Monday, April 01, 2013

D33 Report (From Neil Jones)

I undertook my first ultra on the 16th March the D33 .
Its a 33 mile out and back course from Aberdeen to Banchory . I would recommend this as a good step up from a marathon without being too arduous . Its a flat course along the old Deeside railway line . Quite a low key event which had 250 runners this year only a tenner or so to enter and you get a special D33 label beer at the end . Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, rained most of the time but at least it wasn't windy . Spotted a guy with a Dunbar buff and got chatting to him turned out he lived in Dunbar (Benjamin Napier) and this was the first of several ultras he planned this year.  Had thought a 10 min mile pace would be reasonable but started off about 9.15, slowing to 9.45 overall, finishing in 5 hrs 21 mins - middle of the field . I had brought some fudge, hoola hoops and sports drinks to leave at the drop off points, but didn't really need them, being fine with gels -   though enjoyed the flapjacks at half way .
So thats the ultra box ticked -  don't have any burning desire to do longer distances partic because of all the training involved . Next Marathon is Brighton on the 14th April!
A sprint for the line!!