Tuesday, June 16, 2009



The bus for the clubs outing to the Costal Run will be leaving Hallhill at 6:30. This should give us enough time to get down to Beadnell and get registered (we have to pick up those timing chip diddlies as well as numbers). The bus that has been booked holds slightly more than the number of runners registered – so we could take passengers. 6:30 is, sadly, an ungodly hour so it is hoped that jollity and frivolity can be kept to a minimum.

The bus will then be waiting for us at the end at Alnmouth, with our kit.

A meal has been booked at the Saddle Hotel in Alnmouth at 2:00pm (this is the last sitting at the hotel). The bus is then scheduled to collect us at 5:00pm for the return journey.

Please inform Stuart or Anne if you wish to go on the bus and to the meal.

Oh… And remember your sun cream (that means you Graeme).