Sunday, December 06, 2009


The morning may have started off cold and wet, but by the time runners returned to Hallhill at the end of this years Festive Half/Festive 10k the sun was out to meet them.

This years times are:
Julie Oswald 1:45:23
Anne Hay 1:53:27
Rhona Anderson 1:45:23
Ian Rowland 1:25:19
Frank McPartland 1:53:27
Finlay Smith 1:45:23
Callum Reid 1:21:29

Rhona Starr 1:18:54
Val Herring 1:02:25
Sheila M 1:02:25
Sheila K 1:02:25
Ailsa 1:02:25
Andy Anderson 42:44
Ray Harris 57:08
Harvey 57:07