Monday, March 19, 2012


OK.  Here are the proposed races that will constitute the 2012 "Club Championship" races (thanks to Brian).
Please note that Dunbar "goes large" this year with the inclusion of "any ultra". However, there's loads of different distances and plenty of 10k's for those looking for fast races.

Oh. And the club 5k is included this year - so there's even more incentive to come along to interval training on a Thursday.
  • Loch Leven Half
  • Haddington Half
  • Black Rock 5
  • Any Marathon
  • E2NB
  • Any parkrun April/June/Sept
  • Peebles trail 10K
  • Portobello 4 miler
  • Traprain Law
  • NB Law
  • Musselburgh 10k
  • Stirling 10K
  • Haddington 10K
  • Any ultra
  • 3 points for each club 5K win......? (gives everyone a fair chance?) if you win it more than once you keep getting the points. Starts April.

Please let Brian, Theresa or Anne know about any changes/additions you may want to see. This MUST be done by Friday 30th March - otherwise we are going with the above list "as is".