Thursday, January 10, 2013


Consensus appears to be that the new/old "retro" vests are the way to go.
The club would therefore propose placing an order for more. It would
be expected that the vests would then be sold on at cost to members.
Sadly, we cant really keep a large stock of these, so we would propose
to simply order what was required (maybe a few extra of each).
If you want one of these vests then either email the club OR tell
Stuart – But please don't simply shout out "I want a vest" as you whiz
by on a Tuesday run – give him a chance to note your order down.
Vests come in Ladies or Gents S/M/L sizes.
Please get your request in by Thursday 14th February, stating how many
and what size (order will be placed the following day). The vests will
then have to be "badged up" but we would hope to get them in time for
Spring races.
If you absolutely must have an old style green diagonal stripe vest
then please let us know.