Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Winter Cross Country

Results from round 3 are HERE.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Sunday saw the running of the club's "Festive Half" and 10K event.

17 Dunbar runners and 8 guests from HELP took to John Muir and beyond
for this popular fun run.

Despite pre race arguments about certain "bandits" handicap, times the
runners were set off in order by ex President Jim in an orderly
manner. Fears of the handicap being skewed in some runners favour were
put aside as most of the runners congregated in or around Countess
Road for a mass finish, with nearly everyone finishing within a few
minutes of each other. Fay led the women over the line while Kevin
took the honours for the men.

Ian Rowland got into the spirit by running the entire 13 miles in his Santa hat.

Soup, rolls and perhaps a wee bit too much beer for some rounded off a great day

Some of the runners.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


The second race in the Borders Cross Country series took place at Duns
on Sunday 5 December. A bright sunny day welcomed a large field of
athletes including a number of runners from Dunbar Running Club and
HELP Club. The race took place in the estate grounds of Duns Castle
and included open field as well as forest tracks.

In the adults race Ian Rowland reversed the finishing positions from
the previous weekends East District Cross Country race by beating
fellow Dunbar Runner Ian Sills by one place finishing in 5th overall
position and 2nd in the 40year old category. Sills was 6th overall
and 4th senior male runner. George Gilhooley, Grant Noble and Stuart
Hay all competing in the 40 years age group recorded 9th, 16th and
28th overall positions and 4th, 6th and 10th respectively in their age
category. Anne Hay was again the first Dunbar lady runner in an
overall position of 49th and 2nd female 40 years age group. Two other
Dunbar lady runners competed at Duns, Clarissa Berry, in her first
race in Dunbar colours was one place in front of Amanda Thorntonsmith
taking 69th place and Amanda finished in 70th place. Clarissa was 3rd
in her age group 35 years and Amanda 4th in the 40 years group.

Despite loosing a shoe in the first stream crossing John Landells
competing in his first cross country race in a couple of years
finished a creditable 57th overall and 1st in the 60+ age group. Bob
Wilson was overall 68th and 6th over 60 years runner. Kevin
Thorntonsmith finished in 77th place and was 16th in his age group, 40
years. Mark James from Dunbar and running for the Carnethy Club
finishing in 7th place.

In the team competition Dunbar recorded the same number of points as
City of Edinburgh and therefore after the first two rounds remain one
point behind with 36 points.

HELP runners again competed well with Brian Carr finishing in 34th
place, Neil Scott 47th, Paddy McDonald 54th and George Armstrong 59th.
HELP are placed 9th in the team event after the first two rounds.

In the junior race James Thorntonsmith was the first Junior Dunbar
runner finishing in 12th overall place and 7th Male 14/15 year old.
Liam Barclay was one place behind in the overall and age group
results. Lauren Peffers continues to dominate her age group by
finishing 1st female 14/15 year old and 14th overall. Toby Sherwood
was a place behind Lauren in 15th place and took 9th in his age group
14/15 year olds. Alex Noble competing for the first time this year
finished in 19th overall place and was 3rd in the male under 11 age
group. Lauren Smedley took 1st place again in her age group 12/13
year olds and was 23rd in the race. Megan Gaffney was 30th overall
and 4th 12/13 year old, Anna Dobson 35th and 2nd female under11 year
old. Nicola Craig was 36th and 5th 12/13 year old, Daisy Sherwood
40th and 5th female 14/15 year old and Abigail Twist 44th and 4th
under 11 year old. Abigail Dobson finished in 48th place overall and
6th under 11year old with Alice Thorntonsmith 50th and 9th female
12/13 year old.

The Dunbar Juniors took third place in the team event

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Duns Results

The full list of results from Sunday’s cross country race at Duns is now available. CLICK HERE. (note you will need Adobe).

Friday, December 03, 2004


Freezing temperatures didn't stop a large turnout for Thursday's 5km
handicap race.

Starting at different times and running under the judicious gaze of
Ian R and Frank the runners did twelve and a half laps round the track
in an effort to claim the trophy.

Ultimately, Lindsay claimed the prize but was closely followed by the others.

The reputation and integrity of the race was only slightly damaged by
claims of psychological tactics being used by Ian Sills to hamper
fellow athletes.

As ever, after the race cold beer helped thaw out some of the runners.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cross Country Lauder

Members of Dunbar Running Club took part in the first race of the
Borders Cross Country Championship on Sunday 21 November. The series
has been extended to seven rounds with venues across the South East of
Scotland. Races are scheduled at regular intervals between October
2004 and February 2005 and are open to male and female runners at all
age groups, Junior and Senior. The inaugural race in the series was
held at Lauder in cold, damp and slippy under foot conditions making
for an interesting start to the series

Colin Menzies, participating as a Senior athlete for the first time,
was 3rd overall and second in his category (under 40 years). Ian
Rowland continuing his good form throughout the summer into the
cross-country season was 5th athlete and 3rd in his over 40 age group.
George Gilhooley, running for Dunbar for the first time, was 8th
overall and one place behind Ian in the over 40 category. Ian Sills
was in 10th place and 5th in the under 40yrs male age group. Stuart
Hay came home in 36th place and 9th male over 40, with Ross Combe one
place behind in the overall standings and 12th in the senior male
under 40 category. Anne Hay was the first Dunbar Lady runner
finishing in 54th overall place, 6th lady runner and first in her age
group (over 40yrs.). Veteran runners Joe Bourhill and Bob Wilson
competing in the 60 + age group were 57th and 66th respectively
overall and 2nd and 5th in their age group. In the team competition
Dunbar Senior Runners are in second place with 16 points just one
point behind City of Edinburgh.

For the first time a number of H.E.L.P. runners took part in the
Series. Bill Watson was their first runner home in 15th place, Brian
Carr was 32nd, Paddy McDonald 39th and George "Iron Man" Armstrong in
56th place and leading his age group 60+.

In the Junior categories Dunbar was again were well represented with a
number of young athletes competing in most of the age groups. Lauren
Peffers was 7th overall and 1st in the female 14/15 age group. Thomas
Thorton Smith was 8th and 1st male 16/17 year old. Lauren Smedly came
in one place behind Thomas in 9th place and is leading her age group,
female 12/13 years old. In a very competitive age category James
Thorton Smith was 13th overall and 7th in the male 14/15 group. Anna
Dobson was 21st in the race and 1st in the female under 11 age group,
Nicola Craig was 4th female 12/13 year old and 27th overall, Eve
Bailie 29th and 5th female 12/13, Abigail Twist 31st and 3rd female
under 11 and Abegail Dobson finished the race in 33rd place and 4th
female 14.15 year old. In the Junior team competition Dunbar are
again in second place with 24 points.

H.E.L.P. runner Lisa Menzies was the sole Junior runner from her club
and finished the race in 18th place and is currently sitting in 2nd in
her age group 14/15 years old.

All runners are now looking forward to competing in the second round
to be held at Duns on Sunday 5th December.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


It’s a small world after all….

Dunbar runners in Wagga Wagga.......

.... and Wagga Wagga vests at Belhaven.

From the history books.

John L recently unearthed an article from October 1992 published in “Scotland’s Runner” magazine.

Here it is for all to share.

(note: you will need Adobe Reader to access this file.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

We started it all

From the BBC Website. This story shows the true contribution that
runners have made:

Running 'key to human evolution'

Long-distance running may have been a driving force behind evolution
of the modern human body, scientists say.
American researchers said humans began endurance running about 2
million years ago to help hunt for prey, influencing the development
of the human body.

Previous studies have suggested running was purely a by-product of walking.

But the study, published in Nature, said humans evolved big buttocks,
a balanced head and longer legs to help gather food.

Professor Dennis Bramble, of the University of Utah, and Professor
Daniel Lieberman, of Harvard University, reported that early human
beings may have needed to run long distance to help hunt prey or
scavenge animal carcasses on the African savannah.

Without the development from running, humans would be much more like
apes with shorter legs, smaller heads and a hunched posture, the
scientists said.

While human are poor sprinters in comparison to many animals, they
perform well when it comes to long-distance running.

After examining 26 human body features essential for endurance
running, the pair concluded humans may have evolved as they did from
their ape-like ancestors because they could run long-distances.

Important attributes for endurance running include skull structure to
prevent over-heating, ligaments to give spring, long legs to increase
stride length and independent head and shoulder movement to aid

The scientists said because of natural selection, our ape-like
ancestors, known as Australophithecus, who were good at running
survived, while shorter-legged ancestors died out.

Professor Bramble said: "Today endurance running is primarily a form
of exercise and recreation but its roots may be as ancient as the
origin of the human genus and its demands a major contributing factor
to the human body form.

"Running may have helped hunters get close enough to throw projectiles
or perhaps even to run some mammals to exhaustion in the heat."

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Thursday night saw the second Dunbar 5km Handicap race being ran in cold and windy conditions.

The race is held on the first Thursday of every month and forms part of the club’s Thursday evening interval training.

This month saw Anne narrowly beating Stuart, Ian, Frank and Lauren to claim the monthly trophy (other commitments meant that last months winner Clarissa was unable to defend her title) . This victory means that ten seconds will be taken off next month’s handicap time for Anne.

The interval training on Thursday evenings is proving to be popular, with most runners reporting noticeable improvements in their times. Afterwards the “athletes” retire to the bar for a few beers or coffee.

Anne’s recent success might be attributed to the fact that she doesn’t drink beer. A theory that is considered utter tosh by others.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Six Dunbar runners took part in todays Jedburgh Half Marathon.

Near Perfect conditions and a really nice course helped us on our way through some nice parts of the Scottish Borders. And the brass band that helped us along our way at the 6 and the 9 mile mark was a really nice touch. Provisional times are:

Ian Rowland 1:23 (not a happy chap)
Stuart 1:28:24 (PB)
Frank 1:35
Anne 1:38:57 (PB)
Sheila Morrison 1:57
Sheila Kerr 1:57

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Global Club

Proof, if ever it were needed, that Dunbar is an international club!

Friday, October 22, 2004


A couple of changes to this seasons winter cross country series.

First up there will be 7 races, also Wooler will this season be
organizing a race, A.C. Eyemouth will be having a "gap year", there is
a return to Duns and importantly there will be a juniors "team" prize.

Although there are 7 races it will still be 4 to count, so that gives
everyone more flexibility.

The price will be £6 for seniors and £3 for juniors. The all important
dates are:

21 November 2004 at Lauder
5 December 2004 at Gala
19 December 2004 at Duns
16 January 2005 at Berwick
30 January 2005 at Norham
13 February 2005 at Wooler
27 February 2005 at Dunbar (incl prize giving)

Times for races are as previous years. Juniors at 11:30 and Seniors at 12:00

Exact details of all courses will follow soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

East District Cross Country Relay

Senior Runners from Dunbar Running Club kicked off the Cross Country
season on Saturday 16th October by competing in the East District
Cross Country Relay. The race was held, in damp but not unpleasant
conditions, in the shadow of the magnificent Floors Castle near Kelso
and along the banks of the River Tweed. Each of the four man team
took it in turn to run the four kilometre course to register a
combined time and finishing position. Thirty seven teams took part
from across the East District with the Dunbar quartet recording a
combined time of 1:01:02 to take 18th place Fellow East Lothian
runners from HELP club also had a team entered into the inaugural race
of the 2004/05 cross country season. They recorded a combined time of
1:06:59 to take 29th place overall. Runners from both clubs are now
looking forward to a hectic winter cross country calendar with races
from across the East of Scotland and the Borders.

Monday, October 18, 2004


The results of the Lauder 5 mile race are now in.

Ian was 13th (out of 136 runners), Stuart was 33rd and Anne was 66th
overall and first lady vet.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Three senior runners took part yesterday in the 5 mile multi terrain
Scottish Building Society Thirlestane Castle Run, organised by Lauder

A nice short, relatively flat course that provides a nice taster for
the forthcoming cross country season.

Ian Rowland got 30:17, Stuart Hay 33:03 and Anne Hay 37:15.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Dunbar Running Club hosted another successful race last Saturday when
they hosted the British Energy Dunbar 10 Mile Race.

103 runners completed the course, which started and ended at Hallhill
Healthy Living Centre and took in the challenging climb up Doon Hill.

Stewart Whitlie of Carnethy was the first runner home in a time of
53:17 closely followed by local runner Colin Menzies of HELP. The
women were led by Janet Laing of Portobello.

Ian Rowland led the Dunbar Running Club team to win the first male
veterans prize in a time of 57:06. Anne Hay was the second lady
veteran in a time of 1:09:40, while Karen Page made her debut in
competing for the club in 1:18:02. Also competing for the club was
Keith Mills who came in at 1:52:00.

The club pass on their thanks to British Energy for their generous
sponsorship of this event.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Dunbar Running Club has enjoyed a busy time over the last couple of weeks. Junior and senior runners competed in leg 3 of the 6 race Borders Cross Country series, on Sunday 18 January. Berwick, the host club for this event, laid out an interesting and challenging course over a variety of terrains from promenade to soft sand and cinder track. A blustery day made the race even more demanding as did the level of competition.

For the senior runners, Ian Rowland came in first for the club and 6th overall in a time of 24.49. Ian Sills past, in form, Grant Noble in the last few hundred meters to take 13th place overall. The other club runners were Ross Combe, Stuart Hay, Frank Weissgerber, Bob Wilson and Joe Bourhill all of whom rose to the challenge and completed this demanding course. Kevin Smith, of Dunbar also took part coming home in 73rd place. Anne Hay was the 1st Dunbar Lady in a time of 31.46, a little ahead of Amanda Thornton-Smith.

In the junior race Colin Menzies brought the whole field home in a time of 10.52. Other creditable runs where posted by Lauren Peffers, 13.11 mins. and 1st Female 14/15 year old, with Lisa Menzies 2nd in the same age group. Douglas Crichton and Alex Noble where 2nd and 3rd respectively in the male under 11 age group, with Megan Gaffney 2nd in the female under 11`s. Other Dunbar runners included Subhar Anwar, Toby Sherwood, Liam Barclay, Sam Twist, Charlie Yates, Nicola Craig, Anna Dobson, Abigail Dobson and Alice Thornton-Smith. Thomas and James Thornton-Smith from Dunbar also ran.

After race three, half way through the series, Dunbar runners are well placed in the overall standings. Lauren Peffers leads the female 14/15 yr age group with Lisa Menzies in second place. Nicola Craig is second in the female under 11's and Sam Twist 3rd in the male 12/13year group. Toby Sherwood is 3rd in the male 14/15 age group behind brothers Thomas and James Thornton-Smith. Colin Menzies is 2nd in the male 16/17 age group and Douglas Crichton and Alex Noble 2nd and 3rd respectively in the male under 11's.

For the senior runners Amander Thornton-Smith is 3rd female over 40, Grant Noble is 1st male over 40, with Ian Rowland 2nd. Frank Weissgerber is 2nd male over 50 and Joe Bourhill and Bob Wilson 1st and 2nd respectively in the male 65 years + age group. Ian Sills is 3rd in the senior (under 40) male category.

On the social front, senior members and partners as well as friends of the club enjoyed an evening at the Waterside Bistro on Friday 16th January. This gathering was held to say goodbye to the club's long serving President, Jim Herring and his wife Val, an active club runner. Jim and Val are moving to Waga Waga in Australia for three years, all club members would like to wish them all the best in their adventure and thank them for their support over the last few years.

An EGM was held on Tuesday 20th January to elect a new President as well as a Committee Chairperson. Stuart Hay was dually elected President with his wife Ann being elected Committee Chair.

Dunbar Running Club welcomes runners of all ages and abilities to join them at their regular training sessions and social events. The club has its own web site, where details of club events can be found.

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