Friday, October 10, 2008


OK folks. Time to scrape that layer of last years mud off your studs and spikes. It's nearly cross country time again!!

Provisionally the dates and venues are:

1. Lauder 16 Nov
2. Gala 30 Nov
3. Moorfoot 14 Dec
4. Dunbar 11 Jan
5. Norham 25 Jan
6. Berwick 15 Feb

Prices remain at £10 (£5 for juniors). One payment covers all six races.

This year, to avoid the complication of trying to anticipate ties in the various categories, and having to order far more trophies than actually use, with problems of agreeing sale or return terms, we have instituted a new rule whereby in the event of a tie,the award goes to the best placed in the last or latest round.