Saturday, April 10, 2010

Club Annual Dinner - Theresa's report

We all headed out to the Rocks in Dunbar for our annual outing, and
prize giving celebrations. This year in addition to the prizes for
the club championship for 2009 we had a number of other categories
that club members voted for the winners.

The Club Championship for 2009 consisted of 13 races, but, unlucky
number 13, the Thirlestane Castle Race, was cancelled, leaving a round
dozen events to make up the points.

The number of Dunbar Running Club members who took part in those
twelve events ran just short of 683 miles in total – that's 98 miles
further than walking from Dunbar to Penzance; longer than Dunbar to
Weisbaden, Paris to Prague and Amsterdam to Milano.

The Club Championship went to Stuart with 38 points
2nd male was Ian Rowland - 29 points
3rd male was Brian – 16 points

1st female was Anne – 32 points
2nd female was Rhona – 22 points
3rd female was Sheila Morrison –14 points.

With a special mentioned for 4th female – Theresa. Pipped at the post
by that pesky Morrison yet again…..

Most Improved runner:
Nominees were:
* Suzanne – showing great improvement and more confidence in her running.
* Neil Jones – for knocking around twelve minutes off his previous
marathon time at the Loch Ness Marathon in October.
The winner
Brian – votes ahead of everyone else! Achieving several PB's through
the year and always looking as though he enjoyed it. As recently as
last weeks (January) parkrun he achieved another PB. Special mention
going to the fact I (Theresa) thought that the club handicap trophy
belonged on our mantelpiece, with I think 4 wins in 2009!!

Best Marathon:
Nominees were:
* Stuart - for determinedly trying to get under 3hrs.
* Val - 6th in her age category at Loch Ness Marathon in a time of 4
hours and 13 minutes. Val has great courage and a quiet determination
which makes her stand out from the crowd.
* Mary – came back to get a marathon personal best at the Loch Ness
with a time of 3 hrs 55 Minutes. All her marathons have been under 4
hrs and all at the age of over 50.
The winner
Rhona – for her incredible Marathon debut at Loch Ness with 3 hours
and 13 minutes.

Best veteran runner:
Nominees were:
* Ian Rowland – for his commitment to training for ultra running.
* Sheila Morrison – for continually turning up for a whole range of
events, her work with JogScotland and her enthusiasm for the club.
* Mary – as above, with her come back to run the Great North Run half
marathon in 1 hour 52 minutes.
* Steve – first East Lothian veteran athlete in the Haddington 5 mile
race in May in a time of 33.38 minutes. He also did the Galashiels
10k in April in 41.07 mins, the Loch Ness Marathon in October in 3
hours 35 mins. Steve remains a very competitive athlete despite being
53 years old, his enthusiasm for racing will never die.
The winner
Val –her Loch Ness marathon performance (6th F55+). Most supervets
would find her a hard act to follow. Vals marathon at Inverness has to
go down as one of the best marathons as she did a great time, and has
been running consistently well all year, getting stronger with her
marathon training.

Most injured runner (or "Most outstanding display of persistence in
the face of adversity")
Nominees were:
There was really only one nominee under this category, although Stuart
got a special mention for the most spectacular way of getting injured
at the Norham cross country race.

The winner
Frank - with lots of lovely comments received - "I wish we could see
him running in races again soon". "He also remains more cheerful than
many of us would under the circumstances". "…has to go to Frank for
repeatedly coming back for more!"

With also a couple of special mentions for:
Keith who doggedly pounds the tarmac in winter and finds himself up
towards Doon Hill in the summer and never complains.

Vicky for her longevity and commitment, keeping on running despite her
arthritis and for her great time walking the moonwalk last year.

More photos here: