Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Decathlon Store opening

See below a message from Michael at Decathlon. We used them a lot in
Manchester as they have a good range of stuff at reasonable prices. They do
loads of other sports too so if you fancy a turn at wrestling or water polo
then it may be worth a visit. Contact him if you want to get your name on
the guest list. Don't forget to mention the club name.


On Wednesday 23rd November, the night before we open to the public, we're
hosting a special 'sneak preview' night of the new store for all the local
sports clubs in the area. There will be a champagne reception, nibbles,
prizes to be won and appearances from Ali Kellock, John Beattie and Joss

Every guest on the list will receive a goody bag containing a £10 voucher to
spend on the night. The first 50 guests through the door will receive a £20
voucher and the club that brings the most members will receive a £300

Kind regards,

Mike McHale
PR and Events Manager
Decathlon UK
Tel: 0207 394 2019
Mob: 07785461155