Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From Geoff Wightman - scottishathletics

A year of progress:

Scottish Power of 10 target performances in U17/U20 age groups were up
against the previous year.

Junior match wins in Derby and North London for Scotland against
UK-wide opposition. Indoor victory for Scottish seniors at the Celtic
Indoor International in Cardiff in February.

£21,000 in bonuses paid out to athletes and coaches for achieving
Scottish senior and junior records during 2007.

The first Bank of Scotland regional squad get-togethers took place,
with 160 athletes attending the U15 regional development camps -
double the number in 2006.

Sponsorship income exceeding £200,000 per annum has allowed membership
fees to be kept to the same level for the fourth year in a row, with
membership at an all time high.

Jogscotland groups now operate in 31 local authority areas with 1300
qualified jogleaders. New junior jogscotland packs have been taken by
around 168 schools.

Five commercial partners were introduced for the IAAF World Cross
Country Championships in Edinburgh and Scotland will host the Home
Countries International for the first time since 1990.

Seventeen local authorities are now delivering Run, Jump and Throws
clubs and 27 staged Norwich Union startrack schemes for 5,500 children
in summer 2007.

The number of coaches at Level 1 is 320; 86 at Level 2; 14 at Level 3
and 12 at Level 4.

And just in case you hadn't heard - Glasgow was awarded the 2014
Commonwealth Games.

Mountains still to climb (or is that hills still to run up?):

Still not enough athletes winning medals at major Games.

We don't have enough athletes on GB teams and not enough selected on
the World Class Plan.

Currently not enough coaches to deliver athletes through to that level.

Competition formats at all levels don't appear to be contributing as
strongly as they should to better performances.

Turnout versus entry at some Scottish Championships can be as low as 25%.

Still insufficient athletics taking place within the school curriculum.

More indoor facilities are needed.

We need to recruit more officials.

None of these are revelations but do require a strong collective
effort to put us on the right track. Some new measures, development
programmes and competition formats which were rolled out in 2007 will
be taken to the next level in 2008.

A big thank you to everyone who made a positive contribution to
athletics in Scotland in 2007 - we look forward to continuing to work
with you in 2008.