Wednesday, May 07, 2008


As members may be aware, it had been hoped to get a bus to go to the Northumberland Costal Run.
However, the huge popularity of this event has seen it fully subscribed and few members have managed to get a place.
Which leaves "us" with a dilemma (this being the "royal" "us" i.e. the committee). Where should we go for a day out?
We need to act quickly.

Three possible choices that may be worth considering are:

1) The Heart Of The Park Challenge in Braemar on 13th July. This is a 12km multi terrain/mud fest type race. Details here:

2) 15km Trail Race in Kielder Forest, Northumberland on 20th July

3) The Famous Grouse 10k in Crieff on 13th July. A multi terrain 10k route with a bit of a climb.

Note that none of these events are included in, or will count as, championship races. They are just there for the fun of it.

Please email your preference (if any) to by Friday 23rd May and we will get the ball rolling.

We will book the bus. We will book somewhere to eat. But it will be up to the individual members to enter the race.