Friday, October 05, 2007

Borders Cross Country Series

The dates for the series are:

Norham 18th November 2007
Dunbar 2nd December
Galashiels 16th December
Peebles 6th January 2008
Berwick 27th January
Lauder 17th February

Fees are the same as last year - £10 for the seniors £5 for the
juniors for the six races. Wooler, unfortunately, are unable to host
a race this year - a shame as it's quite a nice course. Hopefully
next year....

As usual, to qualify for a horse brass, individuals need to do 4 out
of the 6 races - the best five for the team prize. Teams are mixed.

Junior races start at 11:30 and seniors at 12:00. Please remember to
turn up in good time for the registration at Norham.