Monday, November 21, 2011



Some nice pictures of yesterdays XC race at White Sands from Brian.

Who, I suspect, extended the course onto the slippery rocks to enhance his photo opportunities.

And thanks to Ian for adding a couple of extra wee hills onto an otherwise fairly flat route.

Anyway. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and a big thanks to the council for assistance in getting the public loos open, as well as giving us the key for the height restriction barrier. (Also a big thanks to the council for removing the “David Essex fan club” earlier in the week!)

Other than a couple of wrongly transcribed numbers in the junior race (and those will be sorted soon) the feedback appears to be quite positive.

Couple of nice reports on the Portobello site HERE and HERE , while both Moorfoot and Carnethy seemed to enjoy their day out by the seaside.

Again, thanks to all, and now we can “relax” and enjoy running the remainder of the series! J