Saturday, June 15, 2013

Firewalk update!

A huge thanks to everyone who sponsored me for the Leuchie House Firewalk, which I completed on Friday 7th June.  Much to everyone's surprise who I've spoken to so far, I didn't do any damage to my feet and didn't actually really feel the ashes as hot.  I've attached a couple of photos of them lighting the walk - I think they only showed us this to scare us out of our wits!!  By the time we did the walk, it had all died down to a much more reasonable level of ash with just a few little flames at the sides...I've attached a video of the firewalk itself too.  

I've managed to raise £460 so far, which is fabulous and for a really great cause.  I've still not quite made my target so any last minute support would be greatly appreciated!!