Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Festive Half and 10 K

This took place on Sunday 11th and it was great to see so many people at Hallhill - a big thanks to everyone who took part - that's not just the runners, but everyone who helped out and gave their support, all of which made it a good event.

Special thanks to Santa and Mrs Claus for taking part (Steve and Mary, the costumes were brilliant).

First male and female over the line in the Half Marathon were Ian Rowland and Judith Donaldson, in the 10K Colin Menzies was first male over the line with Sheila Kerr, Lindsay Brown and Val Herring making it a group finish for the ladies. Well done!







Sheila Morrison




Theresa Leslie




Judith Donaldson




Ray Harris




Anne Hay




Sandy Wallace




Paddy McDonald




Brian Carr




Frank McPartland




Alan Proudfoot




Eddie Balfour




Grant Noble




Mark James




Ian Rowland




Ian Sills





Rona Starr




Fay Stanton




Sheila Kerr




Lindsay Brown




Matty Smith




Val Herring




Shirley Lawson




John Duguid




Roy Menzies




Lisa Menzies




Mary Ennis




Dixie Deans




Pete Younger




Gordon Eadie




Finlay Smith




Steve Pattison




Colin Menzies




Tuesday, November 29, 2005


From our special corespondent:
"Junior athletes from Dunbar Running Club Joined their Senior team mates on Sunday 20th November for the first Cross Country race of the 2005/06 Borders District Cross Country Series. A warm welcome from the hosts, Wooler Running Club was in stark contrast with the bright but cold conditions facing all athletes. Junior runners started their race half an hour before the Seniors completing one full lap of a testing course. Athletes started with a short but fast downhill sprint before turning back on themselves to commence a gruelling climb through a disused quarry then onto the open fell before a long, flying dash to the finishing tape. Loren Smedley continued were she left off from last season by finishing in 6th place overall and 2nd in her age group. Alex Noble showed his father, Grant Noble a senior runner with Dunbar, the way by finishing one place behind Loren and 2nd in his category. Anna Dobson was 4th in her age group with Nicola Craig a couple of places behind taking 21st place overall and 5th female 12/13 year old. Isabelle Taylor, in her very first race in a Dunbar vest, celebrated her ninth birthday by finishing the course in first place in her age group and like Alex showed her dad just what it's like to compete at the sharp end.

The next round is on home soil for Dunbar. Athletes will be spending Sunday 18th December racing along White Sands beach and around Barns Ness Lighthouse. "

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Gentle Run.....

HELP have extended an invitation to Dunbar to take part in the "Goats Gallup" on Sunday 4th December.
This starts from Long Yester Farm cottages and is a 10 mile fun run over Lammer Law.  Afterwards you could go to the Goblin Ha' for a shower and bar lunch (beer optional).  For those of you who think that any run that goes "over" anything can't be described as "fun", give it a go - you might just change your mind!
Let Stuart or Anne know if you are going along so we can give HELP an idea of numbers.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Cross-Country Series

The race hosted by Moorfoot on 26th February will be at Hay Lodge Park just west of Peebles.  Have a look at the website for location maps of the various venues   Remember the first one is just over a week away.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Wet One!

Good to see so many people braved the pouring rain on Sunday to compete in the Simply Scottish Jedburgh Half Marathon.  The wearing of flippers and a snorkel was obligatory (might have helped some of us).  Well done everyone (a particular "well done" to Clarissa on her fist half-marathon).



Ian Sills




Ian Rowland




Stuart Hay




Richard Taylor




Anne Hay




Frank Weissgerber




Clarissa Berry




Sheila Morrison




Theresa Leslie




Fay Stanton


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's a Date!!!

The race at Wooler has been confirmed as 20th November.  Same course as last year at Doddington with registration at the golf club. Now if Harry can just guarantee the weather.......
Another date for your diaries.  The Festive Half (and 10K) will take place on Sunday 11th December 2005.  Everyone will be asked for their best times over the last year for the distance in due course, so the start times can be worked out.  Will be the usual 12:00 finish with refreshments at Hallhill.

Friday, October 21, 2005

X-Country Series

Dates for the Cross-Country Series are:
Wooller                   20/27th November 2005 (date will be finalised in the next week)
Dunbar                    18th December
Galashiels               8th January 2006
Berwick                   22nd January
Lauder                     12th February
Moorfoot                  26th February
Norham                   19th March
You will notice the inclusion of Moorfoot as a hosting club - they will come back to us with details of the course in Peebles.  The price for the races remains unchanged (£6 for a potential 7 races - a bigger bargain than anyone will get in the January sales!)  Individuals will still only need to complete four of the races to qualify for a medal or for the chance of a trophy.  16/17 year olds will be able to compete as a junior or a senior but not both.
The series has been re-named as the Borders Winter X-Country Series.
So chip last years mud off those cross-country shoes, brush them over and give it a go!


Scientists, or "boffins" as they prefer to be known, have concluded, after spending wadges of cash, that music aids sports performance and training. Well Duuhhh!!
From today's Scotsman:

LISTENING to the right kind of music can improve your sporting performance by as much as 20 per cent, according to scientists.

Just as specific songs can stir memories that make couples reminisce and feel romantic, experts say a favourite song can motivate an exerciser to keep going and work harder.

The tempo of music can enhance the body's motor skills and even teach it new ones as the beat regulates movement and prolongs performance.

For fans of rock music, during light exercise the researchers say they might want to listen to Tina Turner's Simply The Best, but as they get into more strenuous music they should progress through a rocking playlist of Keep On Running by the Spencer Davis Group, Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf and finally, as they struggle through the final stages of the most strenuous exercise, Glen Frey's The Heat Is On.

The traditional view is that up-beat dance music boosts performance by making the exerciser speed up.

But, according to the researchers, it is all about individual taste. It is well-known that Scottish tennis sensation Andy Murray gets himself geared up for the strains of a competitive tennis match with the sounds of the Black Eyed Peas.

Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell is another who has used music to achieve success, as he blasted the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers' album Blood Sugar Sex Magik before helping Britain to a gold medal at Athens last year.

Dr Costa Karageorghis, of Brunel University's school of sport and education, said: "It's no secret that music inspires superior performance. Just as the association between a first love and 'your song' can be very strong, so is the relationship between music and sporting performance levels. However, there's no definitive playlist for today's gym goers or tomorrow's sporting heroes. Songs are particular to an individual - they are not prescriptive."

Dr Karageorghis believes specific artists and songs can be selected in whichever musical genre the athlete likes in order to boost their performance levels at different stages of exertion. While pop fans may get an initial boost during light exercise by listening to the Lighthouse Family, they should progress to the frenzy of Reach by S Club 7 when the going gets tough.

Dr Ray Macdonald, a reader in psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University, says that his own research supports the findings, and suggests that music can play an important role not only in improving performance, but also in reducing pain.

"It is very important that people do adapt music to their own personal tastes if they want to maximise performance. Classical music would not normally be expected to boost sporting performance, but it will boost the performance of classical music fans," he said.

"Gyms try to cater for their core customers by playing a certain type of music but you still see a lot of people with headphones on. This control of our own environment can significantly aid performance."

However, Dr Angus Hunter, a lecturer in exercise physiology at Stirling University, does not agree that people are only motivated by the genre of music that they like. "A 65-year-old guy might not like the latest chart music in the gym," he says. "But he will find himself picking up on the beats.

"Gyms cannot please everyone but fast beats for step machines do help motivate. Intuitively, the legs start to move at the same pace."

Zoe Wilson-Maye, deputy manager at LA Fitness in Livingston, said that the chain had recently introduced a TV system, where members can choose the station they want to listen to.

She added: "Everyone has different tastes and you are more likely to maximise your performance in the gym if you are enjoying your workout. Listening to music you enjoy is an important part of that."

What to play while you work out

• At 55 per cent heart rate: Rock - Tina Turner Simply the Best; Pop - Lighthouse Family Lifted; Soul - Soul II Soul Back To Life; Classical - Vivaldi The Four Seasons (Spring).

• 65 per cent: Rock - Spencer Davis Group Keep On Running; Pop - Michael Jackson Don't Stop Til You Get Enough; Soul - Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive; Classical - Johann Strauss Radetzky March.

• 75 per cent: Rock - Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild; Pop - Artful Dodger Movin' Too Fast; Soul - James Brown I Feel Good; Classical -Prokofiev Troika.

• 85 per cent: Rock - Glenn Frey The Heat Is On; Pop - S Club 7 Reach; Soul - The Blues Brothers Everybody Needs Somebody To Love; Classical - Rossini William Tell Overture.

Any runners out there with better suggestions can email them to [email protected] . The lack of jazz from the above list saddens this corespondent.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another Race Report

Peter Buchanan of Portobello Running Club sent us this link to his report of the race on Saturday - it's a pretty good read and there's some good photos as well. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The Dunbar British Energy 10 mile race took place on a blustery Saturday morning last weekend.  Just less than 100 runners took part in this tough multi terrain event.  Athletes run from Hallhill Healthy Living Centre, out of the town to the top of Doon Hill then back to Hallhill via Wester Broomhouse and Eweford Farm.  Conditions, whilst dry, could not have been much harder with a strong Westerly breeze buffeting runners all the way to the top of the hill.  Trevor Collins from British Energy, who was himself the winner of the 1st British Energy Runner prize presented Portobello runner Benjamin Kemp, with the winners trophy.  Benjamin completed the course in a time of 56.00 minutes, second was his club mate Kenny Leitch in a time of 56.51.  Ian Sills, from the host club, managed to spoil a Portobello 1,2,3 by taking an impressive third place in a time of 57.29 minutes.  In the veterans category Peter Buchanan from Portobello was first, and fourth overall, in a time of 57.42, second was George Gilhooley of Livingston in 59.20.  The first super vet (over 50 years) was Steve Dempsey from Lothian in a time of 62.48.  Other Dunbar club runners taking part include Grant Noble finishing in 10th place in 62.20, Ian Rowland was 11th in 62.38, Ross Combe 22nd 66.29, Frank Weissgerber 39th 71.02 and, in his first run for the Club, Richard Taylor who finished in 54th place in a time of 74.10.  Kevin Smith also from Dunbar finished in 93rd place in 1:44:00. 

In the ladies race the winner was Megan Clark from HBT in a time of 63.35.  Second was Sarah Legge from Carnethie Harriers in 65.03.  Anne Hay from Dunbar Running Club was placed in a well deserved third in a time of 71.29.  Maggie Keegan was the first over 35 year old lady in a time of 68.27, second in this age group was Emer Scanlon, from Dunbar, in a time of 72.49 with Isobel Pollard taking first place in the over 40 year old age group in 73.19.  Other Dunbar ladies who competed were Clarissa Berry 73rd in 85.35, Sheila Morrison 78th in 89.24 and Sheila Kerr 82nd in 91.27.

Portobello running club took both the Men's and Ladies team prizes.

Race Director Stuart Hay thanked all the marshals, helpers, the Local Police and the staff at Hallhill for their help in organising the run and British Energy for their continued support and sponsorship.  Dunbar Club Runners are now looking forward to the Jedburgh Half Marathon at the end of October and the start of the cross-country season.

Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Back!

Yes, the 5K handicap will resume this coming Thursday (6th October) and will take place the first Thursday of every month from now on.  So, if you want to have a shot at the trophy, come along and give it a go. Tam is the defending champion and has been polishing the trophy for a number of months, so he's not going to give it up without a fight!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


The club is hoping to produce an "End Of Year Review" that shall be published in "hard copy" for the Luddites among us. You know who you are - and anyway, given that you don't use the Internet I can say what I want!!
Anyway we need stories reports and anecdotes, even just a list of races you have done!
 The plan is to split it into the twelve months. So, if you did anything that you think others might like to know about/reminded about drop a couple of lines to [email protected] .
Please try to keep articles at least remotely running related. Otherwise we could end up with a report that says:
January: Joe sighted near Hallhill. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
February: Cross country ended. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
March: Stuart and Frank upset when Stella ran out in Hallhill bar. Floors at .... etc. etc.
Also to help make this exciting publication, er ... exciting, we need pictures! If you have any photos you think might accompany your entry. If you don't have digital photos that's OK we can scan them. If you don't have photos at all then draw something. Seriously.
This "review" will be as irreverent as you want it to be but its down to you ... no input - no review.

Update from Scottish Athletics

Some feedback from the AGM:  One of the issues that has arisen out of the Foster Review (the need for change in athletics in the UK by Sir Andrew Foster ) is finance and, if the Foster process can be kept on track, it could mean Scotland receiving a six figure sum for the next four years.  As much of Scottish Athletics current turnover is ring-fenced, changes in funding could provide other areas for investment.  Some potential areas under consideration are :
  • A bursary/scholarship fund to enable officials and coaches to take the next level of qualification to be reimbursed all fees and expenses (provided they are endorse by a club).
  • Local authorities to receive top-up funding to recruit two athletics development officers.
  • For coaches of international athletes (not covered by lottery or SIS funding) to be funded for their travel, with their athletes, to major events.
  • Funding to support a national coach/manager for Disability Sport.
  • Piloting of new formats for competition to determine whether event-specific or graded formats will work in club based competition.
  • Free uniforms for officials - new Hi-Tec contract will help with this.
  • Chip timing apparatus to lease out to local road races that would otherwise not be able to afford the full commercial rate for such a service.
Long Term Athlete Development
Major new initiative which will be covered at the Coaches Conference 19/20th November.  Article in this month's PB by Andy Vince (read it, discuss it and feedback to Andy).

Membership Fees

Yes, folks!  It's getting to that time of year again.  October is the month for the renewal of membership which remains at £25 for the year.  The membership secretary should be issuing forms soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


TESCO have a voucher offer-deal-campaign type thingy on at the moment.For details go to
The bottom line is the more vouchers a club can collect the more equipment they can get FREE with them.
The club is collecting these vouchers to get equipment for the junior section.
If you have any vouchers please give them to Anne Hay who is collecting them.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Lauderdale Limpers are holding their "Thirlestane Castle Run" on the 9th October.
This is a 5 mile Multi Terrain race through "the majestic grounds of one of Scotland's oldest inhabited houses".
It's a great precursor to the cross country season.
Entry forms will be on the notice board soon.
However, if you are on "t'internet" (which you must be or you wouldn't be reading this) if you email Stuart at [email protected] he will forward one to you.
It's a really good course - but don't lean against the fences when you finish. They're electric!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Six Dunbar runners went to Glasgow at the weekend to take part in the Great Scottish Run events.
Theresa Leslie was first off the blocks at 9:30 and, despite the heat, recorded a personal best time in the 10K event of 54:05.
An hour later five other's lined up for the half marathon event.
Ian Sill's was the first Dunbar runner with a time of 1:22:09 followed by Ian Rowland in 1:23:05.
Stuart set a personal best with a time of 1:26:18.
Anne got 1:38:47 and Fay set a time of 2:31:21.

Friday, August 12, 2005

North Berwick Law Race

Five runners took part in the Law Race on Wednesday 3rd August and lived to tell the tale.
Stuart Hay 24:57
Frank Weissgerber 26:55
Amanda Thorntonsmith 33:46
Freya Cowan 35:36
Sheila Morrison 37:00

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Just to let everyone know that the provisional date for this years Lammermuir Circuit is the 10th September.
A nice walk in the hills, a mostly downhill 10K, an "undulating" Half Marathon or a stonking 30 miles.
The choice is yours

"Will ye no come back again?"

..................."Aye a will!"
Just to let everyone know that, according to the Dunbar community web site, the Rev. Keith and his good lady wife will be back from their 9 month trip to America on 28th July.
Welcome back!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Dunbar runners doing the recent Edinburgh Marathon were:
Stuart 3:15:11 (221st overall)
Frank 3:27:59 (466th overall)
Anne 3:31:28 (581st overall and 6th in category)
Dougie 4:27:23 (3180th overall)

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Stuart Hay is today recovering after the shock revelation that he was the fastest County Veteran at last Saturdays Haddington 5.


If he had known he had won something Stuart says he would have stayed for the prize giving, adding "I may even have taken my lucky acceptance speech out of its envelope where it has lay dormant these many, many long lonely years".


Responding to the fact that Ian Sills will be a veteran next year, and therefore a potential challenger, Stuart declared, "Bring it on. I'll take on anybody"!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Four runners took to the rain lashed country roads on Saturday for the Haddington 5.

Ian Sills took 29:19 to swim around.
Stuart paddled in at 31:14
Frank splashed home in 33:55
And Anne dived over the line in 35:30

At least three of the runners hope that stupid aquatic metaphors will not be required for next Sunday's marathon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Nine senior members of Dunbar Running Club joined over 600 other athletes in the Loch Leven Half Marathon on Saturday 21 May 2005. With the prospects of a flat course and good running conditions expectations of prizes and personnel best times where anticipated. However the weather conditions on arrival were not quite as hoped, a slight breeze combined with warm temperatures meant that hopes of good running times were going to be difficult. Ian Rowland again showed his true form by finishing in the medals. He was 8th overall and 1st over 40 year old male in a time of 1:20:16 somewhat slower than his personal best set earlier in the year but never the less an impressive run. Anne Hay was also on the podium taking 2nd place in the female veterans category posting a time of 1:38:40, she was 157th overall. Ian Sills was the second Dunbar runner to finish. Still recovering from his good run in the Edinburgh to North Berwick race a fortnight earlier, he was again a little off his best time. He finished in 16th place in a time of 1:21:29. Stuart Hay continued with his improving form finished in a Personal Best time of 1:28:23 to take 63rd overall place. Over 60 year old runner Joe Bourhill ran a good race to finish 268th in a time of 1:47:07. The second Dunbar lady runner to finish was Karen Page. Despite having some niggling injuries worries Karen finished just under the 2 hour mark with a time of 1:59:25 to take 415th place overall. Sheila Morrison was just a few places behind Karen to finish in 422nd place in a time of 2:00:13. Theresa Lesley in her first ever Half Marathon ran with fellow club member Sheila Kerr for most of the race. Theresa finished in 484th place in a time of 2:08:27 and Sheila one place behind in a time of 2:07:53.

All Dunbar runners enjoyed a much needed post race meal at a local Kinross Hotel and spent the return journey debating how the race could have been if only .......

Thursday, May 19, 2005

East Lothian Summer Series

There is now a website with details of the East Lothian Summer Series.
This is six handicap races between Dunbar, Help, Musselburgh and East Lothian Triathalon Club.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Britannic Asset Management Women's 10K

The Britannic Asset Management Women's 10K took part in Glasgow's
Belahouston Park on Sunday 15th May 2005

Sheila Morrison 1460th 0:54:03
Theresa Leslie 2085th 0:55:56

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bupa Great Caledonian Run – Edinburgh

Seven Dunbar runners took part in yesterday's Bupa Great Caledonian Run.

Results are

James Thorntonsmith 00:44:36

Amanda Thorntonsmith 00:52:23

Sheila Morrison 00:53:07

Lindsay Brown 00:56:20

Kevin Smith 00:57:32

Fay Stanton 00:59:33

Abigail Dobson 1:02:43


Last Thursday was race night in Dunbar, with runners starting and ending the 5k circuit at John Muir Country Park.
Ian Sills took charge of the event and imposed a rather harsh handicap on last months winner Stuart.
Tam walked away with the trophy this month - well done.
Name        Predicted Race Time    Finishing Time    Race Time
Tam          28.30                            7.07.10                25.40
Frank        21.25                            7.09.31                20.56
Mark         17.20                            7.10.27                17.47
Dougie      26.00                            7.10.30                26.30
Lauren      20.30                            7.10.30                21.30
Grant        17.45                            7.10.37                17.47
Karen        21.35                           7.11.12                22.47
Stuart       18.40                            7.11.16                19.16
Anne         21.15                           7.11.58                23.13

A Wee Trip Down The Coast

4 Runners took part, on Saturday, in the Edinburgh to North Berwick road race.

Ian Sills led the team home in an excellent time of 2h 19m 30s to claim 12th place overall from a field of 130. This was Ian's first time at this race and such a good performance may indicate that he is also ready for his marathon debut fairly soon.

Stuart managed to shave a few minutes of his PB to get home in 2h 38m 35s.

Frank showed that he is returning to full fitness by using the event as a training run and getting a time of 2h 54m 05s.

Anne also posted a PB one place behind Frank with a time of 2h 54m 12s.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two Bridges Challenge

The following has been sent to the club:

Dear Club Secretary,

I would be grateful if you could bring the Two Bridges Challenge
ultra-distance race to the attention of your athletes?

Two Bridges Challenge - Saturday 27th August - Rosyth

The Two Bridges Challenge is an exciting and demanding multi terrain
ultra race over approximately 35-miles crossing the Forth Road Bridge
twice and covering beautiful and stunning scenery along the West
Lothian coast through the grounds of Hopetoun House, and along the
Fife Coastal Path.

The race starts and finishes at the Civil Service Club in Rosyth. The
terrain is mixed with approximately 12 miles of trail, 9 miles of
track and 14 miles of road. There are access points over the whole
route to support runners, but apart from the road sections the rest of
the course is not suitable for runners support cyclists or motor

The route is: Civil Service Sports Centre Rosyth - Ferry Toll Road -
Forth Bridge West Side - Port Edgar - Hopetoun House Grounds - Coastal
path through the Hopetoun Estate - Blackness Castle - Coastal path
back through the Hopetoun Estate - Hopetoun House Grounds - Port Edgar
- Forth Bridge East Side - Inverkeithing - Coastal path to Dalgety Bay
- Aberdour - Coastal path back to Dalgety Bay - Inverkeithing -
Coastal path to North Queensferry - Ferry Toll Road - Civil Service
Sports Centre Rosyth.

After race meal, great prizes, disco dance in the evening, buffet
supper and superb hospitality. Free camping available on site.

For more details follow this link

Stephen Newsom

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


An informal meeting will be held in Hallhill on Thursday 5th May (sure
there's something else on that day). The meeting will take place after
the usual training.

Members of Musselburgh Athletic and HELP will be there. The purpose of
the meeting is to plan a series of mid week summer evening runs
between the three clubs (and perhaps others).

The basic plan is to have each club host two short races. The six
races would be held over a three month period. A bit like a summer
version of the borders cross country.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Two runners did the London Marathon at the weekend.

Ian Rowland was 412th overall, 385th man and 100th M40+ vet in a time
of 2.48.02

Anne Hay was 4983rd overall, 550th woman and 159th F40+ vet in a time
of 3.34.11 (pb).

Well done to both.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Unseasonable Arctic winds greeted runners last night who turned out for the monthly “coaches challenge” 5K handicap race.

Despite being burdened by an undeservedly high handicap Stuart Hay showed from the outset that the trophy was his.

Howling winds did not deter Stuart Hay who set a blistering pace that no one could match.

Passing the other runners on Kellie road, Stuart Hay looked comfortable throughout and, despite a last minute challenge from Ian Sills, Stuart Hay still had sufficient reserves for a sprint finish.

Stuart Hay, in current form, looks set to maintain this title for many months.


The above report may contain traces of bias (Ed.)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ian's Boundary Race Report.

Dunbar Running Club welcomed a large field of runners to the 2005 Dunbar Boundary race on Saturday 2 April. A warm, still spring morning gave Hallhill Healthy Living Centre the feel of a major international athletics event with many of the participants making good use of the running track to warm up and stretch. There was a keen air of anticipation at the start line with many runners hoping that their hard winter training would pay off with a fast personal best time at this classic distance of 10 KM. The race was dominated by three athletes from the Corstorphine club led by Moray Anderson. They took all three podium places as well as the team prize. The winning time was an impressive 32:21. Whilst a number of local club runners, as well as friends, were on marshalling duties ensuring that the event went without a hitch, a number managed to participate in the race. Ian Rowland again led the home team to the finish. He was placed fourth in a personal best time of 34:56 and took the first over 40 year old prize as well as the first local runner trophy. Ian Sills just managed to make a top ten finish by taking 10th place in a time of 36:00, a little off his personal best, but a satisfactory run for the start of the year. Grant Noble put in a quick last couple of kilometres to take 11th place in a time of 36:17. Subhar Anwar was placed 45th in a time of 39:10. Anne Hay was again the first Dunbar lady runner to finish in 101st place and a time of 43:57. Karen Page knocked more than a minute off her Grangemouth 10 km time just a couple of weeks earlier, by finishing in 117th place and in a time of 45:10.Clarissa Berry finished in a time of 49:12 and 177th place. Amanda Thorntonsmith was 203rd in a time of 50:46, with Dougie Jeffrey using this race as part of his marathon preparation finishing in a time of 52:36 and 222nd. Other Dunbar Club runners to complete the course were Sheila Morrison 53:24 and 228th, Theresa Leslie, 55:09 and 249th, Lindsay Brown 55:31 and 256th, Kevin Smith 56:46 and 260th. Tom Patton from Dunbar also ran and finished in a time of 64:21 to take 292nd place.

Stuart Hay, the Clubs President, directed the race with his usual combination of authority and humour. He thanked all runners for their participation, marshals for their assistance in ensuring the smooth running of the event and Hallhill for the use of their facilities. He also thanked Belhaven Brewery for their continued sponsorship.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Just to let everyone know there are plans for a Marathon in Dundee in 2006. Details can be found from the following link.

Belhaven Best

Yesterdays race was a great success. A fantastic team effort.

Well done to everyone involved in the planning, preparation, setting up, marshalling, catering, clearing up etc.

And a special mention to Ian Rowland - 1st male vet. Silverware at last!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ians latest report...

Senior runners have been very active over the opening weeks of the road running season. Hot of a tough but successful winter cross-country season a number of male and female Dunbar runners have competed in a verity of races at different distances. Lasswade 10-mile race on 6 March was the first of three races which Dunbar runners competed in. A trio of lady runners led by Karen Page competed this tough distance. Karen finished 252nd out of 382 athletes in a time of 1:20:19, Sheila Morrison was 333rd in a time of 1:31:27 with Theresa Leslie competing for the first time at this distance finishing in a time of 1:38:05 in 359th place. The same three ladies then moved to the shorter but faster distance of 10 km at Grangemouth on Sunday 13 March. They finished in the same order with Karen recording a time of 46:02 to take 311th place, Sheila was 551st in a time of 53:59 and Theresa again completing this distance for the first time recording a time of 56:08 taking 605th place out of the 790 finishers. Five runners traveled to Inverness to compete in the half marathon on the same day. Ian Rowland was again in blistering form finished in a very impressive 15th place in a Personal Best time of 1:16:55, Ian Sills was 27th and again ran a PB in a time of 1:19:37. Stuart Hay couldn’t quite match is best ever half marathon time but still managed to complete the undulating course in a time of 1:29:16 and take 134th place. Anne Hay was 279th and just like the two Ian’s ran a Personal Best time of 1:36:56. Bob Wilson completed the course a full minute quicker than last year by finishing the race in a time of 1:53:24 and was placed in 662nd position out a large field of almost 1100 runners.

Senior Dunbar Runners meet every Tuesday evening at 6.45pm at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre to train on the roads at a verity of distances (and speeds) and on a Thursday evening at 6.30pm again at Hallhill for a track session. New members will be made most welcome.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Five runners did the Inverness half marathon on Sunday 13th.

Despite it being bitterly cold with the odd snow flurry all runners
had a fast and enjoyable race. Ian Rowland led the Dunbar team home in
1:16 followed by Ian Sills in 1:19. Both getting PB's.

Stuart narrowly missed a PB, but was happy to get under 1:30 with 1:29.

Anne made it a hat trick of PB's with 1:36, while Bob knocked a minute
off last years time in 1:53.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Three senior runners joined a large field on Sunday last, to compete in the Lasswade 10 mile race.

Good weather and excellent conditions meant that all three enjoyed the circuit that takes in some of the country roads and lanes around the village.

Karen was the first Dunbar runner home in a time of 1:20:19 followed by Sheila M in a time of 1:31:27 and Theresa in 1:38:05 (competing at this distance for the first time).

They next plan to represent the club at the forthcoming “Round the Houses 10k” at Grangemouth.

Friday, March 04, 2005


Lauren Peffers faced competition even tougher than that faced recently
at Melbourne last night, to narrowly snatch the monthly "Coaches
Challenge" 5km handicap.

Waiting until the final few hundred meters Lauren sprinted away from
Anne and Karen leaving them to battle it out for second and third

Leading the men home, Stuart (only slightly older than
"still-under-40" Ian Sills) ran a steady pace, but still managed a
sprint finish to see off Grant. Dougie and Tam completed the field.

On being awarded the trophy Lauren said "this prestigious award will
take pride of place in my collection."

Note: some of the details of the above item may have been exaggerated.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


The final two weeks of the 2004/05 cross country season has been a busy period for adult and junior athletes from the club. The last two rounds of the Borders and District Cross Country Series have taken place as well as the Scottish National Cross County Championship at Irvine.

The penultimate round of the Borders and District series was held, for the first time, at Wooler. Severe winter conditions with driving snow, hail and freezing temperatures made this a race that many will not forget. A full contingent of senior and junior Dunbar runners braved the weather conditions to compete and try to secure vital points before the final race to be held two weeks later at Dunbar. A number of athletes recorded good finishing positions. Ian Rowland achieved his season’s ambition by being the first male vet (40-45yrs) runner and was placed 2nd overall behind in form Brian Marshall, a senior runner from H.E.L.P. This result secured a podium position for Ian regardless of the results from the final round. This was the first Borders and District race Brian had competed in and even though he finished an impressive second place by just 10 seconds in the previous days Carnethy Five Hill race he showed his class by winner the Wooler round by a significant margin.

Dunbar Running Club hosted the final round of the Borders and District series on Sunday 27th February. The route, set by the club, took athletes from the beach at White Sands, around the Barns Ness Light House then along the beach for a mile. Runners then turned back through the dunes to finish in the White Sands car park. The conditions were favorable making this one of the fastest races in the series. Many of the senior runners where on marshalling duties however Dunbar still managed to take the seniors team price with Colin Menzies placed 2nd, 35 seconds behind Brian Marshall, Grant Noble 5th overall and Subhar Anwar in 23rd place. A number of junior runners took part with notable finishes by Lauren Smedley making it seven wins out of seven races, Lauren Peffers recording her 4th win in the four races she took part in. Megan Gaffney was 3rd in her age group 12/13 year olds, Anna Dobson was also 3rd in the under 11 category.

After the race all runners were invited back to HallHill Healthy Living Centre for soup and sandwiches and the series prize giving ceremony. Dunbar athletes of all ages took a significant number of the podium places but all runners who ran in at least four races of the seven received a momento for their efforts. In the adult categories Colin Menzies not only won the senior under 40 age group but also took the overall winning prize for the series. Ian Sills was 4th and Ross Combe 10th in the senior age group. Ian Rowland was 2nd in the 40-45 age group with Stuart Hay 6th and Kevin Smith 10th. Grant Noble only managed to run in three races however he was placed in 12th place in the same age group. In the 60 – 65 age group John Landells was placed 2nd and in the 60 and over category Joe Bourhill was 1st and Bob Wilson 3rd. For H.E.L.P. Sandy Wallace was placed in 2nd position in the 50 –55 age group and Paddy McDonald 4th. In the ladies age groups Karen Page was 3rd under 35 year old runner with Clarissa Berry in 4th place in the 35-40 group. Ann Hay took 2nd prize in the 40-45 age group and Amanda Thorntonsmith was placed in 4th position in the same category. Dunbar Running Club, with a total score of 78 points, won the senior team prize for the second year almost 100 points ahead of second place club Moorfoot.

In the Junior Categories Anna Dobson was second in the under 11 year old with Abigail Twist 4th in the same age group. Lauren Smedley was 1st in the 12/13 age group and Megan Gaffney 2nd and Nicola Craig 4th. Eve Baillie only managed to run three races but was placed 7th in this age group. In the 14/15 age group Lauren Peffers was placed 1st with Lisa Menzies from H.E.L.P. 3rd and Abigail Dobson of Dunbar 4th. Daisy Sherwood only took part in three races and was placed 6th. For the boys James Thortonsmith was 5th 14/15 year old, Liam Barclay 8th and Toby Sherwood, only having completed three races, 11th. The team 1st price for the juniors went to Eyemouth with Dunbar taking 3rd position.

All athletes thanked the clubs for their hard work in organising the series. Dunbar Running Club was thanked for hosting the prize giving with particular thanks to Abigail Dobson for providing a cake sale with all proceeds going to Comic Relief.

Four Dunbar Senior Runners traveled to Irvine to compete in the Scottish National Cross Country Championship on Saturday 19 February. A three lap, 12km course for the senior men and a two lap, 8km route for the ladies was set out to test athletes from all over Scotland. Over 100 lady runners finished the race with Anne Hay being placed in 70th position. In the senior men’s race 375 athletes completed the testing course. Ian Rowland led the Dunbar runners finishing inside the top 100 by taking 92nd position; Ian Sills was 123rd and Stuart Hay in 229th place.

The next race, and the start of the road running season, for Dunbar Runners is the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday 13 March with a number of club members making the long trip to compete.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Hot off the press - results are HERE.

Well done to everyone who ran and thanks to all who helped out.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Wooler are more like a drinking club with a running problem. Harry
Porteous, 27 February 2005.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The results for Sundays race at Wooler can be found HERE.

Well done to Anne Hay for finishing twice!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Hi Guys,

This is Keith Mills writing you from America. We will be here until July
and then it will be back to Sunny Dunbar. We have had some fun weather,
at one point we were in 24 inches of snow!
Enjoyed the website will keep checking it for updates!
Keep running,
Keith & Mariella

It’s a triple for Menzies

Round five of the Borders District Cross Country series was held at Norham on Sunday 30 January 2005. With two races to go Colin Menzies all but sealed the series victory, by winning his third race in a row. The Norham course lived up to everyone’s expectations with a challenging route requiring runners to not only negotiate the numerous stream crossings but to be sure of foot when it came to the tricky down hill sections. A number of athletes came to grieve, including Stuart Hay the Dunbar Running Club President, on one particularly difficult decent, however Stuart picked himself up and kept going to the end to take 24th overall place and 8th male vet. Iain Rowland continues to record some impressive results by finishing in 3rd place overall but was again thwarted in his age group by taking 2nd place in the male 40+ category. With just two races to go Iain needs to work hard to score that elusive age group win. Ian Sills ran a steady race to take 9th overall and 5th senior male. Competition in this age group is hoting up with a number of athletes in a position to take a podium place in the overall competition. Grant Noble was three places behind Sills in the race and took 6th place in the male vet category. Ross Comb, on study leave from University, ran a strong race to be placed 21st with Stuart Hay, despite his fall finishing just 3 places behind. Anne Hay continues to be the quickest Dunbar Lady runner finishing in 40th place and 2nd in her age group female over 40 years. John Landells was 46th overall with Joe Bourhill 51st and leading his 65 + age group both in Sundays race and for the series. Karen Page finished in 55th place overall and was 2nd senior lady runner. Two more good results should see Karen move up the leader board. Clarissa Berry was 60th and 4th female vet with Amanda Thorntonsmith 64th. Other Dunbar runners included Mark James who finished in 5th place and Kevin Thorntonsmith in 70th position. HELP runners again enjoyed the experience of competing in this series. Sandy Wallace was 15th overall and Paddy McDonald 42nd.

In the junior race the star of the team is Lauren Smedley who has not only won all five races in her 12/13 age group but has secured an overall victory for the series. In Sundays race Liam Barcley was the first Dunbar runner to finish in 9th place. Lauren Peffers hot from the Deaf Olympics found the conditions a total contrast from the track in Australia but maintained her domination of the 14/15 age group by finishing in 12th place overall and 1st in her age group. One more win in her age group should secure overall first position. Megan Gaffney was 28th at Norham and 3rd 12/13 year old. Anna Dobson finished in 30th place and was 1st female under 11 year old and leads her age group for the series. Nicola Craig was 35th overall and 4th 12/13 year old and is currently lying in 2nd overall position in her age group. Abigail Twist was 37th on Sunday and 4th under 11 year old. Eve Baillie was placed in 39th position and 5th in her age group, 12/13 year olds. HELP`s Lisa Menzies continues to be her clubs sole junior representative and finished 31st and 4th 14/15 year old

Friday, February 04, 2005


Last night saw the running of February's 5km handicap race.

Another large field proved that this is a popular event.

Dougie Denholm in his first appearance at the event walked away with
the trophy for first over the line. At least he will walk away with
the trophy when last month's winner, Ian S brings it back.

Stuart's start to the race was slightly held up by the arrival of
Sandy Wallace from HELP running towards the runners and starter on the
Hallhill track, running past them and saying "I wont stop Im just out
a run". Cynics may think that this was a spying trip to try and check
out the competition.

Everybody's times were (in no particular order)

Clarissa 23.13
Karen 22.13
Anne 21.41
Lauren 21.02
Stuart 18.51
Grant 17.48
Ian S 17.25
Dougie J 26.22
Derek 26.35
Dougie D 22.43

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


The results of Sundays 5th round of the Winter Cross Country Series, held at Norham, can be found HERE (you will need Adobe to read this file). The results also show the standings after the fifth round.

Well done to everyone who stayed upright during the race.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


LAUREN PEFFERS, a 16-year old from Dunbar, has returned to Scotland
with gold and silver medals from the 800 and 1500 metres at the
Deaflympics in Melbourne, and a glowing testimonial suggesting she may
become the first hearing-impaired person to represent Great Britain in
mainstream athletics.
Peffers, a 16-year-old college student of physical education, holds
the European junior records for a deaf person at both distances
(2:14.90 and 4:41.16) just outside the GB qualifying standards for the
World Youth Games, principal event for mainstream athletes of her age
this year.
Stuart Harrison, the UK Deaf Sport development manager, said: "We are
now pushing for more funding from UK Sport."
UK Athletics selectors could not recall a previous deaf athlete in the
GB team, but it would by no means be an international first.
Vyacheslav Skomorokhov, of the Soviet Union, won the 400m hurdles at
the 1969 European Championships despite being completely deaf.
Other achievements among the sensory deprived include Marla Runyon,
first athlete to run in the Paralympics and Olympics, who is blind.
She finished eighth in the Sydney Olympic 1500m final.
Peffers' talent was spotted by Joe Bourhill at a cross-country event
for East Lothian primary schools. "I saw she had something special,"
he said.
For the past two years, she has been coached by Edinburgh guru Bill
Walker, who is also excited by her potential. "This success could do
her the world of good, because she is not always confident. She hangs
back and comes through very fast, and sometimes it costs her races."
Peffers own reward for her Australia success was her first bar of
chocolate after a self-imposed three-month ban.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Colin Menzies, representing Dunbar Running Club, has made it two wins
in the last two Borders District Cross Country races. His first
victory came at Galashiels on the 19th December 2004. He then
repeated this feat by winning the very next race in the series on
Sunday 16 January 2005 at Berwick-Upon-Tweed. This puts Colin in a
very strong position in the overall Senior Adult competition, needing
just one more good finishing position to clinch the overall title.
Other results from the Berwick race include Ian Rowland and Ian Sills
both finished inside the top ten, Rowland 6th and 2nd Adult Veteran
and Sills 8th and 4th Senior Adult. This has given Dunbar Running
Club a combined score of 15 points in the team event and leaves them
comfortably in overall 1st place for the series so far. Stuart Hay
recorded his best finishing position yet by taking 30th place overall
and, in the Adult Veteran category, 6th place. Anne Hay continues to
battle hard in the Ladies 40 + age group finishing in 49th place
overall and 2nd in her age group. In his return cross country season
for a number of years John Landells has made a significant impact on
the overall results for his age group by taking 52nd place and 2nd in
the 60+ category. Karen Page in her first cross country race this
season finished in 60th place overall and 5th in the Senior Ladies
category. Joe Bourhill was one place behind Karen in the overall
results but continues to dominate the 65+ age group having been the
leading athlete in the last two races. Clarissa Berry was again 3rd
in the Ladies Veterans category and 65th in the overall results. Bob
Wilson was 73rd overall and 3rd 65+ runner. This age group is very
competitive with Joe and Bob trading places with two other athletes
for the series winning position. Amanda Thortonsmith took 74th
overall position with husband Kevin just a few places behind in 77th
place. HELP continue to enjoy this series and had two senior runners
competing on Sunday. In his first race in the series, Sandy Wallace
was 26th overall with Paddy McDonald taking 50th place.

In the Junior race Dunbar's younger athletes were again well
represented. Lauren Smedley was 9th overall and 1st female 12/13 age
group. This makes it 4 wins out of 4 races for Lauren in her age
group and she is the only athlete in any of the age groups, Senior or
Junior, to have won all four races so far. Liam Barclay was 15th
overall and 8th male 14/15 year old with Toby Sherwood in 17th place
and just one place behind Liam in the same age group. Anna Dobson was
36th overall and 3rd female under 11 year old, Nicola Craig was 38th
and 5th female 12/13 year old. Abigail Twist and Daisy Sherwood took
40th and 41st overall places with Abigail 6th female under 11 year old
and Daisy 3rd female 14/15 year old. Abigail Bodson was 43rd overall
and 4th in her age group, 14/15 year olds. Lisa Menzies running for
HELP was 29th overall and 2nd female 14/15 year old.

Both adult and children runners train twice a week, on a Tuesday and
Thursday evening at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre, Dunbar. All
abilities and ages are welcome.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Results from Sundays round 4 of the Winter Cross Country Series, held at Berwick are now online HERE. This file also has details of overall standing after 4 rounds.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Medal haul grows at Deaflympics

Britain picked up two more medals at the Deaflympics in Melbourne when
Lauren Peffers and Candy Hawkins took silver and bronze in the women's
"I am very pleased and very proud for Lauren and Candy," said Craig
Crowley, chairman of UK Deaf Sport.

"I am confident their well-earned results will inspire their fellow GB
athletes to achieve their bests now."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Results are just in from Melbourne. Lauren has won gold in the 800m!

She beat Russian athlete Nelli Erofeeva by 0.52 seconds to win in a time of 2:14.90 . Fellow GB athlete Candy Hawkins won bronze with 2:15.88.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


News has just been recieved that Lauren Peffers, Running in the Deaf Olympics in Melbourne has won SILVER in the 1500m in a time of 4min 41.6sec.

Well done!

Friday, January 07, 2005


Howling gales didn't deter 9 runners turning up for this first 5km
handicap race of 2005.

Coach, Ian Rowland, decided to throw tradition to the (prominent) wind
and devised a road run rather than the usual 5km track event.

Starting at their alloted times the runners took to the streets,
coming together for what nearly turned into a sprint finish.

Absence from the Black Bun Run on auld year's night meant Ian Sills
had sufficiently "fresh" legs to see off other challengers.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Black Bun

Last night saw the running of the "black-bun run".

12 runners took the challenge. the times were:

Ian R 8.39
Stuart 9.55
Anne 10.19
Clarissa 11.24
Amanda 11.49
Gordon 11.50
Val 11.58
Sheila K 12.12
Sheila M 12.12
Kevin 12.30
Theresa 12.39
Vicki 13.23

Jim was helped with marshalling and timekeeping by the two John's and Bob and Ethel.

After the race refreshments were taken, the winner recieved a black bun and runners discussed if Ian Sill's excuse for not attending was adequate.