun" (only is you like steep descents after
the long climb up!). Only joking - these are both seriously good runs
with a bit of banter along the way, some brilliant views and a wee get
together after, so a 25 Km fun run organised by Haddington is bound to
be something worth taking part in!

Keep an eye on the club news for confirmed dates.

Remember the Haddington 5 mile is on Saturday 2nd June at 3pm - for
further details see or

Friday, April 27, 2007

That Marathon Thing.......

Three members of Dunbar Running Club made the trip to France for the
Paris Marathon on Sunday 15th April. The unseasonably hot weather did
cause a few problems as temperatures soared to 26 degrees and some of
the feeding stations suffered a shortage of water.

Hannah Stevens completed her first Marathon in an excellent 3 hours 51
minutes, with Jamie Cherrie, also making it a first at the distance,
achieving a creditable 4 hours 34 minutes. Fay Stanton, who finished
in 4:53, said that, while it was very hot, it was a great course and
there was a very good atmosphere on the day.

The competitors in the 27th London Marathon also experienced
uncomfortable temperatures for the time of year, but many runners
still produced good results on the day.

Ian Sills finished his inaugural Marathon in an impressive 2:56,
putting him in 596th place overall. Ian Rowland came in not far
behind in 2:59 in his 13th Marathon to date, placing him 824th
overall. Stuart Hay completed the course in 3:20, 2322nd, with Anne
Hay finishing in 3:43, 5738th. Pete McIvor, also taking part in his
first ever Marathon, finished well in 3:49 and 5834th overall, with
Frank Weissgerber finishing in 3:58, 7397th, and Val Herring finishing
in 4:40, putting her in 18583rd place overall.

Well done everyone

Friday, April 13, 2007


Fancy a day out - by the sea?
The Alnwick Harriers "Coastal Run" is being held on Sunday 15th July.
We want to get as many club runners as possible to do this race (details here). It's a 14 mile race so there's no excuses, we know everyone is capable.
It's proposed that we get a coach to take us (and supporters - "'mon Dunbar") from Dunbar to the race and then afterwards stop somewhere for food and a shandy or two.
Let either Anne, Ian R or Stuart know if you are interested.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, that went well....

The sunny weather on Easter Saturday encouraged record numbers to take
part in the annual Belhaven Best Dunbar Boundary Race. The 10K race
started and finished at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre, where many of
those taking part enjoyed refreshments after the event.

The winner, Paul Arcari of Kilbarchan, completed the course in a time
of 32:32, with Stephen Maniam of City of Edinburgh finishing in 33:23,
followed by Dave Wright of HBT in 33:27. The first lady was Kate
McKinnon of Carnegie in 38:44 with Debra Murray of City of Edinburgh
coming in second place on 39:55, with the unattached Helen Dougal
claiming third prize, as well as the prize for first female veteran.
Dunbar's Rhona Anderson took the 2nd veteran ladies trophy in 42:29.

Jeff Farquhar of Pitreavie took the male veteran trophy with a time of
34:29, with Carnethy's Stewart Whitle taking the 2nd in 34:53. Martin
Cladwell of Corstorphine took the male 50+ trophy and Duncan Archibald
of Pitreavie taking the 60+ in 38:18. Helen Sim of Carnegie took the
female 45+ trophy in 38:02 with Val Herring of Dunbar coming in 24
seconds behind to take the 55+ trophy. Ian Sills took the trophy for
first Dunbar runner in 35:54. Carnegie were awarded both the male and
female team trophies.

Several other Dunbar Club members also took part on the day, with
Karen Page (47:14) and Clarissa Berry (52:16) celebrating their return
to racing with a home run. Well done!

Race Director, Stuart Hay, thanked Belhaven Brewery for their
sponsorship. He also thanked all the marshals and officials and
Hallhill for the use of the facilities on the day.

A special thank you to Isabelle Taylor who took the role of official
photographer on the day.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Edinburh Forthside Half Marathon

The second Edinburgh Forthside Half Marathon took place on Sunday 1st
April attracting a number of runners from all over the UK, including
several runners from Dunbar Running Club, fielding thirteen athletes
on the day.

Ian Sills achieved a personal best time of 1:16:53, putting him in
27th place out of 2752 finishers. Ian Rowland came in with an
excellent time of 1:18:10, with Stuart Hay also achieving a personal
best time of 1:20:06, finishing in 45th place overall. Other Dunbar
runners included Steve Pattison, Anne Hay, Neil Teather, Mary Ennis,
Jamie Cherrie, Jenny Macfarlane, Lucy Martin, Theresa Leslie, Sharron
Callachan and Myra Johnstone. Steve, Neil, Mary, Jenny and Theresa
all also achieved personal bests on the day, with Lucy Martin
finishing in an impressive 1:53:18 in her first ever half marathon.

Well done everyone - just remember those times later on in the year
for the Festive Half!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There is a web based race time predictor doo-dah HERE
Thought it might be worth a try.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Congratulations...... Jennifer Goldie, who had a baby boy on Tuesday morning. Finlay
weighed in at 8lb 14oz. Best wishes to you all.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jog Scotland

Sheila Morrison is now acting as a Jog Leader and has a Jog Scotland
group who currently meet at Hallhill on a Tuesday night for 6:45 pm.
If anyone in the Dunbar area is interested, feel free to pop along or
contact Sheila on Dunbar 860575 for further information.


There will be a raffle again on the day of the Boundary Race -
Saturday 7th April. Amanda is organising this, so if anyone would
like to donate any prizes, just let Amanda know.

Thank You.

Looking for Volunteers.....

If anyone is is interested in marshaling at the Edinburgh Marathon on
27th May, would you please let Anne know.

Remember the route has changed again and comes into East Lothian!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Those of you who train while listening to music (never race!) may find this of interest.
Interesting that it doesn't rate jazz for running (explains a lot).

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Bored of a plain white vest with a crappy green stripe? Really want to stand out in the crowd at the start line?
How about an "official" Alf Tupper "You've had you chips" tee-shirt?
Details HERE
There's also a few Alf stories on there as well.
Please note: Dunbar Running Club regrets it can not enter into correspondence speculating on the similarity between Alf and elderly running club luminaries.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another PB for Theresa

Sunday the 11th saw the running of the 22nd Inverness Half Marathon, a
popular race attracting a large number of runners with 1150 completing
the course on the day.

Theresa Leslie achieved her second personal best in a week, after her
performance at the Lasswade 10 mile the previous Sunday, finishing the
course this time around with a time of 2:00:18. Now there's the
Forthside Half to look forward to!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


>From Bill Walker, Senior Scottish Coach

"10 Downing Street have approved our petition regarding the demolition
of Meadowbank for housing. Please attach your name to the petition and
ask all your email contacts and friends to sign it."

Website is:

Bill Walker

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Couple of PB's....

It was a busy weekend for some runners with the Scottish Athletics
National Masters Cross-Country Championships taking place at Bathgate
on Saturday and the Bupa Murrayfield Hospital Lasswade 10 mile road
race on Sunday.

At the Balbardie Park of Peace, the venue for the Masters, the ladies
race was won by Susan Finch of City of Glasgow, with Anne Hay of
Dunbar Running Club finishing in a respectable 27th place. In the
men's race there was a bit of inter-club competition between Ian Sills
and Ian Rowland, with Ian Sills managing to pull away on the final lap
to finish in 38th place overall in a time of 38:04 – 11 seconds ahead
of his club mate. Stuart Hay finished in 40:57, with Richard Taylor
finishing in 42:35. The Rev. Keith Mills of Dunbar also put in a good
effort to complete the tough course.

The Lasswade 10 mile the following day was a good course, slightly
changed from previous years, but still a challenging, somewhat hilly,
route. Ian Sills came in 11th overall with a time of 59:08, with
Stuart Hay finishing in 63:46, and Steve Pattison achieved a personal
best, finishing in 69:22. Anne Hay finished in 75:06, Mary Ennis in
81:05, Jenny MacFarlane in 89.42 and Theresa Leslie in 93:26 - all
also having fairly good runs with Theresa also achieving a personal
best for the distance. Well done everyone!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last of the Borders Series

The final race in the Borders Cross-Country Series took part on Sunday18th February at Norham in quite pleasant conditions. The course atNorham, while undergoing a change this year, was still somewhat challenging and is a particular favourite of a several Dunbar runners.

Dunbar fielded 14 runners in the junior event, with Alex Noble coming in 7th overall in a time of 11:55, Lewis Ross coming in 12th in12:41 and Bruce Lindsay not far behind in 13:05. Hamish Law, Cameron Law, Joanne Lindsay, Cory Smith, Lucy Hall, Rachael Lindsay, AndrewTaylor, Gemma Bolton, Katriona Proudfoot, Martin Sparksman and Isabelle Taylor added to a strong team on the day putting Dunbar in 3rd place overall.

In the senior race Ian Sills came in 5th, narrowly beating his teammate Ian Rowland by 7 seconds with a time of 26:43. Dunbar was well represented on the day with a number of runners taking part in the event.

The presentation of trophies and medals for the series took place inNorham village hall afterwards with Alex Noble taking first place forthe M13 category and several Dunbar juniors qualifying for medals including Bruce Lindsay, Hamish Law, Cameron Law, Gemma Bolton andMartin Sparksman, who took part in six out of the seven races, Joanne Lindsay, Cory Smith, Andrew Taylor, Katriona Proudfoot, IsabelleTaylor and Lewis Ross also received medals for completing four or more races in the series.

Ian Rowland took the trophy for 1st male in the 40-44 category as well as joint first from the organising clubs. Colin Menzies was 3rd male junior overall, with Anne Hay taking 3rd prize in the female 40-44 category.

All competitors joined in to thank the organisers on the day for an enjoyable end to the series.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last of the Borders Series

The final race in the Borders Cross-Country Series took part on Sunday
18th February at Norham in quite pleasant conditions. The course at
Norham, while undergoing a change this year, was still somewhat
challenging and is a particular favourite of a several Dunbar runners

Dunbar fielded 14 runners in the junior event, with Alex Noble coming
in 7th overall in a time of 11:55, with Lewis Ross coming in 12th in
12:41 and Bruce Lindsay not far behind in 13:05. Hamish Law, Cameron
Law, Joanne Lindsay, Cory Smith, Lucy Hall, Rachael Lindsay, Andrew
Taylor, Gemma Bolton, Katriona Proudfoot, Martin Sparksman and
Isabelle Taylor added to a strong team on the day putting Dunbar in
3rd place overall.

In the senior race Ian Sills came in 5th, narrowly beating his
teammate Ian Rowland by 7 seconds with a time of 26:43. Dunbar was
well represented on the day with a number of runners taking part in
the event.

The presentation of trophies and medals for the series took place in
Norham village hall afterwards with Alex Noble taking first place for
the M13 category and several Dunbar juniors qualifying for medals
including Bruce Lindsay, Hamish Law, Cameron Law, Gemma Bolton and
Martin Sparksman, who took part in six out of the seven races, Joanne
Lindsay, Cory Smith, Andrew Taylor, Katriona Proudfoot, Isabelle
Taylor and Lewis Ross also received medals for completing four or more
races in the series.

Ian Rowland took the trophy for 1st male in the 40-44 category as well
as joint first from the organising clubs. Colin Menzies was 3rd male
junior overall, with Anne Hay taking 3rd prize in the female 40-44

All competitors joined in to thank the organisers on the day for an
enjoyable end to the series.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Omni 6 [email protected] Edinburgh

Sweatshop are running a Promotion with Saucony for the launch of the
new Omni 6 running shoe.

Buy the Progrid Omni 6 at Sweatshop Edinburgh between Thursday 22nd
February and Sunday 25th February and get a year's supply of Saucony
technical running socks absolutely free.

For further details please contact Sweatshop direct on 0131-467-8740.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Ten Miles! That's Almost Enough For A Mars Bar"!

OK. Here's a site I thought I'd share..
It tells you how many calories you burn over a certain time doing certain things.
Type in your weight in pounds (no cheating), then type in the time you spend exercising. Hit the "show me" button.
Look in amazement at the calories used up (more the faster you run obviously).
Feel smug.
Sit back and have a big bun.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

National Cross-Country Championships

The Scottish Power Scottish National Cross-Country Championships took
place in Callendar Park, Falkirk on Saturday 10th February. The cold,
damp conditions did not deter record numbers taking part, including
athletes from Dunbar Running Club.

The senior women's race was won by Freya Murray of Edinburgh Southern
Harriers, defending the 8km Senior Women's title in 29:40, with the
unattached Catriona Morrison finishing in 29:55. Anne Hay, Mary Ennis
and Emma Taylor took part and finished the race in 37:54, 41:24 and
43:22 respectively.

The senior men's 12,000m attracted a quality field with 413 finishers.
Mark Pollard of Inverclyde AC led all the way, taking the £500 prize
money with a time of 38:45. Steve Pattison ran for Dunbar, finishing
in 58:05, on what was a deceptively tough course.

The next major events several runners are looking forward to are the
Scottish National Masters Cross Country Championships, taking place in
Bathgate on 3rd March, and the Lasswade 10 mile the following day.

Friday, February 09, 2007

You Know You're A Runner When..................

-you wear a black, plastic sports watch with your dress clothes.

- you can remember a time from a race 4 years ago, but you can't
remember your friend's birthdays.

-Your heart rate is below 50 and you are not dying.

-You know how many grams of carbs there are in a banana.

-You can name a person from Namibia, Djibouti and Zimbabwe.

-you are embarrassed to wear sandals because of your hideous sock tan.

- you are not embarrassed to show someone where your hamstring "really" hurts.

-you have hundreds of safety pins scattered around your house

-you enjoy running in the rain

-you double knot all your shoes out of habit

-you have a watch tan that never goes away

-you feel naked without your stop-watch on

-when pasta is the only food you'll eat two nights before a race

-when you try to convince people to run a 5k because it's "only" 3 miles

-when your friends think they need to practice more before they can run with you

-You shower about 12 times a week

-Your tan line is just above your ankles

-your toenails are black.

-your shoes have more miles on them than your car does.

-people say, "You run three once?"

-all your socks are either stained or torn.

-you can spit while running.

-you go to a golf course to run.

-you finish the race looking like you wrestled a bear and you don't care.

-your temper is shorter that the distance that you ran.

-you combine phrases like "10 mile run" and "Easy Run" in the same breath.

-you can eat your weight in spaghetti.

-your highest heels are your training shoes.

-you debate the advantages of anti-perspirant vs. deodorant.

-you spend more on training clothes than school clothes.

-your Christmas list includes more than one pair of running shoes.

-your chest is as flat as your back.

-you feel lost without your water-bottle.

-you can see your ribs through your shirt.

-you enjoy running hills.

-you see a skinny person on the street and immediately look at their shoes.

-you meet an old teammate and can't remember their name but remember
their mile time.

-your favorite food group is carbohydrates.

-you are always hungry.

-your weekends are shot.

-you can sharpen an axe blade on your calves.

-you can count all your ribs.

-you own spandex in more than 1 color.

-your running tights are baggy

-"Chariots of Fire" is actually entertaining to you.

-your watch is more expensive and complicated than your car.

-Runner's World provides more pin-ups than Playboy

-you know as many kinds of pain as Eskimos have words for snow.

-you don't know what an "off-season" means.

-you have stress fractures.

-you find yourself saying, "it's not really a hill..."

-while everyone is sleeping you are up running, and while everyone is
awake you are sleeping

-you have 3% or less body fat

-there's nothing like intervals to start the week off fresh!!

-more than half the people you know don't know what X-C is

-you can't go a day without some little brat saying run forest run

-you wear skimpier clothes than Madonna

-you always win in your sleep but never in a real race

-a 12 mile run is an easy day.

(With thanks to Runners World)