Friday, January 01, 2016

Black Bun Run

Well done to everyone who took part last night and a big "well done" to James - first over the line and knocking three seconds off the previous Hogmanay run. Thank you to Jennifer Goldie and Jim Herring for doing the timing.  Happy New Year.

James Addie08:13  
David Woods08:19  
Jonathon herring08:26  
Fraser Kelly08:29 Junior
Stuart Hay08:39  
Nick Williamson08:43  
Craig Goldie08:49  
Richard Taylor08:57  
Jamie Thomas09:01  
Mark James09:05  
Brian Davidson 09:16  
Robbie Anderson10:18 Junior
Neil Jones10:19  
Andy Anderson10:21  
Amy Paul10:42 Junior
Marissa Kelly11:55 Junior
Anne Hay12:00  
Frank Weissgerber12:01  
Marjorie Kelly12:20  
Theresa Davidson13:20  
Val Herring14:00  
Rebecca Weissgerber14:34  
Keith Mills18:56