Tuesday, February 12, 2008

East Lothian Open Cross-Country

The East Lothian Athletic Development Group in conjunction with
Haddington East Lothian Pacemakers held their Open Cross Championships
at Meadowmill on a clear Spring like day. It was the first time in
over ten years that a cross country event had been held here but a
fair number turned out despite the fact that it clashed with schools
half term holidays. The event was also being reviewed by Scottish
Athletic officials as a prospective venue for the Cross Country Relay
Championships next October.

The Senior /Veteran men's race proved an exciting battle with the
honours only being decided in the finish straight with Murray Strain
(HBT) and former HELP Junior beating Jason Roxburgh by just 2 seconds.
In the under 17 boys race Dunbar's new star Andrew Crichton managed to
hold off Lindsay Gordon (Lasswade AC)
Another clash of locals came in the under 15 Girls event where Joanne
Lindsay and Katie Watson were head to head under the last few hundred
yards when Joanne forged ahead to win by 17 seconds.

Full results: East Lothian Champions marked with star *


Under 11 Girls: (1625 mts)
1.Roisin Bonucchi CentralAC 6m51s
2 Jill Cherry Motherwell AC 7m02s
3 Stella Dobson Buckstone PS 7m09s
4 Katie Andrews Dunbar RC 7m 34s *
5 Catriona Richardson BuckstonePS 7m37s
6 Amy Armstrong Edinburgh AC 7m39s
7 Rachel Watson Haddington ELP 7m59s
8 Dawn Mc Kimmie Lasswade AC 8m14s
9 Georgina Loudon LAC 8m33s
10 Niamh Shepherd MusselburghAC 9m41s

Under 13 Girls: (2575 mts)
1 Lisa Christie CorstorphineAC 10m56s
2 Emily Strathdee EAC 11m25s
3 Kimberlie Simpson Buckstone PS 11m35s
4 Kerry Morris Muss. AC 11m44s*
5 Fiona Matheson Ross H.S 12m18s
6 Billie Armstong Corst. AC 12m36s
7 Katie Archibald Kings Meadow S 13m00s
8 Emily Baxter Kings Meadow 13m 13s
9 Isobel Taylor Dunbar RC 13m59s

Under 15 Girls. (3950 Mts)
1 Joanne Lindsay Dunbar RC 19m31s *
2 Katie Watson H.E.L.P 19m48s
3 Cory Smith DRC 21m01s
4 Claire Thorburn Corst. AC 21m47s.

Under 17 Girls. (4450)

1. Kathryn Peacock Lasswade AC 16m 21s
2 Jill Bonthron LAC/DGS 18m31s*

Veteran Ladies.(6970Mts)

1. Beverley Christie Corstorphine AC 31m08s
2. Ruth Watson H.E.L.P. 33m31s *
3 Sheila Strain East Lothian Or. 36m48s.


Under 11 Boys (1625 mts)
1. Matthew Galloway Lothian RC 6m21s
2. Cameron Law Dunbar RC 6m27s*
3. Samuel Galloway LRC 6m48s
4 Matthew Douglas HELP 6m50s
5.Callum Grahame LAC 6m53s
6.Anthony BuckstonePS 6m57s
7.Kyle Dunlop HELP 7m07s
8.Hamish Wilson HELP 7m08s
9. Roy Henderson Corstorphine AC 7m17s
10 Callum Selman Cors AC 7m22s
11.Greg Noble DRC 7m28s
12. Tom Gill Kings Meadow 7m31s
13 Daniel Johnstone Corst.AC 7m45s
14 Ross Cairns Harmeny Sch. 7m59s
15 Jamie Loudon Lasswade AC 8m21s
Team HELP 19pts

Under 13 Boys (2575mts)
1. Michael Cameron EAC 9m58s
2. Michael Addison Buckstone Ps 10m02s
3.Andrew Ferguson HELP 10m.04s*
4. Hamish Law DRC 10m35s
5 Connor Johnstone Cors AC 10m51s
6.Sam Armstong U/A 11m59s

Under 15 Boys (4465 mts)

1. Alex Noble Dunbar RC 13m41s*
2. Peter Cameron EAC 14m50s
3.Steven McPherson Dunbar PS. 17m22 (U/13 Missed race) Ran in U/15)
4. Scot Lindsay Cors AC 18m18s
5.Andrew Loudon LAC 18m52s

Under 17 Boys. (6790Mts)

1. Andrew Crichton DRC 24m57s*
2. Lindsay Gordon LAC 25m09s
3. Tom Ryan EAC 27m28s
4. William Simpson LAC 43m12s.
DNF Daniel Sharp DRC

Senior/Veteran Mens (9935mts)

1. Murray Strain Hunters Bog T. 33m45s
2.Jason Roxburgh U/A 33m47s
3 Matt Bell EAC 33m52s
4 Brian Cruickshank Fife AC 37m05s V1.
5 Colin Menzies HELP 37m47s *
6 Grant Noble DRC 37m57s V2*
7 Leo Zijerveld Portobello RC 38.00s V3.
8 Andy Matheson U/A 38.07 V4.
9.John Christie Cortorphine AC 39m44s V5
10. John McPherson HBT 40m08s
11.Richard Taylor DRC 40m32s
12. Finlay Smith HELP 42m07s V6.
13.Ewan Clerk U/A 42m58s
14. Martin Sneddon EAC 43m20s V7
15. Scott Ferguson PortobelloRC 44m04s
16. Wil Hugh Bailey EU H&H 45m31s
17 Jean Jumelle HELP 47.30 V8
DNF David Henderson Cortorphine AC V/45

Team HELP 34pts