Friday, December 22, 2006


The club has recieved an email about this fun sounding event.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Enjoy your running over the Festive period and here's hoping that
Santa brings plenty of good sports gear and some nice gadgets (for
those that like their toys).

See you on the 9th of January (unless you're at the Black Bun Run on Hogmanay).

More Cross-Country Races

Two more of the Borders Series of Cross-Country races have taken place
recently, with a number of East Lothian runners braving the conditions
to take part.

The event at Hay Lodge Park, Peebles on Sunday 3rd December took place
in heavy rain, with the 50 junior competitors and the 110 seniors
negotiating their way over some very soggy ground on a partially
flooded course. In the junior race, Bruce Lindsay of Dunbar led the
way for his club coming in 13th with a time of 11:15, followed fairly
closely by his team mate Cameron Law in 11:19. Hamish Law, Harry
Steele, Joanne Lindsay, Elliot Mullen, Martin Sparksman, Katriona
Proudfoot, Gemma Bolton and Isabelle Taylor also put in excellent
runs. In the senior race, Ian Rowland came in 6th overall, with club
mates Colin Menzies, Richard Taylor, Grant Noble and Anne Hay also
putting in a good effort on the day.

The event at Galashiels on Sunday 17th was sunny and cold with very
muddy conditions after all the recent rain. In the junior race, Alex
Noble of Dunbar came in 12th out of 49 competitors, with Bruce Lindsay
not far behind in 14th place. Team mates Cameron Law, Hamish Law,
Andrew Taylor, Cory Smith, Martin Sparksman and Katriona Proudfoot all
again had excellent runs. In the senior race Dunbar's Ian Rowland
came in 4th out of 121 runners in a time of 26:48, with Colin Menzies,
Ian Sills, Grant Noble, Anne Hay and Neil Teather all having good runs
on the day.

All the runners are looking forward to the next round of the series
which takes place in Berwick on 7th January.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Appended below, for your perusal and your pleasure are the results of this years "Festive Half".
Many thanks go to, all those who took part, those who helped and even those who simply tooted their car horns at the nutters in Santa hats (or indeed Santa costumes)
Runner Club Distance Handicap Start Time Finish Time Time
Vicky Wilson HELP Half 02:00:00 10:00:00 11:57:59 01:57:59
George Armstrong HELP Half 02:00:00 10:00:00 11:58:07 01:58:07
Ruth Watson HELP Half 02:00:00 10:00:00 11:58:09 01:58:09
Grant Dunbar Half 01:26:00 10:34:00 11:59:14 01:25:14
Frank McPartland HELP Half 01:35:00 10:25:00 12:00:26 01:35:26
Sandy Wallace HELP Half 01:30:00 10:30:00 12:00:30 01:30:30
Ian Sills Dunbar Half 01:23:30 10:36:30 12:00:52 01:24:22
Finlay Smith HELP Half 01:35:00 10:25:00 12:01:26 01:36:26
Fay Dunbar Half 02:05:00 09:55:00 12:02:41 02:07:41
Val Dunbar Half 02:05:00 09:55:00 12:04:09 02:09:09
Brian Carr HELP Half 01:37:00 10:23:00 12:05:57 01:42:57
Ian Rowland Dunbar Half 01:22:00 10:38:00 12:07:20 01:29:20
Hannah Dunbar Half 01:45:00 10:15:00 12:07:53 01:52:53
Anne Hay Dunbar Half 01:45:00 10:15:00 12:08:02 01:53:02
Paddy McDonald HELP Half 01:37:00 10:23:00 12:11:44 01:48:44
Neil Dunbar Half 01:45:00 10:15:00 12:12:13 01:57:13
Therresa Dunbar Half 02:05:00 09:55:00 12:18:17 02:23:17
Fiona Dunbar Half 02:05:00 09:55:00 12:18:17 02:23:17
Colin Menzies HELP 10K 00:45:00 11:15:00 11:55:10 00:40:10
Rona Starr Dunbar 10K 01:15:00 10:45:00 11:57:14 01:12:14
Gordon Eadie Musselburgh 10K 00:48:00 11:12:00 12:00:39 00:48:39
Pete Younger 10K 00:50:00 11:10:00 12:01:54 00:51:54
Emily Black HELP 10K 00:52:00 11:08:00 12:02:19 00:54:19
Amanda Dunbar 10K 00:55:00 11:05:00 12:03:59 00:58:59
Lucy Dunbar 10K 00:55:00 11:05:00 12:04:16 00:59:16
Sheila M Dunbar 10K 00:55:00 11:05:00 12:04:35 00:59:35
Shirley Lawson 10K 00:50:00 11:10:00 12:06:45 00:56:45
John Duguid 10K 00:50:00 11:10:00 12:06:45 00:56:45
Roy Menzies HELP 10K 00:52:30 11:07:30 12:08:14 01:00:44
Mary Ennis Dunbar 10K 00:48:00 11:12:00 12:11:44 00:59:44
Steve Pattison Dunbar 10K 00:42:00 11:18:00 12:11:44 00:53:44

Thursday, November 23, 2006


A reminder about tonights event:

Ray Head, Dip PT I.I.S.T

Ray, Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, will be visiting
Hallhill on Thursday 23rd November 2006 at 8:00 pm to give taster
sessions in Sports Massage Therapy.

What is Sports Massage Therapy?
"The scientific manipulation of soft tissue for injury prevention and
therapeutic purposes, involving the restoration to normal functional
activity of the various structures of the body".

So if you have any sore bits that need a good rub, then please come
along to the main hall.

Ray will also do a question and answer session and will be able to
give guidance on stretches and exercises to help with rehabilitation.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Cross Country Runners.....

Apologies for missing out four more juniors who did excellent runs on
Sunday - Bruce Lindsay came in 18th with a time of 16:04, Joanne
Lindsay in 18:06, Rachel Lindsay pretty close behind in 18:28,
followed by Rhys Demianczuk in 18:39. Well done!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Sunday saw the second race of the Borders Cross-Country series, which
was hosted by Dunbar Running Club.

While it was a cold start to the day, the weather remained fine for
the runners taking part in the event which was run over a new course
this year, taking in part of John Muir Country Park

Dunbar was well represented in the junior race, which was won by
Lindsay Gordon of Lasswade in 13:11, followed by Alice Haining of
Galashiels in 13:22 and Jack McWilliams of Wooler in 13:56. Alice and
Jack were also first in their respective categories. Toby Sherwood
led the Dunbar contingent, coming in 7th place in a time of 14:26,
followed by Alex Noble in 14:58 in his second race of the series.
Hamish and Cameron Law again had a close finish, with five seconds
between them, finishing in 16:05 and 16:10 respectively. Harry Steele
had another good run in the series, followed by club mates Elliot
Mullen, Lewis Ross, Haley Whyte, Andrew Taylor, Martin Sparksman, Cory
Smith, Liam Dunn, Gemma Bolton, who also put in a good second round
run, Katriona Proudfoot, Kayleigh Johnston and Isabelle Taylor.

The senior race was won by Matt Bell of City of Edinburgh in 27:28,
with Brian Marshall of HELP just one second behind and Darrell Hastie
of Teviot in third place. Colin Menzies performed well for Dunbar
coming in 11th in a time of 29:40, with Richard Taylor putting in a
good run along with Neil Teather, in his first run for the club and
Hannah Stevens. Local club HELP were strongly represented on the
course, fielding fourteen runners in all. Everyone is looking forward
to the next run in the series which takes place in Peebles on 3rd

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sports Massage Therapy - Thursday 23rd November

Ray Head, Dip PT T.I.S.T will be visiting Hallhill on Thursday 23rd at
8:00 pm to give taster sessions in Sports Massage Therapy and will
also do a question and answer session.

This will take place in the main hall and entry will be £1.
Refreshments will also be available (will need a rough idea of numbers

Contact details for Ray are:
Tel 0131 315 3409/0774 674 2066
email [email protected]

Thursday, November 16, 2006

From Sandy......


Twenty one members and guests took part in the annual 9mile run over
the Lammermuir Hills on a bright blustery day. Results were as follows

1 Brian Marshall 58:48 1st Male
2 Ian Rowland 60:07 1st Guest
3 Ian Sills 61:06 1st Male Vet
4 Alan Proudfoot 64:41
5 Sandy Wallace 65:03 1st Male Supervet
6 Eddie Balfour 66:30
7 Finlay Smith 68:09
8 Frank McPartland 70:20
9 Krish Bissoonauth 71:14
10 Brian Carr 72:24
11 Ali Black 74:39 Guest
12 Ian Murphy 74:49
13 Paddy Macdonald 82:56
14 Ruth Watson 83:47 1st Lady
15 Anne Hay 89:54 Guest
16 Fiona 107:46 Guest
17 E Judith Donaldson 92:23 1st Lady Vet
17 E George Armstrong 92:23
19 Val Herring 107:57 Guest
20 E Sheila Morrison 109:45 Guest
20 E Theresa Leslie 109:45 Guest

Everybody enjoyed the run and then retired to the Goblin Ha' for food
and drink and prize giving. Thanks were given to Ray Harris for
timekeeping and to Joe Forte for setting out flags and marshalling.

Monday, November 06, 2006

First Cross-Country at Lauder

The cross-country season started for local runners with the first of
the Borders series taking place at Lauder on Sunday.

The strong winds made the conditions fairly tough along a course which
follows part of the Southern Upland Way and took the runners over some
fairly steep and muddy terrain.

The junior section of Dunbar Running Club were represented by Alex
Noble, who came 5th overall, with a time of 12:11. Hamish Law and
Cameron Law were only three seconds apart, with Harry Steele and Gemma
Bolton both putting in an excellent run.

The senior race attracted record numbers for this event with Ian
Rowland of Dunbar coming 7th in 28:20 with Ian Sills finishing in
29:52. Colin Menzies, Grant Noble and Stuart Hay battled for
position, finishing very closely in 30:24, 30:35 and 30:37
respectively. Club mates Anne Hay and Amanda Thornton also completed
the course, along with Sandy Wallace of HELP in 31:26 followed by
club mate Alan Proudfoot in 32:46. HELP were well represented,
fielding a team of a dozen on the day, with the women being led in by
Ruth Watson in 39:04. Julie Aitken, having a good run for Jog
Scotland, completed a strong East Lothian contingent on the day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well, you kept that one quiet..........

A big "well done" to Sheila Morrison on her time of 4:35 in the Dublin
Marathon on Monday.

What most of us never knew about was that Theresa Leslie also went
along for the trip and never let on she was intending to make her
debut at the distance. So a big "CONGRATULATIONS" to Theresa, coming
in with a time of 4:44. Great stuff!

Also other congratulations to three members who achieved PB's in the
Jedburgh Half Marathon on Sunday - Richard Taylor in 1:28 (finally
getting through the 1:30 barrier), Emma Taylor in 1:47 (definitely
been getting faster in training) and Fay Stanton in 1:58. Fay cut an
incredible 19 minutes off her time for Jedburgh last year, so that
deserves another celebration. Well done Fay!

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Nice Sunday Run (or two)

From Sandy Wallace of HELP : Sunday 12 November 2006 at 10.30 am is
the Goats Gallop at Long Yester. The club's annual easy 9 mile run
over the Lammermuirs, followed by a shower and lunch at the Goblin
Ha'. Not to be taken too seriously but with prizes, if you do. Dunbar
and Musselburgh are invited to come along to this social event. Let
us know who is interested.

Sunday 10th December 2006 is Dunbar's Festive Half Marathon and 10K.
Remember this is a handicapped run (again, not to be taken too
seriously), with the intention that everyone finish round about 12:00
noon. There will be soup and sandwiches after at Hallhill. HELP and
Musselburgh are invited to take part and fancy dress is optional.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A message from Sweatshop

Hi there,

My name is Mark Johnstone and I have recently taken over as Branch Manager
at Sweatshop Edinburgh. Stewart Kerr has also recently joined the company
as Assistant Manager.

Sweatshop is one of Britain's largest specialist running retailers and our
branch is based in Next Generation Health Club at Newhaven Harbour, Leith,
EH6 4LX. We have a large free car park directly outside the store. You
can view our webpage at and the store locater option
will take you to the Edinburgh store's page.

Since taking over we have introduced new lines in our shoes, running apparel
and accessories. Our services instore include Adidas footscan gait analysis
and a treadmill to try out our range of shoes. We also stock a full range
of Phiten products.

I would like to offer you and your club members a 15% discount on any initial
purchase at the Edinburgh store (excluding sale items). If we do not stock
a particular item required we will be happy to order it for you from one
of our other stores in the UK or direct from the manufacturer.

We also have a mailing list that allows us to let you know when we are running
promotions and if any of your members would like to be added to this please
ask them to send me their email address and a note of any particular range
or brand they are interested in.

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] or
[email protected] or call us on 0131-467-8740.

Best Regards

Mark Johnstone
Branch Manager

Wednesday, October 18, 2006



As an experienced athletics coach I am currently undertaking my Level
4 UK XL Coaching Qualifications in both athletic development and
I am looking for up to SIX , minimum THREE, athletes who would like to
improve their performance over the next year.

Also I am the Course Director for the 2007 Edinburgh Marathon (27th
May 2007) and have redesigned the course to provide a potentially very
flat fast course that could give anyone the chance to obtain a PB with
the right coaching and training. The course will start in Edinburgh
taking in the Capital sight and then go into the lovely East Lothian
countryside including circumnavigating the beautiful Gosford House
before coming back and finishing at Musselburgh Race Course.

Ideally I would like to help TWO Senior athletes, under 40 years and
who are aiming at a time of under 2hrs 30mins; TWO veteran athletes
who are aiming at breaking 3hrs or faster and TWO athletes that are
looking to improve their time to under 4 hours. I would like a mix of
men and women and will provide a detailed coaching and training
schedule based on their realistic expectations and assessment. The
programme would start about mid November thus allowing for a full six
months of preparation.

If you are interested in being considered for taking up the CHALLENGE
please contact me by the end of October on my telephone or by e-mail
[email protected] and we can arrange an initial
discussion and possible meeting.

I hope I can help you achieve your goals for 2007 and in turn you will
help me achieve mine.

Best Wishes.


0131 653 2547 Mob. 07960 039136

Friday, September 29, 2006

Winter Cross-Country Series

It's getting to that time of year again - off the road and into the
thick of it. A great way to spend a few Sundays over the winter.

There is a price rise this year, but for seven races £10 for seniors
and £5 for juniors is still a bargain (this reduces to £5 and £3 for
any entries after round 4). The race categories and prizes are still
the same - remember you need to compete in four races out of the
series to qualify for a horse-brass/trophy (best 5 for a team prize).

Dates as follows (will confirm the two provisional dates in due course):

5th November 2006 - Lauder
19th November 2006 - Dunbar
3rd December 2006 - Peebles (provisional)
17th December 2006 - Galashiels (provisional)
7th January 2007 - Berwick
28th January 2007 - Wooler
18th February 2007 - Norham

Races start at 11:30 for juniors and 12:00 for the senior races.
Registration is from 10:00 am for the first race, 10:30 am thereafter.
Norham are happy to host the prize-giving again - there's always soup,
tea and biscuits laid on in the village hall which is very much
appreciated by everyone.

Anyone who hasn't taken part in this before should give it a go - a
very nice series of races to participate in (nice locations, nice
friendly folk and nice distances). To be recommended!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tesco Vouchers

Tesco will be running their Sport for Schools and Clubs voucher scheme
again from 11th September to 5th November. Last time around we
collected a reasonable number of vouchers and were able to get a few
items for the junior section. If you would be happy to collect
vouchers for the club, it would be much appreciated.

Anne will be collecting

A Raffle

Amanda is happy to organise a raffle again on the day of the British
Energy 10 mile (7th October). So if anyone would like to contribute
something to this, it would be much appreciated. Just bring your
contribution along on the day and see Amanda.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

  Ian Rowland completed the Strathaven 50 mile ultra race in 7 hours
24.08 on a blustery day in South Lanarkshire. After a steady first 25 in
3hours 21 minutes he had to work hard to overcome a couple of climbs
and the headwind in the next section but recovered to run the last mile
in 7.33 to complete his first race over the distance.
  The full set of results are at

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Lammermuir Circuit

Saturday 16th September is the day for the Lammermuir Circuit.

This year, as well as the 10K, the half marathon and the 20 miles,
there is a 35-miler for those feeling brave enough. Remember, this is
not a race (some people prefer to make their distance a walk or
perhaps a cycle) but an event to be enjoyed. The intention is to be
back at Hallhill for around 12:00 noon and soup and sandwiches will be
provided a bit later.

Let Anne know if you are going to be there to give some idea of
numbers. Hopefully, as with previous years, the weather will stay

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Even More Congratulations.

Great news from Clarissa last night - Holly Shotton arrived at 01:49
yesterday weighing in at 8lb 1oz. So a big "Congratulations" from
everyone at the club to Clarissa and Gordon. Hope to see you

Friday, July 14, 2006

More Congratulations!

More baby news - this time from HELP. John James made an early
arrival on Monday, so our congratulations to Sandy and Claire from all
your friends at Dunbar.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Newest Member?

Congratulations to Karen and John on the recent arrival of Aidan Alexander Page and best wishes from everyone in the running club.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Getting In a Few Runs.....

The recent report in The East Lothian Courier:
Members of Dunbar Running Club have had a busy month as the road-racing season is well underway.
Ian Rowland, Stuart Hay and Anne Hay took part in the London Marathon on 23rd April with Stuart Hay achieving a personal best time of 3:07:56, knocking over seven minutes of his previous best, demonstrating that the extra training in recent months has paid off. Ian finished in 2:56:28 and Anne in 3:37:35. Other local runners taking part on the day were Malcolm Quinn of HELP (4:32:17) and Lucy-Anne Bonete of Musselburgh and District AC.

On the same day, Ross Combe of Dunbar achieved a very credible time of 3:54:14 in the Lochaber Marathon. Sheila Morrison completed the 40th Round the Houses 10K in Grangemouth in a satisfying 53:10, with Theresa Leslie also having a good race in 55:39. Sheila also achieved 58:45 in one of her favourite races the Balmoral Tartan 10K a week later.

Anne Hay, along with several runners from HELP and also Donald Deans from Musselburgh, took part in the Edinburgh to North Berwick Road Race, finishing in a time of 3:06:34. Club mate Lindsay Brown competed in the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run the following day, completing the 10K course in less than favourable weather conditions in a time of 56:31.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dunbar Civic Week Parade

If anyone would like to offer their services to act as stewards at the Dunbar Civic Week Parade, would you contact Moira Winning on 01368 865859.  This will take place on 17th June commencing at 1:00 pm.   The proposed route is Lauderdale Park, Dunbar High Street, West Port, Countess Crescent and Dunbar Primary School. 

Saturday, March 25, 2006


News just in from Portugal.
Lauren has won GOLD [what else?] in the 6km junior women's race of the European Cross Country Championships for deaf athelets, in a time of 22:23 (a full minute ahead of the next runner!)

Deatils can be found at

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hi there, just a quick one to say how it went. I "did the job" in 2.59 which you may know as I believe the results went out live. I didn't get many splits but ran the first mile in 6.20(downhill) and the last in 7.15 (uphill and tough). However it never crossed my mind that I might get slightly sunburnt. Legs are not to bad today as there is a really good massage afterwards and everyone is really helpful.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

From Scottish Athletics ...

FORMER WORLD AND COMMONWEALTH 10,000M GOLD MEDALLIST Liz McColgan officially launched the Liz McColgan Bank of Scotland Endurance Squad on Tuesday 10 January 2006.

The 15-strong squad, which is supported by Bank of Scotland, consists of athletes aged 15-18 who have been specially identified by Liz as having the potential to succeed at the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2014 Commonwealth Games, for which Glasgow are bidding.

The squad members and their coaches will meet around four times a year to share ideas on training and competition whilst also have the opportunity to tap into the expertise of Liz McColgan, who as well as numerous track titles also won the London, New York and Tokyo Marathons in a glittering athletics career.

The first squad gathering will take place at the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow on Sunday 15 January and will also see the presence of 5000m runner Jo Pavey, one of Great Britain’s biggest hopes for medal glory at the Commonwealth Games and European Championships in 2006.

Liz McColgan said: “All of the members of the squad have shown something that marks them out as athletes of real potential and I hope I will be able to help them realize their dreams in the sport. This is not about coaching, that is for their personal coaches, but I want to be able to share my experience and knowledge from my years as an international athlete.

“I understand many of the problems and difficulties that young athletes can encounter and I want members of the squad and their coaches to feel they can turn to me for advice where needed.”

Karen Tighe, Sponsorship Manager, Bank of Scotland said: “The Bank is committed to supporting the development of athletics in Scotland and we are delighted to support the new Liz McColgan Endurance Squad, complementing our support of the Bank of Scotland Talented Young Athlete Programme.

“We wish all those athletes selected for the Liz McColgan Bank of Scotland Endurance Squad all the best for the forthcoming season.”



Silver medallist in 3000m at 2005 Bank of Scotland under 20 Championships

Winner of the women’s U17 title in the prestigious 2004/05 Reebok Cross Country series. Bank of Scotland under 17 champion over 3000m.

Double 2005 Scottish Schools Champion over 800m, 1500m. 800m bronze medallist at 2004 AAAs U17 Championships indoors and outdoors. 800m winner at 2005 Celtic Games.

Triple Scottish Schools silver medallist in 2005 in 800m, 1500m, cross country.

Bank of Scotland under 20 Champion over 3000m.

Bronze medallist in 3000m at 2005 Bank of Scotland under 17 Championships

2005 Bank of Scotland under 20 Indoor Championship 800m gold medallist.

Silver medallist in 3000m at 2005 Bank of Scotland under 17 Championships

Winner of under 13s race at 2004 Inter-Counties Cross Country Championship. 1500m bronze medallist at 2004 AAAs under 15 Championships. 2005 Bank of Scotland under 15 800m champion.

Fifth in under 15 girls class in 2004/05 Reebok Cross Challenge Series. Ranked Scottish no1 in under 15 3000m in 2005.

2005 Bank of Scotland under 17 Championship 800m bronze medallist. 2005 Bank of Scotland under 17 Indoor Championship 800m silver medallist.

2005 Bank of Scotland under 15 champion over 1500m.

Second overall in under 15 class in prestigious 2003/04 Reebok Cross Challenge Series.

800m gold and 1500m silver at 2005 Deaflympics. 1500m runner-up at 2005 Celtic Games. Top of 2005 Scottish under 17 rankings for 1500m.

UK under 15 record-holder 800m indoors. Gold medallist at 2004 AAAs under 15 Championships indoors and outdoors.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Black Bun Run

Eighteen runners completed the Black Bun Run on Old Year's Night - a very good turn out.  Thanks to everyone who came down to help out and give their support on the night.  A special "well done" to Alex and Finn.  Hope you enjoyed the (late) Christmas pudding Alex.

Grant Noble                 8:10

Ian Rowland                 8:12   

Ian Sills                        8:23

Richard Taylor             9:03

Stuart Hay                    9:06

Graeme Watt                9:08   

Alex Noble                   9:43

Pete Younger               9:54

Frank Weissgerber      10:05

Anne Hay                     10:12

Emma Taylor                11:39

Theresa Leslie               12:07

Mark James                 12:10

Finn Porren                  12:10

Fay Stanton                  12:34

Val Herring                   12:35

Sheila Morrison            12:36

Rona Starr                    17:18  


Happy New Year everyone!