Friday, February 19, 2010

Coasters Run BG

A unique event is planned this year to run a relay around the entire
coast of Great Britain. The idea was born on an online running forum
just before Christmas and has already attracted a huge level of
support from the running community.

We've divided the coast into 20 stretches with local co-ordinators
pulling together the runners and leg routes to cover their stretches.
We plan to start the relay in Blackpool in May and then pass 'Barry
the Baton' on to a runner or group of runners covering the next leg or
stretch. This will continue until we've run around the entire coast
ending up back in Blackpool!

Our aim is to keep the event simple and inclusive so have runners of
all abilities taking part, whether they are beginners who can run 3
miles or ultra runners doing 50, they will share the experience of
achieving something truly unique.

An independent website has been created ( to
attract new 'Coasters' and to keep everyone updated with progress.
Although we already have over 260 runners signed up it's not yet
enough to ensure the relay is a success.

We are therefore looking for new 'Coasters' throughout Scotland,
England and Wales and would be very grateful for your assistance in
spreading the word.

We can offer a mention on the website for Dunbar Running Club and of
course all Coasters will have their name on the roll of honour for
taking part in the very first Coastal Relay.

Kind regards

Kathleen Pearson
On Behalf of the Coasters Run GB Committee