Monday, May 02, 2011

CSSAL Track & Field

If any senior club members with SAF membership fancy some track and field events, then why not get along to the next CSSAL meetings where you can take part in various distances ranging from 100m through to the 3km. Alternatively try out some of the field events such as high jump, long jump or javelin (full list & details on page 14-17 of attachment) Dunbar is one of the few clubs not bringing many adults to these competitions, despite having plenty of talent amongst our seniors to give the other clubs a bit of a challenge. And by taking part we get points for the club.

Our juniors took part yesterday and put in an excellent performance, winning many of their Division 3 events. The next events are:
- 5th June, Linwood
- 3rd July, Wishaw
It is highly likely that there will be a bus going with the juniors and spaces could be available so let Scott Turner or Roger Maguire (Junior Coaches) know if you are interested.