Friday, October 01, 2010

The Run And Become Tinto Hill Race - 13th November 2010

Important info for anyone wishing to do the Tinto Hill Race - and
remember it's also a championship counter.

Quite frankly it's a piece of p**s for those among us who've been up
Ben Nevis lately (Oooh err...)

Can you please note that this year's Tinto race is pre-entry only using the
online Sientries system ( This should be familiar
to anyone
has recently ran the Carnethy 5 race. The entries open at 9:00 this coming
Monday morning 4th October and will close when the limit of 250 has been
reached. There will be no entries taken on the day although the event
registration and number collection will be at Symington as usual. Can
you please
bring this to the attention of any of your club members who may be considering
entering the event.

The link to the entry page is

This only applies to the senior race, not the junior or fun run.