Monday, March 23, 2009

Boundary Race

Just to remind everyone that the above event is approaching fast and is a race that gives the club much-needed funds for the coming year. 
This event does not happen without the input of a small core of club members and a number of non-club members who willingly give up their time every year to help ensure that the race remains a success.  The numbers of people outwith the club who help are dwindling and it is up to all club members to ensure that this event remains a success by helping officiate.  While everyone in the club should get the opportunity to run in this event at least once, equally everyone should also help at some point too, whether that is with marshaling, taking times at the end or helping with the refreshments.  Some of the regular helpers from the club have, if they wish to run the race, substituted friends or family so that their regular marshaling point is covered and it means not having to refuse further places to other club members continually - if members who are intending to compete in the event this year could do likewise it would be more than helpful.
Please contact Anne or Frank in the first instance.