Friday, September 29, 2006

Winter Cross-Country Series

It's getting to that time of year again - off the road and into the
thick of it. A great way to spend a few Sundays over the winter.

There is a price rise this year, but for seven races £10 for seniors
and £5 for juniors is still a bargain (this reduces to £5 and £3 for
any entries after round 4). The race categories and prizes are still
the same - remember you need to compete in four races out of the
series to qualify for a horse-brass/trophy (best 5 for a team prize).

Dates as follows (will confirm the two provisional dates in due course):

5th November 2006 - Lauder
19th November 2006 - Dunbar
3rd December 2006 - Peebles (provisional)
17th December 2006 - Galashiels (provisional)
7th January 2007 - Berwick
28th January 2007 - Wooler
18th February 2007 - Norham

Races start at 11:30 for juniors and 12:00 for the senior races.
Registration is from 10:00 am for the first race, 10:30 am thereafter.
Norham are happy to host the prize-giving again - there's always soup,
tea and biscuits laid on in the village hall which is very much
appreciated by everyone.

Anyone who hasn't taken part in this before should give it a go - a
very nice series of races to participate in (nice locations, nice
friendly folk and nice distances). To be recommended!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tesco Vouchers

Tesco will be running their Sport for Schools and Clubs voucher scheme
again from 11th September to 5th November. Last time around we
collected a reasonable number of vouchers and were able to get a few
items for the junior section. If you would be happy to collect
vouchers for the club, it would be much appreciated.

Anne will be collecting

A Raffle

Amanda is happy to organise a raffle again on the day of the British
Energy 10 mile (7th October). So if anyone would like to contribute
something to this, it would be much appreciated. Just bring your
contribution along on the day and see Amanda.