Tuesday, June 02, 2009



More fun than the Euro Elections and probably more relevant to most peoples lives, the results of our last poll are now in.

38% of respondents stated that they enjoy running on the beach, which was 5% more than the 33% who said they liked the open road (may be slightly less than 33% after some runners altercation with the tarmac at Edinburgh J ).

Surprisingly 47% said they like to run over hill and dale and a massive 66% reported a distinct fondness for forest and woodland paths (so – given that, we’ll see most of you at next winters cross country races).

The most surprising finding was that 52% reported they enjoyed “running alone”. A club for people who like to run alone? There’s a novelty.

Please find another exciting and deeply relevant poll to the right hand side of this sentence…..

That’s the one… to the right and up a bit……