Wednesday, June 08, 2011


It's competition time!

The club is going to get a stock of banda, hat, scarf, tube type things made up... This type of thing...

These are going to be given to all members (senior and junior) and also handed out at our next race (Doon Hill).

This is part of our 25th anniversary celebrations. But we want a design that's produced by one of our members.

What we need is a design that covers a maximum area of 24cm x 48cm and can only have three colours: green, black and white (club colours). The design can be a lot smaller and repeated (or "tiled" over the print area.)

While not essential we would prefer something that's relevant to running, relevant to Dunbar and reflects the fact that the club is 25 years old (1986-2011).

We only have a couple of weeks to choose a design so the deadline is tight and the closing date is Wednesday 22nd June.

Please submit your designs via the usual club email address. Entries can be any of the usual format files (jpg, gif, bmp etc).

So get designing now.. Remember there's no prize as such, other than the satisfaction of seeing your design on loads of other runners...