Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Back!

Yes, the 5K handicap will resume this coming Thursday (6th October) and will take place the first Thursday of every month from now on.  So, if you want to have a shot at the trophy, come along and give it a go. Tam is the defending champion and has been polishing the trophy for a number of months, so he's not going to give it up without a fight!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


The club is hoping to produce an "End Of Year Review" that shall be published in "hard copy" for the Luddites among us. You know who you are - and anyway, given that you don't use the Internet I can say what I want!!
Anyway we need stories reports and anecdotes, even just a list of races you have done!
 The plan is to split it into the twelve months. So, if you did anything that you think others might like to know about/reminded about drop a couple of lines to [email protected] .
Please try to keep articles at least remotely running related. Otherwise we could end up with a report that says:
January: Joe sighted near Hallhill. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
February: Cross country ended. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
March: Stuart and Frank upset when Stella ran out in Hallhill bar. Floors at .... etc. etc.
Also to help make this exciting publication, er ... exciting, we need pictures! If you have any photos you think might accompany your entry. If you don't have digital photos that's OK we can scan them. If you don't have photos at all then draw something. Seriously.
This "review" will be as irreverent as you want it to be but its down to you ... no input - no review.

Update from Scottish Athletics

Some feedback from the AGM:  One of the issues that has arisen out of the Foster Review (the need for change in athletics in the UK by Sir Andrew Foster ) is finance and, if the Foster process can be kept on track, it could mean Scotland receiving a six figure sum for the next four years.  As much of Scottish Athletics current turnover is ring-fenced, changes in funding could provide other areas for investment.  Some potential areas under consideration are :
  • A bursary/scholarship fund to enable officials and coaches to take the next level of qualification to be reimbursed all fees and expenses (provided they are endorse by a club).
  • Local authorities to receive top-up funding to recruit two athletics development officers.
  • For coaches of international athletes (not covered by lottery or SIS funding) to be funded for their travel, with their athletes, to major events.
  • Funding to support a national coach/manager for Disability Sport.
  • Piloting of new formats for competition to determine whether event-specific or graded formats will work in club based competition.
  • Free uniforms for officials - new Hi-Tec contract will help with this.
  • Chip timing apparatus to lease out to local road races that would otherwise not be able to afford the full commercial rate for such a service.
Long Term Athlete Development
Major new initiative which will be covered at the Coaches Conference 19/20th November.  Article in this month's PB by Andy Vince (read it, discuss it and feedback to Andy).

Membership Fees

Yes, folks!  It's getting to that time of year again.  October is the month for the renewal of membership which remains at £25 for the year.  The membership secretary should be issuing forms soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


TESCO have a voucher offer-deal-campaign type thingy on at the moment.For details go to
The bottom line is the more vouchers a club can collect the more equipment they can get FREE with them.
The club is collecting these vouchers to get equipment for the junior section.
If you have any vouchers please give them to Anne Hay who is collecting them.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Lauderdale Limpers are holding their "Thirlestane Castle Run" on the 9th October.
This is a 5 mile Multi Terrain race through "the majestic grounds of one of Scotland's oldest inhabited houses".
It's a great precursor to the cross country season.
Entry forms will be on the notice board soon.
However, if you are on "t'internet" (which you must be or you wouldn't be reading this) if you email Stuart at [email protected] he will forward one to you.
It's a really good course - but don't lean against the fences when you finish. They're electric!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Six Dunbar runners went to Glasgow at the weekend to take part in the Great Scottish Run events.
Theresa Leslie was first off the blocks at 9:30 and, despite the heat, recorded a personal best time in the 10K event of 54:05.
An hour later five other's lined up for the half marathon event.
Ian Sill's was the first Dunbar runner with a time of 1:22:09 followed by Ian Rowland in 1:23:05.
Stuart set a personal best with a time of 1:26:18.
Anne got 1:38:47 and Fay set a time of 2:31:21.