Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Consultation on Age Group Proposals - UK Athletics

Recommendations for age group rule changes as there is no single
system for athletics - earliest age of competition can be 10 on track,
11 on cross-country and road; sometimes a calendar year cut off is
operated, sometimes age at beginning of competition year, other times
age at the end of the competition year.

Some of the principles that need to be established are:

A single are group for athletes in all disciplines that operate under
the sport of athletics.

A system that provides greater clarity and ease of operation for
competitors, team managers and competition providers.

A system that offers some universal benefits over the current system.

A recognition and respect for the different education systems across
the UK - perhaps meaning flexibility for certain competition providers
is required.

Rule change recommendations:

UKA to propose two alternative rule change options for age groups.
All clubs and competition providers to be invited to register their views.
The preferred proposal to be reviewed by the National Event Groups for
technical recommendations.
A final rules proposal to be enacted from 2009.

To take part in any discussion, e-mail
or Views can be logged on Deadline for feedback is 31 March 2008.