Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Torness Xmas Handicap Race

Invitations for the below are open to any Dunbar runners. It's a handicap race so authentication of any estimated times submitted will be required! Afraid access can't be given to the plant so no post race showers etc will be available, but there's always the North Sea.......

From Trevor Collins at Torness :
Once again I shall be organising a lunchtime Xmas race - 4mls around the station taking in the two beaches, seawall etc. Aim of the exercise is to raise money for a charity to be selected by whoever raises the most cash through sponsorship or extortion. Participation subject to operational commitments, supervisor agreement etc.

Date to be finalised, but probably Friday 19thDec avoiding the station Xmas lunch day (23rd).

Detailed arrangements to follow.